Are any of you guys autistic?

Are any of you guys really autistic? have you been diagnosed ?

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Asperger's syndrome diagnosed. Am I good enough?

Whats the square root of my post#
No calculator allowed user

I don't think asperger's makes you good at math user.

thats enough interaction for today
theres a difference between autism and savant syndrome

This. I'm bloody awful at math.

I'm just really good at getting obsessive with things and excelling at them because I totally immerse myself, absorbing all knowledge related to it and carefully calculating outcomes.

Probably somewhere on the higher functioning end of the spectrum, I still socialize (mostly) fine.


spergs aren't calculators wtf

is the autism meme real? or is it just a meme that replaced the word "retarded".

It's real. The biggest indicators are the Oxytocin and Melatonin levels in ones blood.

depressed people also do this btw

Im diagnosed both Asperger's and ADHD.
I made 140k out of 2k since March 2017 by reading around 5 hours a day about crypto projects and evaluate them and then invest. Will make my first million this year but more likely 3-5 million until end of year

0.047 SF
that's with 1" to 1" scale ratio. I can only go as far as 3 decimal points

Same conditions. Are you a KHV ? If not, did you go to prostitutes or did you manage to act neurotypical enough to get a gf ? How did you do it if you did ?

Also at this moment which crypto currency would you recommend buying ?

I currently am all in XRB.

Can you teach me senpai. I have 3K


Never been formally diagnosed, but got 17/80 on the empathy quotient test:
Scores of 30 and less are good indicator of autism.
I don't know though, it's kind of mild for me. I can socialize, but I don't really ever feel the need to - I can stay at home for days and not feel like I have to talk to anyone.

My little brother is legit autism. Lives in his room at my parents’ house on Veeky Forums or playing video games all day and night. I asked if he had any crypto and he said no. Sad.

autists have better cognitive ability but lower social ability

autists have higher IQ on avg

Parents thought I had severe autism when I was 12. Turns out it was probably just a mix of mild ADHD, me being lactose intolerant so I was fed alot of soy, and that I was put in a class in elementary with really few boys, so I literally had no friends when they all ditched me all of a sudden in 5th grade, making me miss 3 years of social development and interaction. So I was a KV for a while until I turned 19

Today, girls are always flirting me despite me not wanting gf, and some coworker is asking me for dating advice. What the actual fucking shit happened

>I can socialize, but I don't really ever feel the need to - I can stay at home for days and not feel like I have to talk to anyone.

Yep that's me.

Diagnosed with Asperger + ADHD.

I only found out when it was too late, at the age of 24.

You could be onto something, that also describes me.

do i win the autism prize?

heh, squirt

Have Aspergers and also really fat, like over 500lbs. I follow Veeky Forums to make the most of my neetbux.

Sergey, is that you?

do you talk about your bizarre interests to other people, or do you keep it to yourself most of the time? In the past, I was a fucking idiot and talked like an assburger about my quirky interests to my newly made friends at 18, something that probably made them realize I was special. Ever since I turned 19, I literally never bring up my non-normie friendly interests to friends and coworkers, although I still have "unique" interests.

no, but i work with autistic children for my day job

Don't know what khv means.
I have a 2 kids and a girlfriend who wants no sex but managed to convince her to let me have a fuck buddy which I recently managed to get by tinder.
Life is hard and getting the family was a chain of mistakes, but started to get comfy since a while.

Most important part is to evaluate the projects on your own.

Neo is the coin to go in 2018

Yup. I was diagnosed with assburger's. It feels like when I rolled for stats, I got above-average INT/WIS/LCK, and mediocre to bad everything else. Had to train my charisma pretty hard to be even competent with it. But I'm doing okay with crypto and playing it like a game, so it can't be all bad.

I have not been diagnosed with any mental disorder, I do believe there's something with me that goes further than being shy. It's like a part of me tries to make social interaction fail because of how uncomfortable they feel. And when I get into something I get into it really hard staying up until 6 AM researching but after 3 weeks it's like I can't bother with it. you really have to ask user?

Yeah, it's actually kind of a problem. Crypto, cars, computers, movies, philosophy, etc all things I can get super in depth about and normies are just kind of like oh ok. Really wish I had more people to have good conversation with but most people don't give anything back to me intellectually. It's probably the saddest aspect of my life, not being able to converse in depth with many people.

