Good memes

>Good memes.
>Actual discussion.
>No degeneracy.
>Anons helping each other out.
>We're all going to make it.

How can other boards even compete with Veeky Forums?

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Litteraly none of those criteria apply to this board.

yes,, sir pleasure to do business with u

/biz\ 100% best subchan on the4chan

Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums man.

relevant id color?

bro same
/g/ aswell

we just want you to buy what we buy to increase the market cap of our coins


are you me?

The trinity, I also frequent /fa.

Veeky Forums unironically has the best memes

every other board is dead in this aspect now

I used to browse Veeky Forums for years before and after zyzz. It’s become a homosexual board filled with trap threads and shitty advice.

/biz has way too many Indians on it to ever be deemed of quality.
When we flush the loo and rid the poo, maybe /biz can flourish. Then and only then.

bizis unironically the highest net worth board out of everything,,,,, /pol/ fags are dirt poor.. stay based, desu

i fucking hate Veeky Forums

me too, ive came back to his shithole of a site just to get some crypto money. i didnt miss any of you fuckers

>Veeky Forums makes a thread shooing the bear away
>market recovers

really activates my almonds

>reddittor talking about flushing the poo
Oh the ironing

/int/ has better memes and way less newfags but this board doesnt have all the gay anime trap larping

This, it's funny but it works everytime.

Holy kek the digits. WERE MAKING IT BOYS

Veeky Forums Veeky Forums Veeky Forums are the holy trinity of boards. beacons in a sea of darkness

/v/ and /pol/ are the best boards

the holy trinity of Ubermensch

be fit
be rich
be proud of who you are

Fuck that shithole. That board has been dead since the /leftypol/ mods took over, also it's overrun by underage fags and normals.

Its been dead since 2008.
This is the only board I browse anymore, I liked /a/ Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums back in the day but I have nothing to discuss on Veeky Forums and my /a/ and Veeky Forums backlog is unlikely to be finished in my lifetime,