NEO network just crashed - Dump Incoming

Trinity ICO with just 5k whitelisted people crashed the NEO network. 25 minutes for a block. Average blocktime is 23 seconds. TheKey ICO has 30k whitelisted and will open crowdsale tomorrow. NEO network is fucked. This meme about NEO being superior to ETH for transactions can now die. Enjoy your bags

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Pls no

thx just bought 100k

NEO is literally just a lazy ETH clone with the most basic of all PoS protocols slapped unto it, ofc it can't handle any real trafic

its just like litecoin, its only fast because no one fucking uses it, but once someone uses it, the flaws become clear

ethereum is handling over a million transactions a day, and thats with its PoW model

>25,000$ to deploy a smart contract

>investing in icos during a bitcoin/eth bullrun



>NEO Council owns half of the coins

>thinking NEOs sole creator zhang wang could have designed a better system than money skelly and his band of autists


>being so new you don't now what's coming

I was a staunch NEO supporter until seeing this shitshow today

I hear lots of talk about a bullrun but I dont see it happening

Everyone uses litecoin retard

Big if true if small if false.
But I want to it to be true as I sold my NEO for some crap that is sinking like the Titanic, so I can recover.

Trinity didn't write a smart contract for the ICO, they didn't bitcoin type listening to the network.

Basically they were too lazy to use the device, so they just put on gloves and stirred into the dirt.


well that just puts it in the same boat as ETH, so whatever. lol...

are you trying to dismiss FUD? elaborate...

Hahaha bullshit fake news

Yeah, lol. No one seems to give a shit, It's just part and parcel of investing in virtual machines.

OP please link to someone complaining about the trinity ICO because I sure can't find it on any of the NEO community forums

scroll down to about an hour ago

>Being so new you have not seen a month of Bitcoin going to 25 today, threads
You bought at 19k didnt you. Enjoy your bags loser.

a few people complaining, most are saying it's fine. i think you are just a vitalik cock sucking FUDster, bro.

LOL the website doesnt even load properly. It's over. Sell now or be homeless.

Glad I held off buying Neo. Its got what, 2 tokens and its already overloaded? Told you all it was a chinese scam coin.

I shilled NEO here for the last 3 months. Join the NEO developer discord. The network crashed. End of story. CoZ will be publishing a report soon.

uh huh

:))))) Oh boy.... You can literally see it....on a certain graph.

I'm new to crypto but I'm a senior software engineer.

>researching coins to invest in
>NEO looks interesting
>skim through docs
>check codebase
>close all tabs



Is it a blockchain or a centralized server? WTF

>muh my code language is better than your code language autism

look at neotracker for yourself retard. Average block time is 23 seconds. When crowdsale went live it was 25 minutes until the next block.

OP is mad that ETH is an overbought normie dapp platform that will 2-3x in 2018 while NEO does 10x. Look up NEOQS for quantum resistance. While China swings back to crypto NEO is the obvious winner here, no contest. And look at CMC, NEO 9b, ETH 125b, hmm I wonder what can realistically 5-10x

NEO is a plebbit-tier fagcoin. if you own NEO you should not be on biz. go back. now.

I have literally spent hours shilling NEO in the fucking ethtrader subreddit for months. Your talking points are surface level.

The network just crashed. Debunk it or fuck off.

sorry op

Have you ever worked with Windows servers? Ever deployed an app on Windows infrastructure? It's fucking terrible. If you're running C# on Linux, .NET Core is by no means mature and mono is even worse. I'll never trust Windows-based server applications, and backbone buttchain networks running on Windows is fucking scary. Maybe things will be different 5 years from now with .NET Core but we're far from there.

You are an ignorant if you believe he is only refering about a language syntax.

You will probably agree with me that EOS will eat them all up as the only blockchain tech prepared for enterprise this year.

This news is an hour old. How dense are you?

How about ETH crashing with CryptoKItties and then doing 2x in 2 weeks, shoo shoo pajeet/eth newfag

if your not in neo now your a fucking cuck who deserves to fall to the depths of alt coin hell with xrp, and trx

Literally just refreshed page, check again, and go take your ASD meds

kek kys noneo

the number of transactions we're comparing here is an order of magnitude greater

NEO's scalability was supposed to be what made it superior to eth. Up until this morning I believed that. They haven't fixed a fucking thing since the RPX ICO.

NoNeos salty as fuck about ETH's impending doom, keep sucking vitaliks skinny sjw cock to zero dollars retards

Yeah you are that dense, you dont even know what im talking about.

Wow I never thought about it like that. I guess it's not less than 1/10th the price and just now booming in development with China swinging back to crypto either too right?

Tell me more about why I should purchase overbought normie ETH over 9b mcap NEO

Here I refreshed the page again,

have fun sinking in your shitcoins noneo pleb

1000 in btc at 13k and it goes to 14k how much profit did i make? none cause I didnt buy neo..

>makes a claim
>demands others to proof it

what a lazy FUD

I've been using the 1/10th the price meme before you learned what a shitcoin is. You don't fucking get it. The reason NEO is still so cheap is because it has piss poor decentralization. Almost all of the nodes are in the hands of the NEO council. The counter argument was that after NEO decentralized, it would be the superior blockchain. That's not fucking true anymore. 6000 transactions just crashed the network.

Stay poor faggot, you probably sold NEO low too right?

NEO/ETH flippening just heating up

learn the difference between a claim and a fact.
You can see where the network bottlenecked. It took 25 minutes for a single block to synch.

If NEO wants to succeed in China (or even exists) it can never be truly decentralized though.

The main selling point of NEO was that it wasnt written in convoluted solidity and needed to be forked every time a retard made a mistake like with ETH, your posts are pure unsubstantiated FUD. The fact that is has dBFT PoS, faster blocking times, dedicated CoZ team, chinese connections, dividends, can handle more transactions and can be written in multiple programming language is just more icing to the cake.

I'm sorry your dinosaur coin is going the wayside, but NEO is the ONE and it isnt going to wait for you

Not a clue.

Try again shitskin. Reminder that VEN beat out NEO in a national competition

what do you think about my 400 antshares that i bought for 10$ each?

I thought it still hasn’t decentralized, so isn’t that still the solution to the scalability issue you just outlined?

I don't own any eth

>6000 transactions just crashed the network.
It's centralized and still couldn't handle one small ICO. I cannot believe I fell for the "high tx/s" meme.

There's a reason why NEO is still "cheap" and this is why. It's years behind Ethereum in development and stability.

>no clue

So you're just some loser who fell for VEN shills and the fake partnership trying to shift attention away from NEO? Pretty pathetic

i'd be mad too if i hadnt bought NEO at $30 and now seeing it over $150

shit tier fud, op

what constitutes a loser? We're all just gambling on shitcoins, making money on the backs of other people's work. And I've probably made more than you.

that tobacco partnership is very real by the way

Neo (antshares?? Pfff) is a scam? Sham? What a load of trash. Neo bagholders are salty little bitches

NEO hasn't even hit ATH it's still correcting from when China cracked down on crypto and ICOs, now 4 days ago Beijing rules in favor of purchasing crypto at your own risk. Sitting comfy, losers will keep trying weak fud

>FUD everywhere

Wow the ETH fanboys must be getting scared

>muh he's just mad he didn't buy NEO early

G-GUYS...NEO sucks. For r-real. Pls buy Ven. Kys.

People forget that Eth crashed a few weeks ago from a cat game.

Yeah, basically Microsoft can own the blockchain network at any time it wants. Microsoft could accidently nuke it with a bad update (has happened btw).

And with Windows 10 mandatory upgrades and reboots... Well... Good luck assholes.