1 hour

1 hour

Until what?

You know.

tell us faggot

about the time

Wall Street dollars funneled into Bitcoin faster than eels into an Asian woman's ass

god damn
Tell me what shouli do with my btc

>doesn't know


What do i do??? TELL ME pls user

Buy more you literal retard

You reek of desperation

>wallstreet bonus cheque meme

>the actual funds themselves have no interest

1 hour until you kys? Please and thanks.

it was marely an act

Whereas you merely reek

now we wait

We've been bamboozled

1 hour?? what?

Are u trader groyper from twitter?


ohh guy!
comme!! tell us

Less than one hour now

Fucking Huge!!

Okay i understood. You are launching groyper coin in an hour.

What should we expect? Pump or dump?

I thought that was tomorrow.

They don't know what will happen in one hour but the whole crpyto world depends on it. Wow. WOW.