Payday today

>payday today
>18 hours overtime
>$250 new year's bonus
How are those ponzicoins treating you?
Who else here /nocoiner/?

>Being a builder
>Rushing to finish a job
Wow nocoiners really are retarded.

holy shit what a faggot you are OP, i pray that isn't you in the pic


you must be trolling or you are just stupid and going to die poor

I never respected uneducated thrash builders

12 hour days 7 days a week, i havent cashed a paycheck in over 3 months they just sit there, the job is for health insurance and keeping me from doing dumb shit

>Complains about others being uneducated

>nocoiners on Veeky Forums

that'd be like vegans visiting a steakhouse


I spent 5 days pretending to sweep up on a site before. I got paid the same as guys doing back breaking labour.

I worked my tits off in construction for about 4 years doing drylining I stayed at home with the ol dear for that time and spent as little as possible, every Friday I put half my weekly surplus into btc. I quit in nov 16 when my stack grew to the size of 2 years pay and all I did after that was trade everyday, ended the year with only an extra 72% BTC but that meant I had a 2700% year instead of a still amazing 1500% year. You should get some coins mate and put that money to work.

This guy gets it.

Oil and Gas?

this unironically is the smartest shit to do, but also the reason why the west might crumble. balance is key my nigga

I work in construction management. You'd be utterly BTFO'd is you were caught doing that shite. It's the smart thing to do though if you want more pay.

You're an idiot man. Rushing jobs is how you make money. Every extra day you're on a job when you could be finished is money lost. Its a trade off, sometimes you need to rush to prevent profit loss. Besides once you git gud you should be able to do good work fast

I drive around in my car Mon-Thu 4-5hrs a day and make $70k + healthy bonuses and I'm still baffled by how easy it is to make crypto gains. Been pulling $1k/no off for various purchases, going to Europe for 2 weeks next month. Happy balance if both.

>a construction worker telling kids to work hard through the virtue of going home early

He should be telling kids to work hard so they don't end up as construction workers.


>utterly BTFO
I would have lost my shitty Summer job.

This falam


Blown the fuck outed? We've gone too far

>"You're an idiot man"
You're the idiot. It's well known in the construction industry that work slows down the last month or two before completion of the project. You talk about missing out on time for another job - 90% of subbies don't have another job directly lined up, at least not in the past 10 years when the construction industry has been fucked.

When I was in the navy we’d bust our asses and finish everything early then sit around picking our noses for 4 hours cause we weren’t allowed to leave or our bosses would “look bad” ahahahaha fuck that job

>jokes on you faggots i sacrificed a ton of my own time and made my boss a couple extra thousand dollars and i got $250 dollars and pat on the back!!!
>hahahahah check m8 faggot
> #hardwork #hardcock #myanus #pain-al *emoji* *emoji* *emoji*

You guys are morons. Do you actually realize how much money traders actually make? Even bricklayers make fucking bank.

You coinfags are absolutely pathetic, maybe one day you'll get a job making ACTUAL money

>payday every other Friday
>don't have to work overtime or weekends
>$1140 Christmas bonus
>get to work in an air conditioned building
>still make thousands in crypto gains
You're getting cucked by life m8

Hey uh... you posted that awfully close to me complaining about doing just that because I'm in the navy as is...

>Being a proud wageslave

i just made $250 by clicking a button, so, I'm okay.

Save as much money as possible and GTFO as soon as your contract is up. I just got 5k from the government to go to school and put it all into crypto it’s beautiful

Why would we want to? I'd rather spend my 20-80's doing things I want to do, not what an employer wants me to do. Sorry you got caught in the cycle

>$250 bonus
heh, keep the change, kid.

Honestly my plan, brother. I'm out in 3 months. That shit is for the birds, and tards.

So do cargo truck drivers and underwater welders. Are they jobs you aspire for? Are they jobs you'd want to work when you still need another 5 years to get pension but your back and joints are completely cocked from decades of hard labor? Probably not.

Being a lazy fuck and staying on the same shitty wage Vs. Working hard and getting a 50% pay rise after less than a year.

I make $700 a day in my day job and still spend most of it on here looking for my next crypto investment.

Construction is kind of a shitty job yeah but at least I'll never have to pay a plumber or electrician. I want to get out of it eventually but the skills I've picked up along the way are priceless and I can always fall back on them if I lose a job. If you know a trade and are good at what you do you might not get rich but you'll never be poor.

Shit man I have 30k in crypto but these threads always make me want to see the whole thing fail. Too many NEETs larping they deserve to get burned.

Watching all my old friends re-enlist as their wives and kids and mortgages pile up is so sad. I WILL BE FREE.

I'm a wageslave/coiner hybrid but at least my cuckjob is a union cuckjob.

> not doing both
> not investing a percentage of wageslave salary into crypto.

I thought his silhouette against the blue was the REQ logo for a second, I need to take a break man.

remember that you're here forever

Man, don't let anybody shit on you. Even if you don't work a trade, the knowledge you get is completely worth it if you know how. I can't believe on all the knowledge I missed out on not having my Dad around and it shows. You'll make it senpai. We're all gonna make it.

>working for someone else
fucking kek'd

run several online businesses
>web design: coldcall local restaurants and stores, buy a wordpress theme for $60 and sell a site for $750
>social media management: get paid $100-$500 a month per client just to tweet and post facebook posts
>online subscription site: sell courses for $25 and a subscription for $40
>email lists: I have five different sites offering free graphics for different niches in exchange for an email; display ads on the sites and sell the email lists.

unions are only good for the shit employees

whoa, you must be making nearly $1000 a month!

kys pleb

Damn right.

>made 10% of 2000 within 5 minutes

Not bad

they are paid by the hour retard

Thats true now because affirmative actions laws in the 80s and 90s forced in lazy niggers and women. Before that it was a legit way to bargain.

what do you do?

Nocoiners are dumb

Road sales. In my case, wine and liquor