Why is no one talking about this?

>why is no one talking about this?

>I repetitively make the same thread over and over thinking my wild generalizations about board culture are funny and somehow indicative about the intellect of the common denominator on an anonymous image board whereas in reality I make these threads to give essence to the pain I feel deep inside from losing money on fictive internet investments of which people are live action role-playing they are earning money with whilst I time after time make the wrong decisions and regret not just putting the money in an index fund which has a meager sub double digit annual return versus potential triple digit percentages in non existent internet money leaving the crux only to my own greed and emotional market behavior

>stop posting these

traps are women

>Quantum masternodes

>easy 10x EOM

>meme graphs prediciton
Wrong everytime.

>solid dev team

>delete this

>better tech


>solid dev team.

>big news in an hour

>just wait until China wakes up



>i know a coin

>it has an actualy product

>it has a niche

>they have amazing connections

>UI redesign soon

>big announcement soon

I get user's point. Purchases should be based on FEELINGS, not some dumb facts. Your heart will guide you in the right direction.

>major partnership

>get in or stay poor

>this is the next bitcoin

>why do you hate money?

>it defeats the whole purpose of this coin to be over $1, why would you buy this for >$1?

>buy the peak it's not the peak I swear