I'm not a total autist about it btw, I don't just sperg off right when I meet someone but if they mention something I'm knowledgeable about, I'll key off that and go deeper into the subject.
Most people just respond with something like "wow you're a genius, how do you know all this?" and I cringe.

28/80 here. My family has always known about my socialization issues at a kid and teenager. After treatment that got better, and it's not exactly that I'm not empathetic towards others; it's just that normies /bore/ the fuck out me, with all their pointless conversations and rambling.

Same for me. I think I'm definitely somewhere on the spectrum.
I put my obsession and organization to good use to get through school for a good career.
And I have normie friends that I do cool stuff with but I still haven't had a girlfriend at 28 years old.

Yeah diagnosed aspie.

You know when girls come up to you and asking random shit while playing with their hair.
Or when a girl who has no interest in working out and joins a gym to stare at you and play with her phone.

My brain doesn't understand that shit.

Despite this, I'd say I'm pretty popular? Idk, I'm funny enough, dress well enough, do cool enough things and control the sperg tendencies well enough that I still have a good amount of friends/girlfriends and am generally well liked.

Just wish I had more people I could let loose on in a conversation and they'd reciprocate... I'm always operating at 25%. It's lonely.

Ok it's not that hard, if you are having a walk with a girl make your hands touch by mistake.
If she doesn't change her hands position -> next level: grab her hand.
If she is ok with it your will get scared and any but you just have to stop waking and kiss her.
So 1. Ask her to have a walk, let her speak and just say "yes, ok , interesting, I did something similar",
2. Let the hands touch.
3. Grab the hand.
4. Stop and kiss.

If you are at level 3 is highly likely that she could become your girlfriend but you have to be the one who do step 4. which is the real hard part.

Good luck bro

Crypto, movies and cars aren't really autistic to talk about


I think im autist, or really social akward

That test is full of leading question.
"I tend to have strong feelings about morality" What if I strongly feel their is no morality and people who feel otherwise are self righteous assholes.
I got 15 out of 80. I am a pretty average guy who makes a point of not letting other peoples bullshit affect me.

True. My level of obsessive knowledge on the subject is though. Ask me how literally anything in a car or computer works, I can tell you.

I can usually keep it at a simple surface level where people are like "Wow you build race cars, that's so cool." But when I go in depth people just stare or reply with something stupid and it is extremely unfulfilling. I'm constantly restraining my conversations because most people don't exist at the level I do.

And then when I do find myself speaking with someone semi-knowledgeable I have to stop myself from correcting them on the parts they get wrong.

Yea same, watched some youtube clips and tried to remember these things. Not that it matters since I rarely go outside anyway

This shit sounds way to complicated kek. "it's not that hard"

Where the fuck do you think you are? Assburger diagnosed.

>Ask me how literally anything in a car or computer works
Do you know what a half adder is? Do you know what branch prediction is?

Who is your favourite philosopher of the last hundred years. Mine is Baudrillard

I did something like this once, we even kissed but then she wouldn't even give me her number when I asked I was like this is bullshit, how are there more hurdles?

Yes, I made my own CPU and instruction set in college. You need homework help or something? lol

So what is a KHV now? Can't find something relevant on google

Kiss-less hug-less Virgin.

OCD and ADD checking in....

>Software Engineer, math and sci wiz
>gf less

am I going to make it?

I was just checking if you're all talk, apparently not

descartes, logic based bad ass

I guess I was using philosophy in the general sense that my conversations can get into states of deep contemplation/debate. I haven't really studied the field. Sorry if you were excited to discuss Baudrillard with someone hah.

By made my own CPU, I mean designed on paper. Didn't actually fab it although we had a fab on campus. Made a 32bit multiplier layout too that was at the point where I could have handed it off to the fab guys and had it made, all the layers, vias, etc were there.

I'm sure i'd be on the spectrum somewhere, not diagnosed


I specified last hundred years.

No, never been diagnosed, but I think there's a hint of the spectrum somewhere deep down. I'm personable and make people laugh, and I can be outgoing if those are my surroundings, but I have such a low response to things that would normally make people emotionally unstable. I don't understand why so many people have such outrageous reactions to things. I can't figure out if they're acting that way or truly feel that way. For instance, hearing about some child dying that they never met. I just shrug it off and move on. I also find myself slightly ticked by certain noises. But I don't know if that's because it's just a personality quirk or whatever the autism reason is for it. For instance, the sound of a nail file makes me have to leave the room or I start to feel physical pain. I also catch myself pacing back and forth when deep in thought.

