You've missed cryptokitties

>you've missed cryptokitties
>you've missed ponzimons

don't make the same mistake again famalams, this ponzi scheme started 1 hour ago

>minecraft aesthetic
>user friendly
>actual GAME coming up soon

you'll make 20k in 1 fucking day if you join right now

don't tell me i haven't told you ;)

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what should I buy, the frog hat?

start with the crate, since it's one use only so more people will buy it

All my money is locked up in ICO's if I had spare ETH I would be loving this shit :(

Calling it now.

Will explode in value.

i've already made 0.025 from the legendary one, grabing this one right fucking now

bump for ponzicraft

How does it work?
Is there no need to create an account?
How will I get rewards without any chance to trace things back to me.

metamask is the answer to all your questions
check their post about how to get started.

if you buy anything sub 1k you are at the top 1% of the pyramid

alright I got a crate and a hat. hope this shit takes off

how the FUCK do I get in on this?

What the fuck is this?

see btw, they've added a third crate.

buy all the fucking crate, then reinvest profits in other shit.

i got 40$ in 20 minutes with 1 crate

too poor to afford

get the uncommon loot crate

>legendary and rare lootcrate at the same price


bunch of stuff with sub 20 sales, its ez monies

How to open the crate ?

>cooming soon

just buy whatever you can afford and reinvest. i've started with 1 legendary crate and i've already made 0.05 eth

the prices go up eventually, only dumbfags are buying rare right now

Every single item that gives a reward will pay off at this point. I cant get the fucking transactions through fast enough.



I am going to be mining double XGP once the dungeons are released thanks to the complete merchant set. I fucking love that this game has its own token. Binance when?

holy fuck i like you friend. i'll buy all that shit too with my compounded ponzi money.

the cool thing is that there will be an actualy game and it's not just a pyramid scheme

I just FOMO'd in, am I contributing to the bubble Veeky Forums?

you are top 1% of the pyramid famalam, you've already made it

should i buy the pepe hat or another legendary case?

>He still hasn't bought a motherfucking uncommon loot crate

>Not pumped
>Accessible for minecraft kiddies

Sweet, how do I open the crate? I'm in my inventory, but when I click it just takes me to the shop to buy more.

coming soon, just hold the case for free money

I don't know what I bought but I bought one..

Wil I make it?

Should I go all in?



>you've missed cryptokitties
>you've missed ponzimons
appeal to FOMO. classic jew tactics.
>>actual GAME coming up soon
>the cool thing is that there will be an actualy game and it's not just a pyramid scheme
the SAME thing was said about ethermons, ethertanks, etherfishes, cryptopussies etc.

I'm so fucking sick of all these literal scams. This should be banned from Veeky Forums and anyone who starts a thread should get perma rangebanned.

legendary loot crate price went up.

>2 hours after release

no wonder you are still poor. when the real FOMO kicks in, i'll be already retired

oh fuck I'm going all in

are you completely retarded? learn to read with comprehension you spastic fuck and look up what FOMO is.

bought the same crate...

Will I make it?

Err, they just DOUBLED the price of the loot crate? I thought they said they didnt have to do that? WTF

I bought the loot crate. what to do now?

depends on how many you got. get at least 10.

they've messed up the pricing of the rare crate, so they had to raise this one

wait for free money

There's a NEW crate...

CHEAP and released just now...


Which Crate?

Lol @ all these idiots sending ETH to the game maker and not being able to cash out until they "release the ingame gold to be converted.

Vaporware 101

uncommon 0.025
rare 0.1 (added later)
legendary 0.2 (raised now from 0.1)

nice fud but i've cashed out on metamask

Get some merchants items before they go 100+ The gold will be able to be sold for ethereum later

How do you cash out? When I refreshed the page it reset how much I could withdraw, was .0015, now back to .00025

nevermind I'm retarded and can't read decimals correctly.

where is this withdraw button?

you click withdraw. i don't know about the price change, but i successfully cashed out 0.04 eth on metamask

open an item you already have and wait 10 seconds

metamask is being extremely glitchy for everyone because their node is getting hammered

on the buy page, wait for it to show up.

