The Sauce ( COSS ) Official Discussion

Alright lets get to the point.
I know many of you that are waiting for the juicy sauce dip, here is the thing. Its not coming anytime soon.

1. The first and only dip this coin had before this run was because the exchange went down and couldnt handle the traffic.

2. When this exchange re opens, 4 new coins are being added, and 3 out of 4 of those are being givin' a trading competition with hundreds of thousands in rewards.

3. This exchange is flying under the radar from the general public and all the smart money is being poured into it right now. Huge competition is going on and this is literally a whale war for the coss token. DYOR on this one.

4. Look up Rune Evensen. He's been on national TV, at blockchain conferences, and huge charity events. And COSS is apart of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Litteraly do your own research senpai.
This coin is a continues solar power generated fountain of liquid gold.

BTW ill also be paying for memes to be made.

Maybe instead of link marines, the cossacks or some shit(russian mercenarys). Or a jar of speghetti sauce with the coss logo on it.
You know, the regular bs.

What's your input on all this anons?

I sold my stack yesterday. If this doesn't dump on launch, I'm going to be very pissed off.

nice bought 100k

3,000 Coss. Don’t feel like I’m gonna make it...

when this pumps i will think of you user

I'm hanging out to buy some at discount. Just not sure if the dump that happened yesterday was 'it' or not. Either way, going to linger around and see what happens.

You won’t make it on coss alone, but that’s still at least a healthy $100k. Reinvest that money and you’ll make it

Remember to never sell your full stack, always partial. Not only will it be easier to trade based on the initial amount, but incase of 180 degree turns in your tactic turning on you and it sky rocketing. Good luck user, youll need it

sitting on 944 coss.
Not selling. I don't care what price it moons to. I'm in it for the dividends. This exchange is gonna be so big it's not even funny. Fiat trading pairs for all coins is revolutionary

Sell only enough of your stack to make back your investment. The others are just free money.

Any info when its back online

Even with 1000 coss, if it gets to binance levels youll never need to work again.

And binance only has 5 million registered accounts. Imagine when more people will invest. Binance isn't even done.

Exactly. The crypto market in general will be growing ridiculously in the coming years. Stocks is 1950s. Crypto trading 21st century.

can we get some Fibonacci retracement voodoo drawings of ETH/COSS pair plz?


>Ha-ha there won't be a d-dump
>I-it's just 4 h-hours of extra maintenance
>P-perfectly normal

The state of short hodlrs

Best case is that this goes horribly wrong and the price drops back to $.50 or so.


Don't forget to pack your tendies for hour 12 of maintenance.

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on