Faggot do you have moar information on this? High or low levels? Can I get tested?

You definitely have autism.

Wrote my own file allocation table based filesystem and a shell to use it in too. Had like 15 different instructions like cp, mv, ls, rm, etc etc, kept a history of inputs and had tab autocomplete. Was probably my favorite college project, that or designing a MEMS pressure sensor which is just a silicon diaphragm with piezo resistors in a wheatstone bridge that change resistance as the diaphragm flexes. The important part is designing the parameters (thickness/size of the diaphragm, resistance/size of the resistors) so it operates well in the desired range and gives good resolution.

Not the good kind of autistic like Vitalik either. The bad kind that is bad at math and is a friendless virgin for life. When I was younger people laughed at me for the things I'd do or say but now they're only frightened.

but have you gone so far as to used ARM and MIPS assembly

cheer up friend, and set some exciting life goals

cause we're all going to die someday


Actually the CPU I designed was MIPS based, funny you mention that.

And I've programmed assembly for a Freescale HS12 processor among others. Made an optical (finger laser thingy) heartrate monitor with LCD display. Programmed Xilinx FPGA too, made a controller for a vending machine.

>For instance, the sound of a nail file
That's called hypersensitivity. It is a common trait of autism.

I don't really excel at anything unless I ignore literally everything else in my life. I'm pretty socially awkward unless I'm really drunk then people don't seem to notice.

>a Freescale HS12 processor among ot
RISC sensai over here

I was diagnosed with Aspergers at 12. It makes you operate on a different level from other people, which makes socializing with people who don't have Aspergers very difficult and awkward. You'll find yourself creating a "normal" persona in order to function in day-to-day life.

Its kinda like a dolphin or a gorilla trying to communicate with a human, and live in a human world, if that makes sense.

Low levels.

Taking Melatonin helps you sleep better.

Oxytocin makes it easier for you to interact with people, but unfortunately administering it is currently very difficult, since it has to pass the blood-brain barrier.

It's actually a bit different for me. I obsess but about like 5 things at the same time. I'm also thankfully pretty good at the things I do, trying to take my car I built to a national race this year and win.

Just stick with it user, you have the gift of being able to focus on things in depth, take that and manipulate it towards success.

I can't really explain it. You know how the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard makes people cringe? For me, it's not even just the sound, it's the whole imagining of the feeling of the chalkboard scraping
against finger nails. I don't have a complete spergout because of it or anything. I just excuse myself and leave until it's done. But it's borderline unbearable.

Bro I got 22 and thought I was answering totally normally like I could score 50 or something. Am I an autist?

Alright, so what is in your portfolio and why? Feel free to sperg out (stealing that term, btw)

I'm autistic and I always say no when people ask me if I have crypto, even though I have $800,000 worth.

Got to keep quiet about this.

Yes, and yes.

Never tell, never !

Oh yeah, I have this too. You know that faint hum a TV makes if it's on a blank input? I'm that guy that hears it two rooms over and bugs out until I find where the noise is coming from.
I've been tested and can hear frequencies outside of the normal human range and I also can max out eye charts so I don't even know how good my vision is, they don't measure that far. I can pick out all the spices in food too, I love cooking because of the creative/experimental aspect of it.

Honestly I feel a bit superhuman but it sucks because then I develop this superiority complex where talking to normies is a chore since most people just feel below me and annoy me.

the reactions thing is just called being a woman

Hah, you're gonna fucking laugh at me but I hold ~200k LINK and that's it aside from $10k in high risk money I keep around just for gambling on pumps. Just holding LINK was boring me out of my mind.

You know how I said I obsess? Well obsessing is kind of like going all in, when I'm into something, I go balls deep. I really believe in LINK so I'm all in. For me, crypto is all or nothing. This shit is my ticket to retiring before 30 and LINK seems like the surest bet. ~ $5 is where I'm a millionaire and I can't picture a scenario where LINK doesn't hit that.