Do you actually get anything from the legendary loot crate? How much for every sale? 0.001? rare crate gets the same?

more shit that clogs the ethereum network..

as soon as trinity is released, NEO will replace eth.

Its the dollar sign.

thank you!

Shocked I am getting back my investment so quickly...

I bought same crate twice.

Should I rebuy the same? Or get something else?

people, this is a scam

dont be a fucking idiot.


Got these now...

Hope I can make it!

Only getting crates as they are rising in numbers!

How does this relate to my sick gainz in ethercraft? Does the NEO network handle this shit better?

what's your gas limit/price?

i'm buying 3 more cheap cases so i get the same return of the legendary one

But how do you actually play the game?


Mine is 10, doing the same thing, I predict a lot more people will too, my only concern is them decreasing the returns if more people start doing this.

no idea at all. I just click the button and buy.

Got two instead of one.

Out of ETH now and those crates + candy is all I have.

You're already playing the game, Pajeet. You just don't know it yet.



Its a scam but you can make money from it, I made 5x my investment on Etheremon. Im going to make money on this one too. Stay poor

10,000 txs currently, upgrades to scale it further
free NEO/GAS transfers over the network

I got fucked by that damn tank game not doing this shit again

You watch people lose a bunch of ETH and mock then when the game vanishes

does this shit work in firefox?

got fucked too...

And those fuckers promised all things but never delivered..

Looks like people have forgotten about it.

Lost 500...

This time I recover.

And this shit is actually good as I read their posts...

Plus we are early...

Recover your money!

Get in now and enjoy as an early adopter.

i've already made 2x my 0.1 eth so i'm pretty comfy, scam or not

On my way to do the same. Ty OP.

Got back my investment...

And free crate!

Shit's about to explode now!

Look at the contract, its all fake transactions. How could hundreds of items be bought and the contract only has 34 TX? LMAO

Jesus fucking christ, this is so simple. Buy right now before others come in. When Japan wakes up we will have another wave, this is not going to stop.

Those two are hidden gems, cheap and undersold


Do I let me returns ride or buy another crate Veeky Forums?

lmao same shit will happen to you again. Its already too late faggots. Ethermon worked cause it was novel, now this shit is overdone...

>no game
>gonna get DMCA'd by Microsoft

it has fucking MINECRAFT aesthetic. think is will go at least as popular as ponzimons

getting kinda lonely on the moon bois. come join us

>literally 0 (ZERO) minecraft assets or code
>get dmca

nice try you dumb fudder

Get the legendary crate, they will implement loot soon.. Get lucky and win prizes

buy the RARE lootbox it will go up

You dont know much about copyright law do you?

This shit is not only affordable hit actually a real game. With a real erc20 token, permadeath. This has every sign of being something actually worth playing

Join the discord. The legendary loot boxes are the hot topic rn. There will be atleast 400 boxes sold by the end of the day. People spent 3 eth on one etheremon. Get in while it’s cheap.

>tfw still no pepe hat


literally best buy in terms of price/profit

>.001 ETH every uncommon crate bought
>buy two more uncommon crates

Feels comfy man

Wait, the fuck am i supposed to do even?

Is there a way to find out who is behind this? Anonymous team?


who cares, shill this on reddit and enjoy ponzi money

also write a mail to kotaku

Its pep and brent from etheremon among others.

Buy any of the merchants items or a uncommon loot crate and watch your money grow.

>Ethermon worked cause it was novel, now this shit is overdone...

No one has ever made a game like this where the items are unqiue ERC20 tokens.

I'm literally not buying this shit fast enough. What gas price you at?

Get the legendary loot crate before it gets too expensive, Loot will be implemented soon

20 gwei.

6 is too slow, 7 takes 2 minutes