50k in two weeks

50k in two weeks

Do with this information how you please. I also strongly suggest to exist all alt markets, the alt coin bleeding is going to make the October/November 2017 alt bear look comical.

BTC is gonna x4 in 2 weeks? user pls

what fucking coin is this? put the fucking name of the coin if ypure gonna make a thread, retard

cmon user, more effort next time.

>being this retarded

more like 5k in two weeks for both btc and eth


it's bitcoin gold mate

all in asap

By this do you mean 50k eths ;)

Holy shit, just kill yourself.

nice b8 m8

actually i have insider information that it will 100k in four minutes thankl me later

what coin??

possible if money flows from alts back to daddy

Normie detected

Would you really be surprised by this? Its only a x3.5-4 and we've seen that done in a matter of a couple days

Is that 50k MB mempool?

Much more likely for alts to flow into ETH.

In this market nothing surprises me but there would have to be a catalyst to push past 25k that fast, billions of $ inflows


Do I sell ICX, KCS, or NEO for the 1btc?

Lol oh corecucks. Wasn't that supposed 2 weeks ago? And 2 weeks before that? and 2 weeks before that? and so on and so for months now?

BTC has been made irrelevant. Only people who can't let go of the past are still paying attention to it.

Here's a more realistic prediction: Eth surpasses BTC market cap in 2 months.

Thanks bought 100k

Futures being settled plus pic

Ill be so happy if so