LINK on top of ETH and other blockchains like Hyperledger will literally revolutionize business if Sergey and crew pull it off. It's the key to the floodgates, it's how the future manages data in a trustless way and data is one of the most valuable things of our modern times. Companies will be able to replace entire divisions with just a few externally aware Smart Contracts, thus saving them millions/billions. It also leverages the long tail principle by not relying on any single blockchain, it works with them all. Not to mention they are one of the most respected projects in terms of big corporate support. I mean, even if SWIFT uses their own private fork of Chainlink or something, just the fact they worked hand in hand with these guys and they believe in them is huge. Holy shit I get so excited thinking about LINK.

>autistic and bad at math
i'm so sorry

Been in since ICO btw. The moment I saw SWIFT, I registered.

Avoidant personality disorder.

Yep. Asbergers. I hate people mostly. I also work in an office as a web dev and I have to speak to people.

They will often ask why I don't speak and I just laugh along with their jokes.

Sometimes they try to do banter on me and I just laugh and get back to my work.

No idea how to act in social situations desu.


Same, I hear bats and have a visus 2.0.
To be honest. The logical based,, superitive sensed model of a human is the human 2.0. there are just too many 1.0 models so we can't take over

Super sensitive*

Your Empathy Quotient score was 22 out of a possible 80.

Scores of 30 or less indicate a lack of empathy common in people with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

my best mate thought i was autistic. Ive avoided psychologists throughout life.

>"Life is hard"
>Made over 6 figures in less than a year
>Has a gf
>Can easily get more gfs with looks alone
>Get pity points by pretending to have autism

Oh fuck off

I think we'll see humanity diverge into two groups, the dumb keep breeding dumber and the smart smarter. You can already see this developing socially with wealth inequality and things like that.
I mean, look at us with crypto, we're ahead of the game, money moves from the weak/underinformed into our hands and you see a bimodal distribution develop. Equality is a myth, it is the weak that preach it.

interesting, thanks for the response mate. i was in link from the early days, rode it up, sold/bought back in a few times, then held for SIBOS and after...eventually jumped out because Sergey would not communicate and the project seemed like it was going to be a few more months from maturing. got into icx and now i'm up 3.5x...may jump back into link if icx pumps again in the next few months. they just hired a marketing person i think, so that will help the project.

Don't try to determine my life based on a story of the first peak in my life.

No prob. It was definitely a tough hold the two months it was stagnant at $0.20 while there was no communication but it paid off.

I think their low hype strategy will be good long term. We know they are in talks with major corporations and these will not be announced until after main net. This is the way real businesses behave, they don't hype until things are set in stone and implemented.
Can you imagine once main net goes live and we start getting partnerships coming out of the woodwork every other week? My god, I'm gonna be seeing 6 figure increases in a day. They're gonna come out the gate with a jackpot of users in their back pocket and take the oracle market in one swoop.

BTW, I do not touch my LINK stack at all. Called the SIBOS dip, called the latest dip from $1.40 to $1 but I do NOT swing trade because I just know the one time I do is the time it fucks me. Wish I had in hindsight obviously but it could have played out differently. I have enough that I'm set for retirement, so I'm just sticking with that.

I was never officially diagnosed because my ma is an antivaxxer and kinda out there. Several school teachers came forward when I was in elementary school and asked my mother to have me placed in special education and be tested for ASD because I had ASD symptoms. This was further supported by my uncle(one of my cousisn is on the more mentally disabled side of the spectrum) who said some of my behaviours are present in ASD. My mom refused by saying "my sons not retarded hes special but not retarded."(Thanks for that ma) Administration had me in special ed. for one week to see how I adjusted. After the week, they had a review with me and the special ed. teachers. They asked me how I felt about my classmates. I said they were a little bit retarded but nice. The spec. ed. teachers felt I wouldn't really get along with the rest of the class and recommend me to the Horizons program. They did some of those intelligence tests with shapes, patterns and shit. Ended up putting me in the advanced program. Bear in mind, I was like 8-9 at the time. The test itself wasn't hard, just weird from what I remember. Anyway, even with above, they wanted me tested for ASD as it would help me by getting me the help I needed. My mom refused and instead from there on out put me in every advanced program she could find. I do remember being an awful little shit when I was young but don't remember everything that went down. My mom decided to tell me about all this while in high school and honestly made sense. I am pretty socially inept and fit the bill for some of the standard behaviors for people on the spectrum. I am mad at my mom for trying to not at least follow up to see if I have something wrong with my brain but she did pave the way for my love of tech. I don't care if I am actually am autistic as long as I can die happy. With all the bags I am holding, I don't think thats gonna be a problem.