"His main hobbies were reading Veeky Forums and buying vintage pornography, passions that exposed him to cryptocurrency...

"His main hobbies were reading Veeky Forums and buying vintage pornography, passions that exposed him to cryptocurrency."


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fucking rich fags, here i am with a measly 140k trying to get 7 digits. the world is so unfair

I love reading the NYT articles for the boomer commentary more than anything. They even let you choose from the most liked comments, just to see into the hivemind


foot fetishism has been linked to latent homosexuality in numerous studies
if you like this shit you're a faggot, no question
foot fags long for phallic shaped objects to dominate them because they're gay

feet have been a symbol of submission for millennia

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>checks comments


kek all those salty nocoiner boomer comments

>there's no way he could generate $400,000 on his own in his early 20s

Well I'm bi, but thanks for your input!

You're a faulty human being

Hahaha the comments. Fuck boomers. They get the rope too when the crypto funded 4th Reich rises

You're probably a lot like the Chris Cooper character in American Beauty.

>Bernie sticker on the fridge
>Veeky Forums

Nice try, Jews.

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>Something is wrong with your brain chemistry
Not cool man. My best friend is depressed because he has messed up brain chemistry but he isn't a faggot.

>when the crypto funded 4th Reich rises

The dream



Lol cool story bro i dont care

Never even seen the movie so i dont know what you're referencing but again

refer to my earlier post

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>boomercucks angry that younger people are able to amass the wealth that they did at the same age

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t. A gay man that can't handle the fact he's mentally damaged
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People lash out at things they don't understand. You can ignore them or wallow in spite.

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>foot fetishism has been linked to latent homosexuality
I've seen the opposite, saying that men that are into feet are less likely to come out as homosexuals later on because small petite feet are a sign of femininity which you cannot fake, so foot fetishists have a biological tranny detector.

But that would be male on female I'm assuming. Not gay lol

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why does NY Times lie about what HODL means?


On for

thats my only autistic response to the article.

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implying jew money is backed by gold..kek

>Telling the truth
>Lashing out
Ignorance is easy you worm

source if not larping

>boomer faggot thinks bay area housing prices are caused by anything other than rent control, eliminating property tax, and other boomer NIMBY faggots

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Yet we value GBP, EUR, JPY, etc by the dollar.

It's called an exchange rate..jesus fucking retards.

"Why not say a GBP is worth a latte..why value it against the dollar?" fucking retards. eugh

This basically, boomers need to be rounded up. A completely worthless generation whose only contribution is the destruction of our society and AIDS.

Literally what the boomers think it means, wouldn't be the first place I saw it. They'll just keep perpetuating the misinformation
>it's a millennial term guys, let's figure what this one stands for hue hue hue


God love em, they fucking wrecked our society and opened the floodgates to niggers and mudslimes

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why don't you find out for yourself?

lol, I laughed very hard when reading this but legitimately AIDS came about in the 80's, not boomer territory.

Everything else I agree with. My parents are boomers and were great parents and are amazing people, but I tell them all the time they ruined my life just by being boomers.

I thought I told you to go kill yourself. Get to it.

>AIDS came about in the 80's
yeah exactly
the time when boomer faggots were in their 20s and 30s running rampant bareback anally raping each other in the streets

Kek this comment:

>Bob Palm Springs, CA 10 minutes ago
I'd rather be poor & happy, than to to be rich and without a soul or true purpose in life.

So butthurt. this is why he'd never get rich, because he thinks being rich means having no purpose or soul. When being rich means you can help more people, have more time to devote to a life purpose instead of working 10 hours a day in a factory and coming home to an alcoholic cheating psychotic wife, and happiness is neither tied to wealth or removed from it, wealth is just a means to more things.

There actually is no such thing as being rich, it's all in your head, and to say you'd rather have less things than more things is down to boomer programming and religious doctrine.

I'm reading these comments, how the fuck do NY Times readers say DON'T INVEST, ITS A SCAM.

What the fuck guys? How can these people be so retarded?

Why do boomers...
Always write
Like this

From the comments:

"So much for the Harry Bailey’s of the world that want to build real things and help people. I hope these young Turks have a wonderful life in their ether. A couple of the ugliest sweaters I’ve ever seen, I might add. Money, real or not, can certainly not buy good taste"

"These "currencies" are backed by a song and a prayer. A couple of system outages (like almost every other enterprise has had at some point even big banks, airlines and governments) possibly one that it doesn't recover from and these clowns lose everything. Or those starting one fo these decides he's heading for Bolivia. Or governments decide they've tracked enough illegal actives and finally shut them down. Good luck with your dreams. As the proverb goes, a fool and his money are soon parted."

