Warned but didn't listen - now you pay

In the next few days, you will all realize that you have made a MASSIVE MISTAKE by WASTING even a single cent into this huge crypto PONZI SCHEME. You knew it couldn't last, didn't you? When your AVERAGE JOE idiot was becoming RICH beyond his wildest dreams without contributing ANYTHING to society, you knew there was something wrong.

yet YOUR GREED and FALSE HOPE to get out of the rat race has made you DUMP your hard-earned cash into SHIT TOKENS with ZERO real value. You could have gotten out. But you didn't. You couldn't. And now YOU WILL PAY the price.

When your friends and family began talking about it, it was already too late.

This was your last chance to stop working for the rest of your life. Except it wasn't - it never was. When this shit hits the fan and crashes, you and every normie will feel the pain as Bitcoin tumbles back down to $100 and never recovers. Literally everyone I know has invested into this Bitcoin frenzy - normies are investing into it left and right. You got in too late. Now you are feeling the pain that will be the start of a MULTI YEAR BEAR MARKET.

agree. just lmao @ newfags who didnt make it yet.

what the fuk have you been doing 2017?

the alt bubble has not even begun

as soon as there is an intuitive and ux friendly exchange that accessible by norms things are going to get crazy, then burst

retard. tron catapulted into 10 billion without a product because of a cool name and low usd value disregarding marketcap because of ignorance of "investors"

this is peak bubble. youre just deluded cause u didnt make it yet boyo

haha yeah and that happened without it even being on any norm exchanges this ride is nowhere close to over

doomed and has not even realized it yet.


You realize the ZOG just got in right now and exchanges are accommodating for them? The hordes will be let in later. 2018 will see the biggest crypto bull run yet.

Part of Wallstreet is getting in today.

The best part is the ZOG can't win this game in the long run.

Compares the most successful crypto to date with bubbles of WHOLE branches.

dotcom bubble was like ... 8T?

we are at..? 700b?

OP go sit out on 10x gains instead of setting major stoplosses, managing risk, and rolling the dice a bit

ah these desperate bottom sellers. You really think you can move price by posting on biz? Are you that retarded? End yourself


Stay poor, Norman.

>only countingbitcoin from 2015 onward for whatever reason to make the graph look completely fucked up
"TheWiseOne" you sound like a "Nocoiner"
kys and dont leave your trash on your way out

Not even close to the burst. All I see is healthy corrections.

Just cause your in fiat doesn’t mean you have to cause a panic to buy cheap scumbag.

If it helps you cope my nocoiner friend go for it!

better yet- only since 2015, and not 2009 when bitcoin started

>keep going parabolic
>finally get a correction back to healthy levels, still like 3x if you got in before the latest bull run

>HAHA! I knew it, it was a bubble! Should have bought gold! It's just a number on your screen, how can it be valuable? It doesn't exist!

Boomers, when will they learn

You retards with "muh bubble". There will be cryptos that will survive. IOTA, ICX, VEN, XRB, XRP, NEO to name a few of projects that seem to be the most "solid". Those that will survive will still have a lot of growth.

Percent change graph is retarded because crypto started at basically 0 while the other industries were already valued in the tens of billions.

Holy shit, these prices only go up. Is it too late to get into the dot com bull run?

>since 2015
lmao ok buttcoin has been around since 2009


Pick one. It's a Coin with shitty crypto tech vulnerable to precomputed PoW attacks that even dinosaur bitcoin isn't vulnerable to

>since 2015

lmao dude, just buy some coins, can't be healthy to be this mad

enjoy being poor salty nocoiner faggot I'll waive from my lambo



What are you going to waive?


Don't know the specific tech about XRB, I'll rather trust the dev team who have worked on it for years than a random 4channer.

Anyway I would say that XRB is a more riskier investment compared to others.

But user I cashed out and am rich now. I regret nothing

graph would look even crazier if you started it at 2009 prices

It's substantially easier to buy crypto than any of those other bubbles plus there is no barrier to entry globally

>buying a house or investment property takes a long time
>dotcom bubble was in the age where you literally had to telephone your broker during office hours
>biotech was in the age of online brokers but it appealed to a much smaller segment of the populatoin

Retarded retard we can talk about bubble when we hit a couple of trillions otherwise its insignificant. Oh and fuck you.

Riskier but also better gains.

You faggot, it's going to go way high and have have years before it starts to collapse. Crypto isn't like stocks, it's more accessible for the entire world. Don't be a fucking idiot, that spike will increase and increase and increase for three years, tops.

So you're saying this "bubble" is not similar to any other bubble before it? Maybe it's not a bubble then you fucking retard. Kill your self. Even if it were a bubble, we are going to make it based on every other bubble you have listed.

name another bubble that was, in itself, liquid by nature

Except only IT and CS engineers know how to buy crypto.

I don't think that's true at all. Look at all the people talking about buying ripple and tron.

Massive lines to the bitcoin ATM in israel with 40-60+ year olds in line too, and some pregnant woman

strap in lads