One of my normie friends finally decided to jump into alts now that the market has been red for a few days.
He did some research and landed on the above.
I ruled out DBC for him because of the massive manipulation.
Some of the others are being shilled as well but they don't seem to be facing downward pressure from whales.
I'm always afraid to give advice, anything I should be aware of?
I was considering telling him to buy 1/3 each because I really don't know.

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Stay the fuck away from DBC. Fucking manipulated shitcoin. Same with UFR... PRL and ELIX seem like decent bets though.

Pretty sure UFR is a literal shitcoin being pumped for gains, risky game to play. DBC could be an alright long hodl but not sure about it if I'm honest. No idea about ELIX but the branding is on point and it's solid technology. PRL no idea either, seen it mentioned but not read into.

Once DBC stops getting butt fucked by whales accumulating and the contest is done, it should jump significantly.

It's a solid product and basically the start of NEO's token ecosystem

Buy eReal.
Under a penny during this dip and coin burn coming up.


Thank me later user

what the fuck is eReal and how much are they paying you

Thanks, it's so hard to rule anything out.
If he asked me last week I would have said DBC and UFR, easily. My concern with DBC is that the whales will let it grow again, but only for a minute and you'll have to time it perfectly.
UFR is being shilled but I think has room to grow, use case seems very normie friendly.
ELIX was brand new to me so I am researching but looks like it could be a diamond in the rough.
PRL is pretty cool but still researching too.
I didn't even think of offering an alternative in case I get it wrong!

DBC: already too high mcap
UFR: its just a pnd groups shilling
ELIX: low mcap, not that obscure, already have beta app
PRL: long term hold

Gonna throw another vote in for UFR, any unnatural pumping is done and now it should just be solid and high growth due to the good fundamentals of the coin

This guy knows..

ADST is gonna moon hard

>20 shillpoints has been given to your account

UFR is the coin with the most potential here. New exchange this coming week, great use case and a solid road map for 2018:

Q1 2018—Alpha release
Q2 2018—Beta release
Q3 2018—Full Desktop version release
Q4 2018—Open-source community contributions, potential for Android/iOS application feasibility

ELIX is recovering from a recent low, would be a good time to get on board if you go that route

UFR is the worst shit. ...it will continue dumping . only invest if there are some signals. ...but there aren't any. Only a discord shilled shitcoin.

Thanks, maybe get some ADST for myself!

>buying the crash

not gonna make it

All of those coins are trash aside from maybe prl maybe.

buy 10k PFR for a node. costs less than $5k currently.

The trade competition for DBC ends Wednesday morning Chinese time. The whale manipulation will stop shortley before that.

ELIX and PRL are alright, rest are shit.

All are on sale right now.

Personally I would go for UFR and DBC.
Short term, good profit.

I hope so. Just bought some UFR. Hopefully will shoot up when the alpha release is out

nah UFR is a real coin, devs are just trying to stay under the radar while they finish up the alpha release. they're really good about communicating with the community, they actually just released a roadmap update today: hackernoon.com/the-upfiring-dapp-mid-january-2018-update-2fe0d4d3a6e6?gi=4700ed5d3f7

despite this drop from all the shilling/anti-shilling drama i'm still long on it, i think there's a ton of room for UFR to grow here. we bottomed out at .95c today, and it's already back on the upswing hard. last chance to get in on UFR at these low prices.

I was long on ELIX but it's just been bleeding non-fucking stop lately, i pulled out when it went back down to my buy-in price, thankfully. might be a good shot too though.

I feel okay about PRL but have no stake. DBC is a fucking chinese scamcoin and everyone long in it deserves to lose their money.

ELIX have you looked at the fucking chart?
>What is previous support and resistance levels
Devs aren't anonymous anymore, keep on delivering on time, solid project that will compete with LEND and SALT but still has an absurdly small market cap.

Definitely UFR - it's at the dib right now, and it's gonna reach at least $4-5 within 1-2 months

Yeah, been hodlings some bags from 60 cent.
Hodl through the dip bro.

I hold some of all but mostly UFR, would suggest UFR since the recent dip!

UFR is a scam, not even github.


Same, even with all the carnage the past week I am still in the green with UFR, I hope that tomorrow after all the bonuses being paid it will help not only UFR but the market in general.

mods ban all UFR shillers pls

UFR has been shilled a lot, but looking into the technology, i think there are a lot of potentiel... It pushes to fix the problems that have existed in torrenting for a long long time!

Ufr and prl gonna be big. Fuck the haters

UFR and PRL here. There is some conspiracy theory going on about UFR but that's not a problem with me. It even makes me more confident.

UFR, thank me later

Diversify, but I would hold mostly UFR. Its a solid project