"This article could have provided some better background for those of us who do not have a clue. But based on what I read, I'm not impressed by any of these people or what they are doing. While they party and yearn to buy Lamborghinis, the majority of the world is succumbing to climate change, erratic weather, poverty, lack of education, starvation (and resulting severe illness), and homelessness, as well as subjugation by tyrannical, greedy, and abusive governments (including in the USA). Really the whole bitcoin philosophy seems selfish, arrogant, and misguided. Change the world? Yes, OK then, you can start any time. There are hundreds of homeless people in my small town awaiting your vision."

Boomer hate thread?

social security is literally the largest ponzi scheme in human history, created for boomers and YOU are paying for it

>uh oh I was a retarded faggot and didnt save for retirement
>Govt: dont worry just have a bunch of kids pay into SS their whole lives while you take that money and retire. then promise your kids that THEY will get to retire too for participating
>oh yeah hope you have average of 3 kids who all work for 60 years or there wont be enough money lol
>fast forward to now
>decline on birth rate and increase in welfare



>System outages
no knowledge of blockchain tech
>government shuts them down
no knowledge of blockchain tech
>fool and his money easily parted
modern tech is scary, making money is hard therefore this must be scary.

>climate change, poverty, lack of education
climate change is a scam
poverty - then fucking learn crypto dickhead
lack of education - yeah like you
>tyrannical greedy governments
you fucking idiot, thats what crypto is about fighting!!! You are decrying your salvation!!

Lack of understanding: these people only learned to use computers within the past decade, you think they can grasp decentralization and blockchains?

Confirmation bias: there are enough actual scams & crashes & lack of useful dApps for them to write off all potential.

Prior experience: these dopes lived through the dotcom bubble and probably invested half their 401k in pets.com or some shit in 1999.

Jealousy: if they fucked up and are reaching retirement age with less than six figures, anyone breaking six or seven in their 20s highlights their loserdom.

You mad queer?
Id tell you to do the same but you actually might (statistically speaking) and i'd probably get arrested or something lol

Well he's not wrong you could argue
Poverty is a great motivator for artists, etc. Pretty much all "great" works were created by people who either were poor as fuck or cared very little for money


Top lmao

and faggot? i've posted lol on Veeky Forums since 2007 meanwhile you were sticking things up your ass and being a faggot elsewhere

>They talk about buying Lamborghinis, the single acceptable way to spend money in the Ethereum cryptocurrency community.


I've been here that long too, actually. Now seriously, neck yourself.

No you havent

Damn that guy with with the hundreds of millions worth of ETH, that's fucking awesome.

Here I am just trying to get to 7 figures.

I'm not saying that.

I'm saying he's using being poor and happy as an excuse to not better himself, he won't even look at crypto and just says I don't want to be rich. Even though he does.

Being poor is a great motivator for those who want to be rich, everyone who invests in crypto has been poor at some point, and is using it as a means to amass wealth.

I just love reading it, and hearing all the poor people programming come out. It does piss me off a little though. Throughout the 60s 70s and 80s 90s and 00s were means for getting rich with a little ingenuity, They failed, they worked 12 hours a day, and programmed their kids the same way "be a good little slave".

Now we get decried for using ingenuity to get rich. "it'll all fall down" they say, "you can't make money like that", "it's a scam, somebody has to buy your bitcoin", "it's not proper money, it's not backed by governments".

All this shit, and there'll be another generation that believes the same because of fucking 20th century people who lost any sense of 'gold rush' or revolutionary personality.

fuck off, sticking things up your ass is a sign of an oldfag,



Are these people fucking brain dead?

if you were a real oldfag youd know sticking things up your urethra is the true mark of an oldfag

No it isn't faggot

maybe she's talking about cash money and supporting crypto currencies ;))))

You forget goatsee?
How long you actually been on Veeky Forums for mate, I've been here since early 2009, whilst Boxxy was still alive. I was here for Jessi Slaughter, I made swastikas in Habbo Hotel. I can tell you what an oldfag is, for I am one myself.

