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Hey guys,
Can you fill me in on Achain, saw some talk about it around the fork. But I don't buy ath. Well now the correction is there. So I'm looking into it. And to be honest, it looks like a gem. I heard there are already 10 ico's on the platform? Is that true and if so, is there one that is usefull. I am looking into it myself but those chinaman always have a non existing community in the west. It looks like pure gold, am i missing something. Do they market already btw? Can't find marketing.

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You missed the first fork then though... There is no marketing yet. The team is entirely chinese and focused on making working products before marketing to us pigs.

Yeah but is forking the biggest use of the coin. I know they want to do side chains, but will the Achain be the big important one. Or will it end like NXt lol.

I bought at 1.18 and now it's worth half of that. It makes me want to buy more

yea I can't find shit about it. Makes me want to buy some more now post fork

Achain will be in the top 10 by EOY. Screen this

My blockfolio being 60% ACT is the only screenshot I need

We're going to make it, user!

Thoughts on their forked coin price ABTC?

33 confirmed dapps to run on Achain. 10 of wich are already working i think. They are the top tier sponsor of Miami BTC conferance jan 18 and from the admins on their telegram there will be some big announcements on the 18th aswell. Get it while it's cheap boys.

I honestly believe it will be over $1 if you wait a few months. I'm hodling my forever until something huge happens to it.

I read a bit about Achain on
cryptoincome.io/3-chinese-cryptocurrencies-that-will-soon-be-valued-in-the-billions/ Looks good, once I am no longer holding bags I plan to pick some up.

Do you know if each forked coin will continue to fork or just ACT? Their lack of online presence is nice but also frustrating

Just ACT I believe.

When do I get my ABTC ?

You can have your ABTC after you clean your room sweetie

Nice, thanks for the article, are you in iot chain too. I am but i have doubts, they don't say anything. but that is the chinks right.

>$1 if you wait a few months
$8 to $10 in a few months..

Jan 15

If that happened I'd get an ACT trampstamp

Achain is just a shitty Ark copycat

No real regulation, no proper identity approval system.

>No proper western company will use Achain.