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This isn't a shit coin, r-r-right Veeky Forums ?

It's a chink app coin being listed on a chink exchange on a bit. I think it's got some action ahead.

get on or get left behind

Its backed by Aptoide, the largest app store in China. So nope.

I'm in boyz! seems steady growth


real question is: how long the hodl should go on after the rise?

newfag here. when should i dump this?

17.1 there will be a update, then we will see how price should do

wont the price be built into the china launch?

Shit's been going up and down all day.
Getting tired of holding this, hopefully it'll shoot up soon.

Last Wednesday.

We need to push this back to the ATH of 40k sats! It just got added to that hubai exchange and has been steady the last 24 hours

Has trading started in huobi? I can't find it there yet.

Doesn't this shit go on Houbi today?

Hope it doesn't do a DBC on you and dump like fuck just before it goes live.

lads, im going to say this to safeguard your gains.
It is going to pump for the next few hours, so ride it till then. SELL BEFORE HUOBI TRADING STARTS. remember what happened to DBC when it was listed on huobi? RPX? dont fuck this up lads

full trading beings 15:00 beijing time 15th jan

Nice to know!

Do we have a time for Huobi?

15:00 beijing time 15th jan

12 hours lads

So just 12 more hours of it going up to 21-22k and back down to 19-20k. Sounds like fun.

Meanwhile, literally, every other coin is rising whilst this one takes its scheduled dump.

It's gonna reach 40k I hope

It should but each and every time it gets anywhere close to 21-22k it dumps massively.

I made a lot of money with this coin this way, kind of retarded really.

? most other coins are red, appc is no.3 by % change on binance atm

destroy these fucking walls

Just because they're in red doesn't mean they're not rising.

Is this some newbie whale from leddit? He is dropping his stacks on the buy orders while weakening his sell walls. He is literally going to go broke trading gains for hopefully lower prices.

yes... but appc is rising more...

Why will it crash when huobi opens? Makes no sense unless they have another trading competition.

buy the rumor, sell the news.

I literally bought this at $3.50 because I fouled up my binance buy order. Take me to the moon, Chinks!

Umm yeah, after consecutive days of being one of the biggest % losers. No one wants your bags.

You really want to bet your bags on the Chinese making a smart call on a coin?

Lol there it's going.
APPC never really moons.

If it's on biz it's a scam


11 hours 30 min from now

8am CET

Nope, it just gets to around 21k... oh look and there it goes down again after nearly hitting 21k.

I'm holding currently but I don't understand if this shit is going to crash or go up when it opens up in china

this coin has been listed for less than a week, do you really think you can make accurate predictions based on five days of activity?

This honestly might be some baby whales first price manipulation. Everytime it gets near 21k the whale drops his 30eth sell wall to prevent it from going higher. BUT he then pulls it up when it get's down to 20k because he is afraid some bigger whales is going to swallow his wall hole. Then the price goes up 100%

Yes I do. Watch it dump the moment it hits 21k again.

Looks that way to me as well.

im not doubting your observation, what I'm asking is, do you really think this current trend will be define the entire lifetime of the product?

I'm not making predictions on the lifetime of it, I'm just saying what it's likely to do for the time being. So far it keeps following the exact same pattern.

I don't think he's saying that I think he is watching this like you and I are as seeing a small fry whale getting raped by millions of krill. And he is expressing his frustration about the whale keeps coming back to get raped again. instead of just letting the price go up and everyone getting rich when we dump out bags on a bunch of dumb chinese

Yeah, exactly. It needs to gain some momentum so more people pile in. Right now it won't happen because it keeps dumping.

to the whale manipulating this shit, delete your orders and proceed to kys

How does this benefit this whale?

Veeky Forums noob here still learning, what do you mean when you say 21k? volume or?

It doesn't. If he just let it fly he would make way more money

21k SATs

That's what I was thinking

21k satoshis

Roger just realized that. Thanks

nice digits. can i see the sats anywhere on binance?

These are sats.

Yeah, it's next to the price at the top.

20k-22k walls be like

He knows it's going to fly but he wants the most bags he can shake out before it flies.

Look at DBC's lead up to Huobi as a case study. The whales there lifted their sale wall 9 hours before release and let the price rocket. If they let the price go up naturally right now some iron hand people would sell before the Huobi release lowering there overall profits. If they keep the price low they can keep blue balling people and it will be harder to spot the peak that they want to sell at.

Didn't know that, thanks for the heads up.

Ok that makes sense, so maybe in like 3 hours, there's walls will be gone, and it will fly for 8 hours

Do you think it will go past ATH in that span

yeh it clicked after i posted. like pennies to a pound sort of

Here is a pic just to drive it home a little bit

That really depends on how many of the sell walls from 22k to 23k are just there for price manipulation and how many are real whales trying to sell off.


I already saw 14k coins sold when it was $2.89 or something which immediately drove the price below 2.8$. There is another wall at .15 BNB for 14k coins,

Suppoman will likely release his next video on AppCoins to his 60k+ Twitter followers and 100k+ YouTube subscribers soon. Dev news and more exchanges will be announced Wednesday. The first public event/presentation since the launch of AppCoins on Binance will be in Seoul on Saturday. However long you hold is up to you. I make no guarantees.


I thought he'd already done a video on this?

If he already has, I can't find it.

Is he doing one entirely on this coin? I saw that he covered it earlier in his 3 high potential coins video.

disappointing, thought he was gonna do one whole video on it. maybe he will

fucking stop this rollercoaster already REEEEEEEEEE

I recall seeing a comment asking him to collaborate the AppCoins video with the AppCoins team though, but I doubt he reads every comment. Either way, I hope the video is good enough to go viral.

What is the trick to accumulating more coins on these dips guys?

It's good exposure, but annoyed appc was put in 2nd place on a 3 coin video vs. reflecting what the poll sounded like it was going to be, one main video on top voted choice.

this shit should be called CRAPPc REEEEE

And exposure's what we need. Every time I see one of these threads, I notice that not many people know what the project is about. People just see hype and they FOMO into their coins without understand what they are.

It's the price suppression that's killing it.

This whale needs to fuck off already

isn't a steady increase better than a pump and dump sometimes?

This isn’t a steady increase this is a whale preventing a moon. If he keeps it up we won’t get passed 21k

yep, it should be

No >:( big swings are better to flip stacks

the Chinese will be waking up in 5 to 8 hours. The might wake up to there sell walls being eaten and the fear will make a lot of them drop the walls

Fuuuuuck that was so close to breakout!

so user, do you think the the max will be before or after the listing on the chink exchange

I’ll just have to check back later then. This is annoying as fuck

I bought a week ago at .0022, do you think it's too risky selling even and trying to time a dip to improve my position? This whale might fuck me up at any moment

I'm in the exact position right now,

It's tricky, huh. I've decided I'm going to risk it with half my coins and if that works go ahead with the other half.

We gonna go to da moon boys. Also why are the Trx fags acting like Walton Fags during the Ven rise? Are they even a competitor?

buy low sell high 100000 times before the moon.

>tfw sigh of relief
Is it going bull?