Gotta get a nice shot in on DRUNPF who has fuck all to do with Bitcoin lmao

They say the best revenge is living well. Plus someone's got to throw their money away to keep companies in business and buy our bags in a year or two once the FOMO hits them.

Not brain dead in the traditional sense. Trump provoked them into insanity as part of a political strategy; crazy opponents are much easier to blindside.


Kek, we all know that drug dealers and con men dislike the dollar, it's all about that other currency....ya know......

*scratches head*

yeah bitcoin, and they most definitely DO NOT CASH IT BACK INTO DOLLARS...EVER



haha you just know, and they'll probably remember what they posted in the article and decide against investing due to pride, and then eventually they'll cash into some shitcoin thinking they have a chance to still make some money and then get scammed, this confirming their original assessment.

However they'll hear all their friends talking about their gains, and eventually end up hanging themselves.

respec bro, then you need to stop lying, prostate stimulation is the sign of a true oldfag, you know you've done it, probably got your fist up there and everything.

Dot com bubble they say, in a post they made on an internet news site with their internet connected computers.

Crypto is much the same. Yes it will crash pretty hard at some point but it will not die and the currencies that survive will far surpass the levels seen at the height prior to the correction. Happens all the time with new tech.

>going full YOLO
>$400.000 in ETH when 80 cents
how fucking rich is that faggot
bet he sold everything at $400 or something, nonetheless fucking loaded

>As the proverb goes, a fool and his money are soon parted."
Jokes on you boomer

God damnit piss off. Back to boomer hate.
Its you shits that ruined this place for me back in 05 god damn newfags

> 1 Euros is not worth 1.22 dollars, it is worth 0,7 lattes
I fucking hate boomers (except myparents), man

My analysis of "A fool and his money are soon parted"

>"There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up. "Proverbs 21:20

So, basically, a fool and his money are soon parted - why? Bad investments.
Think of it like this - treasure and oil in a wise persons place - i.e. things to be desired and warmth, food, all the things you could need. So basically - people who make money are wise, the poor are fools because they waste their money.

Basically, the proverb refers to normies who waste their money every month on exorbitant phone bills, shit, clothes, getting pissed every day, student loans, hookers, drugs, cars.

Now, lets be honest, crypto markets are basically forex but with new tech, the platform is already proven, people WANT cryptos because they want to make money. Normies however are classifying everyone as the same, of course people lose money in crypto, of course people get scammed, but so do people in forex and stocks. But how is it foolish to put £1000 in something that can and has made 100x, 1000x? We aren't talking about ponzi schemes because like I said, this is forex but with new tech, a ponzi scheme is peter to paul to julia to kathryn and ahmed, this is going on an exchange with your coins, and selling to peter - and thats it.

it's the same as selling your xbox, or selling your sony xperia - but who would sell an xperia, they're fucking awesome.

A fool would take the money that you could invest into crypto, make a million and instead waste it on worthless things. They criticize the hipsters who made double digit millions, I mean what the fuck?

It's just they don't understand it. It's that simple. Remember when you first heard about Bitcoin? You didn't think it was possible, maybe you thought it was a scam or something...

They're at that step in the process today, all these years later.

Do you often find yourself ahead of the curve in other things in life? This is no different.

And the reason why they're still there? Because they don't process information as fast as all of us here now. They are slow, literally.

I've met 90 year olds who know less about the world than I do. How is this possible? I thought about it for weeks and until I realised they're just stupid. Simple as that

This dumbass was so smug a couple months ago, right before the unprecedented BTC run-up

Just an addendum

Every purchase you make is an investment

You invest 1.99 in subway, your return is a sandwich
You invest £100 in a nightclub, your return is a hangover

You go to amazon and invest £50, your return is a video game

Where you spend your money is where you invest it, you are investing your time, so when you spend your money on 'worthless coins' you are investing, just as going to subway gets you the return of energy and calories, going to bittrex and buying NEO or ETH buys you time - yes time, time you would have had to spend working to get the money you have made.

If you make a million dollar/pounds you basically buy yourself a lifetime, depending on your wages in a career. I for instance make £12000 a year, I have made up to 12k in crypto, and so I've bought myself a year. When my investments go to 100k I'll have made 10 years.

every ££$$ is time and freedom.

