sell walls gone

Im tired of getting my hopes up, just let it be man.
My heart cant take anymore.

Just stop refreshing your fucking Delta and come back within the month.


Plenty more great walls of fucking China waiting to be deployed,

They need to let it go to 7 at least, fuck these whales

what's everyones theory on these walls?

vechain tryna spread nodes to the public?
vechain tryna scam us out of all our btc/eth?
ching chong govt. manipulation?

It was a scam all along lmao it was pumped by some shitty discord faggots

>It was a scam all along lmao it was pumped by some shitty discord faggots

if it was areal pnd, they wouldve let the wall go and let normies buy until 20 usd, then dump you fucking momo

I looked on the Vechain subreddit and there are faggots on there complaining about the tobacco partnership because they don't like tobacco companies. Fucking virtue signalling retards.


I would never let this or any other project to be infested with day/hour/minute-trade people. Walls are there for a reason, and you should be thankful.
What’s the problem with 15-20% a day pieces of shit? Shut the f up and stop creating threads about it. Go find something else to do, go masturbate yourself.

Im thinking that they postponed rebranding to let certain people accumulate more to reach node levels. Or maybe they think they wont have enough nodes yet at this point. This would explain the sell walls as well.

this, the more adhd normies shaken out the better.

still a good time to jump in? im considering just taking my TRX profits at 3X and dumping the rest into ven.

i shouldnt have sold when it was crashing.

I fucking told this normie who asks me about crypto to sell his tron and xrp for VEN if he wants to jsut sit tight and hold.

The fuck keeps texting me every time it goes down 1% and panicing or asking if he should sell and buy back into ripple at a loss and verge.

the fuck am i dealing with. some people are fucking clueless at this game.

yeah, this news is some of the biggest ive ever seen in crypto and the price is still being suppressed.

Vechain is bad for my heart

Fucking KEK

Yeah at this point I'd rather the slow growth. I plan to hold ny VEN for THOR so fuck off pnd reddit shitheads.
Lets grow to $100 steady not pump to 30 and then drop back to 4 forever. Go but some fucking TRX for your "moon"

So there arent big sell walls like there was previously...why hasnt this gone to the moon?

Thats your typical white fuck. Im white but holy shit are these non-culture fucktards literally retarded. They dont understand that Korea and China smoke heavily, as a culture, its their right. Fucking fat ass obesity having white fucks can fuck right off with their #virtuesignaling


its good these people will now know they are not smoking rat shit and pesticides from FAKE ciggies. were basically adding more years to the chinese mans life

VeChain is the big industry coin. Huge interest behind closed doors. Part of the sales pitch is "You can still get in while its cheap". This price suppression and accumulation will end when most of the weak non enterprise holders are out and big players have it

is that big lenny ?

wtf this entire post is virtue signaling

The only thing that irks me is the CCK insider paid shill. He's an employee at vechain doing viral marketing. Fucking why, just deliver results and wait for the market to respond. No serious institution is going to touch them with a ten foot pole as long as they keep it up

When VEN partners with the Chinese prison system and begins tracking human organs will be another glorious victory. Oil, defense, booze, bring it on VEN.
Fuck the SJW money I want that sin money. Bigly now lads

calm down there chuck


When will VEN start tracking the origin of the slaves working in my asteroid mining colony? That's where the real money is.

Yup, and once that happens this is going to be as big as facebook if not bigger. I remember as a kid a bought a pack of pokemon cards at the mall and I got the shiny charizard. At age 10 I felt I had outgrown it so I gave all of my cards away. That same card is worth alot of money right now. Think in terms of technology, remember playing with that big grey first gen gameboy? I now have a phone that has about 1000x computing power than the first computer I ever bought... Blockchain is going nowhere, RFID will be in everything to track everything for political means (Imagine Hitler having this tech), it will be a complete big brother dystopian nightmarish future. They will start implementing RFID chips to humans soon, they will know your every move to the detail. I don't think people truly comprehend what Vechain/Walton/Wabi are going to bring about, but hey, we might aswel get rich off it. It's happening with or without us.


