The marriage is soon to commence get ur positions an penusses polished for $1k

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Why'd it go back up? Any news or nah

No, money people are setting their positions when it cums. Watch the sell walls put in at 16Btc to keep it below 15. Its being played so more is accumulated to the rich ppl.

Let's say $300 is a fair price for BTCP.

I hope that's not controversial, to me it's a very conservative lower bound. There has been lower quality Bitcoin forks (BTG, BTD) that were/are around that price point.

So, we say 1 BTCP is worth $300.

BTCP supply = 18.5M

ZCL supply = 3M


Conservative target market cap for BTCP (based on price):

300 * 18.5M = 5550000000 (5.55 billions)

From that we can deduce ZCL's market cap pre-fork:

Recall that supply_zcl = 3M

market_cap_btcp / supply_zcl = 5.55B / 3M = 5550000000/3000000 = price_per_zcl

price_per_zcl = 1850

Now you know why this is going to be one of the greatest mission ever. This is going to become one of the best performing asset in history.

I'm convinced.

So sell ZCL before the fork?



No that's not what you should infer from my post.

I'm saying the price will go much higher than now because ZCL/BTC is currently acting as a futures market with constrained supply.

I'm saying we will see at least 1850$ especially once the fork gets closer and a siphon effect is created from BTC to ZCL.

It's usually the opposite (people sell alts to get into BTC right before the fork). My take is that this is going to be incredible because for the first time the reverse will happen. People will want to get cheap BTCP by buying a very limited supply market of futures.

I'm happy to debate

Where is the 18.5M figure coming from?

Your logic,

btcp will be woth around 300$
zcl will be worth 1850$

People are going to buy 1850$ coin to get a 300$ one?

im all in on zcl btw, its gona moon like crazy, im just pointing flaw in your calculation

I assume you refer to The future supply is unknown, if they just combine ZCL and BTC's utxos then it will be around 19.8M

The reason I didn't use that number is because I think they consider removing the lost gox coins etc. I averaged down to 18.5M

You don't lose your ZCL once you buy them. Also I think what will happen is that the BTCP/BTC pairings will be initially padded with the ZCL/BTC orderbook.

So you will have BTCP shortly trading at 1850

Otherwise I agree it would not make sense

BTC supply + ZCL supply


yes, because the total zcl+btcp = $2150

I own a lot of ZCL, but you're wrong, ZCL is essentially BTCP futures that this moment in time.

I agree and I don't see how that contradicts my reasoning?

Also I elaborated here:

Doesn't make sense. Just because the BTCP marketcap will hit a certain amount, doesn't mean ZCL will hit the same marketcap. If the anticipated price of BTCP is $300, ZCL will reach $300, and a bit more. The marketcap is BASED off price, you dont just magically create marketcap then deduce the price

Tfw bought ZCL at $4
Also you are wrong/retarded/autistic. ZCL is worthless after BTCP. It will be like NXT/ARDOR, only bloodier because of the volume. I expect post Coinbase BCH tier pink wojaking on Twitter after the fork, since normies are the ones going to FOMO hard on the last days leading up to the fork.

i mean yeh you are correct, when btcp is created it will have a market cap of 0, where as with this anons description the market cap of zcl will increase with the "hope" that btcp will = $300

Selling before the fork is the best option then?

The btcp/zcl wallet is nearing completion.

Selling the literal second the fork block height has been reached is probably the best option - if you can time that.

Remember, plenty of normie idiots won't know that ZCL is forking - they'll just see a high value coin dropping in value, so they'll want to buy in on that dip without knowing what's going on. The price can be kept artificially high for hours no problem. But after that, not a chance.

Do you guys know if any exchanges will support the fork ?

nobody knows yet at the moment,user

No but the wallet that supports the fork is nearing completion which will trigger the fork's specific timing.

fuck, i'm gonna all-in and hope alts stay sideways for a few weeks

no idea but on the BTCP homepage it says you can buy zcl from bittrex... which is interdasting...

wish binance had this so i wouldnt have to worry about getting my gains past the jew limits on bittrex

another stab at 15

why would I pay 1850 for BTCP though? that's fucking retarded user, not gonna happen

because no one is going to buy BTCP futures for 1.8k retard


freed my bags of LTC for this

big ZCL bagholder here.

and no fucking way it hits 1850. the math behind it is so wrong on a basic level that i honestly think you might be retarded

lets make it as simple as possible.

ZCL is BTCP-futures.

ZCL is essentially a dead coin post fork and will go back to its value pre-fork announcment (in essense, 0).

For ZCL to hit 1850, that means you expect the market cap of BTCP at fork to be over $35 billion. The 4th biggest coin on the market.

That's not going to fucking happen.

ZCL will peak somewhere between 500-1000 (i know, its a wide range, but its hard to forecast the level of hype this will create).

Still a good buy right now, but dont delude yourself people.

thanks just bought 100k


never underestimate the power of FOMO. 1k is within sights before the fork as many will buy hoping to flip prefork, some will think they can sell it at a high and claim btcp post fork, etc.

its not strictly a futures though, thats what people dont get. There are other factors like people thinking they can keep 1 and sell zcl for a huge profit, looking to drive up price prefork to take profits, and more. 1.85k is crazy and wont be reached imo, but 1k? possible, but unlikely.