I agree, I had no conception of digital currency, I remember reading about it, before anyone conceived of dollar/pound value, but had I started mining it I'd probably have been able to mine hundreds in a few days on my shitty laptop. But the difference is I had 0 proof of concept, they do, and they refuse to accept the evidence right before them, yet they'll sit and watch some fuckwit on TV tell them how to invest in shit that nets them 1% a year, when if someone had invested £1 in Jan 2017 they'd have £33 now. Instead they will make 1p on every £1. Or take out a loan and pay back the usurer.

Actually no...it's that they think they know everything..the 20th century generation is so filled with pride, any sort of change results in "fought a world war", or "i've been on this earth a lot longer than you".

Now, if someone in 1800s said that it'd be worthy of respect, but for someone born in the most mentally programmed generation in human history, who has the government fucking subsidise everything, has free fucking healthcare, a pension, and practically has 0 fucking hardships in life, and all health issues are self induced - I simply cannot abide that.

No, this generation OUR generation has to go it alone, and remake this world in our image.

Its something when nowadays you are better off, and freer by ignoring the advice of your parents and elders and doing what you think is right.

Yeah but things are more complicated in all honesty, I just can't be arsed typing paragraphs. The bottom line is: They process information in a different way. The "normies" aren't very prone to introverted thought, so they don't think about the meaning behind shit or why something is happening, just that it's happening.

It really does boil down to how they are as people, and how "early adopters" of anything are, in general.

I think a part of it is they can't believe it could be so "easy", even if it isn't, the headlines make it seem that way. But as above, they just don't look into things the same way.
I mean, even some of my family members are the same. They are smart people in every other way. High IQ, can quote obscure philosophical doctrines word for word that will make your head spin, whatever... but they just can't see past this. They think it's some sort of scam or not real. Perhaps the conditioning worked better on them huh?


They will probably go down in history as the worst generation that ever lived, which is ironic considering how they saw themselves more "enlightened" than the previous ones when they were young.
Millennials are shit too but at least they have the excused that they were born in an already fucked up world, they were not the ones to ruin for everyone else

same bro, fuck the haters

This article was so stupid and awful.

Christianity does not say you should not be rich, it only says that with great wealth comes great responsibility, which if you think about it is true for pretty much anything that gets you ahead in society. People who make a vow of poverty do so because they choose a strictly religious life and they give up on a lot of other things too trying to attain a perfect imitation of Christ, but it is a personal choice and not something that is suited or requested from everyone

The best thing is that it is a mandatory ponzi scheme.
Atleast with a ponzi scheme you can be not retarded and just not participate.
How is it fair if you get forced to take part in a ponzi or you'll go to jail?

It's the power of media mate.

Yes I agree they think differently, they all think it's about going to work, getting married having babies, and being all "yes dear, no dear, thank you dear" to the wife. I work in retail, and whilst I am horny as fuck..I resist my urges because I have plans to move country and really really really don't want some girl getting in the way. My dream is bigger.

Yet everyone keeps saying "you need a gf settle down", and when I impart my dream I get laughed at, or belittled, because it scares them..dramatic change causes neurons to misfire in the brain, it creates numerous paradoxes, it causes existential thought, what if..what if theres more meaning in life that I missed...what if?

The retard generation today, makes itself retarded, people police themselves in order to fit in, crypto kicks the shit out of it because the people who DON'T FIT IN, are profiting.

It's why I can be sitting on a 10k fortune (it really is a fortune for most people) and still have family telling me I need to get a gf, learn to drive, think about pensions and careers and stuff, because they can't accept 10k in crypto is real, and perfectly easy to cash out.

it's why I can have 10k in crypto, and they still worry more about the £400 I cashed in last year, as thats 'real money'.

I honestly don't accept boomer IQ, I see too many of these fuckers slowly dying whilst still drinking over a pint of vodka daily, stand there before my coughing and spluttering and still ask for cigarettes.

They're undisciplined, uneducated, idiots, who for some unbeknown reason believe everything should be given to them.

They're the reason I walk into the town centre and see hoards of pakis and niggers and chavs everywhere. Its why more and more teenage boys are walking round in wigs and dresses, effectively castrating themselves, whilst all the white girls are banging niggers.

I hate my country, I hate the media, I hate the Queen, I want the fuck out of here.

I know, but the true meaning of the bible has been obscured for thousands of years, and some shitty version exists today to cater to children. Only when you know the mysteries are you capable of understanding it.