Bigger. This is going to be the coin that will perform the flippening on BTC


How woke would you rate youself from 0-10?

About damn time!

Burgers woke up


wait till 4 AM when normies in china jump in


What will our codeword/sentence be when we inevitably meet?



Reminder that Coca Cola Kid was right AGAIN

Ich möchte diesen Teppich nicht kaufen.

It was already at $7 earlier this week. When is the real moon?


kill yourself then wake up in a few months
it will be over 20

Normies in china had plenty of time already to jump in after the announcement tf u talking about

China always FOMOs about what Ameircans are buying

isnt it fucking noon in the us already

hes a paid viral marketer you brainlet. this is seeming more and more like an elaborate chink pnd

>implying neets wake up in the morning

>being this stupid

lets get it niggas.

>Government sponsored PND


You should smoke some Chinese cigarettes to end your bloodline


How retarded would it be to follow these swingtrading bots and start selling when they do?

Price prediction EOY? Realistic ones

why did i buy so fucking high cant even day trade fucking fuck


You'd end up selling at the bottom


Probably saving you money tard

$200 or $300 with the strength of the partnerships and connections.

With PBOC? It's hitting 1K.

It's a giant Chinese Scam? $60 EOY. Confido recovered from it.

You retards throwing around $50-100 like its nothing. Do you understand market cap?

Look at that 180k sell wall. Top fucking kek.

Do you?

Top kek

check ETH pair looks pretty funny

>$100 is a 27.7B market cap using CMC numbers
>ADA is vaporware with a 19B Cap and Bitcoin fucking Cash has a 43B cap

It's fine.

What part of china's blockchain do you not understand? 100$/27.7bil mcap is nothing

I'll take it but I like more.

Missing a 0 there

Pretty accurate.

I could’ve made 1k daytrading

and Americans FOMO into whatever the chinks are buying
crypto is all about riding the hype wave, and if you haven't sold your VEN and bought back in lower with more, you're literally playing this game completely wrong and you will be forever poor

Devs dumping, when blockchain delayed again you'll see why.

Unironically consider going all in on this coin after GayX and ICX mainnet finally launch, or should I go all in of XLM?

I hope so. Even if it's only $60 from here that's still a 10x and I have $220k.

Idk about $1k... With the supply I see it being $216 max to reach half of ETHs market cap.

Got in at 6.16. I hope the whales are done dumping and start pumping again.

TFW when market sold $11k when the rebrand ceremony was clarified as not happening until 2/26 and then bought the bottom of the dip at $5.12 and picked up an extra 400 VEN.

>Makes prediction based on a top 3's market cap staying the same.

ETH is going to be $5000 EOY

I will be selling this shit coin and get a winner in a week when it peeks at $9.00


This fucker is back

The market cap of crypto was 15 Billion one year ago. It's over 700 Billion now.

Things grow.

Exactly, so VEN hitting >$200 and reaching half of ETH's CURRENT market cap won't be a big deal when ETH's actual market cap will be vastly beyond that

this this this and this

You dumb hodl fags need to grow some balls
Sell the fucking top and buy back in
If you miss the dip, or the dip doesn't come as you wanted take it on the chin and learn

When you hodl every coin, you ride the wave up and sometimes down lower

Where to sell and where to buy then?

every time is different bro
Gotta look at the chart and gauge that for yourself

If you see a very unnatural pump, with non stop green buy orders and a huge tower being created. Know that it won't stay up theree 90% of the time
Sell where you think is the top then when it starts to come back down buy back in where you think is right.

So is all this just a pile of bullshit? Because I've seen more pump and dumps on VEN in the last few days than I have on shit like XLM or XRP

Its exactly that user

don't you guys just love whales



Tell him to sell it if he wants to. You should wash your hands of everything.
If he holds and becomes rich, he will just say thank you. But if ripple or tron moons a bit, he will blame you for his missed oportunities