I traded all my alts on Binance 4 chainlink

I will make it this year

I sold 116 bitcoins for a Steam account back in 2011.

I bought VEN at 0.6 and sold at 0.5

sold 2000 bnb at 3 $

I'm down on my initial investment

I didn't buy more VEN on the dip.

I shiill mincoin which no one even can really buy since only shitty exchange trading this coin have closed registrations page

I lost 5k usd buying COSS. Transferred in LTC to and Sold LTC/BTC. Didn't check the LTC/BTC exchange rate. It was super low due to the shit volume.AHHHHHH

All ive done since initial investment 1 week ago is lost $50 in transaction fees

I know a coin that is going to grow x1000 this year, but I am too poor to invest more than a few hundreds.

Have some tits, for the fun.

Sounds real

I put 2 eggs up my ass while masturbating today. Shat them out, boiled and ate them afterwards

I literally have no idea how this crypto shit works, I don't even get what it is at all. However I want to make some money so I've signed up to a couple Crypto trading sites.

ShipChain, BlockArray and/or CoinMetro Token eh?

A coin can look like a "100x" and stagnate for 2 years, because everything the devs claimed was bullshit. Fuck off retard

bought ripple at 1.90

I really think I should lie and bullshit people. There is so much money on the table. I'm turning into a piece of shit

You're doing god's work user. We need more honourable men like you out there.

The tits? I don't know.

Nope. But thanks for the suggestions.

Inside info, developer giving updates and new code every few weeks... Believe what you want.

fomo'd into bnb this morning and it looks like its moving up in anticipation of the coming burn

I only own 300 LINK and I don't know how to get a job.

I hate crypto and I come here every day For the pink Wojack meme

Bought Qash at 0.90, hold them for a month and then sold them at 0,85 one day before they went to 1.60. Bought back into a few days later at 1.80.

Starts with E right?

Nope, sorry.

Why even bother being a cock-tease, either fuck off or say it. You've gotten advice from this place that you used, stop being a dick.

Because if I shill it here and people buy it, the price will rise, and I need more time to get money and invest.

It's ECC bitches, doesn't matter if he denies. Devs that know what their doing, new website soon etc. Many are accumulating thus you wont hear it shilled here, idgaf I aint whale, join the party. Ignore the shitcoins pajeets shill here unless youre into chasing pnds.


in tron since 250 sats and didnt sell at the all time high cause i thought it was going to moon, now im sitting here with 80% of my port in trx and i dont want to let it go.

Please father, i need a legit strat with my TRX.
i was tricked by mister sun.

I just had a bat

i bought bitcoin diamond high and sold low. i fucking cucked myself

Then why bother even saying you know? You sound like a smug asshole, good for you, you found a decent coin now stop cock teasing everyone. If you wanna confess let the secret out otherwise no one cares.

I lost 30 HPB trying to sell high and buy low last night

Sold my NEO @0.007, bought trx and tnb with the money...

I really, really want to die

>Then why bother even saying you know?
What's the name of this thread?

Meh, I dont care. Buy AGRS before it's too late. And be sure to remember me as soon as you become millionaire. Why? Check the dammit whitepaper and the IRC.

For the love of God, MORE!!

Her instagram is "vyvan.le". Enjoy.

>sold 13k AntShares/NEO at $12

Forgive me father for I have sinned. I sold ICX at 72k and panic bought back in at 73k

Man fuck that stinky ass slut. I bet she doesn't use wet wipes after she shits general tsos chicken.

Not buying cheap antshares was my other big mistake, the GAS life looks pretty comfy ;(

Bot 100k TRX coins at $0.04. Didn't sell at $0.30.Still have them.

bought bat and installed brave as my default browser

>Look at my Brave homepage
>Saved 2.6 hours in loading time
>Cucking google out of their ad bux

How is this bad again?

yo same,
what is your plan?
youre in a little deeper than me

Who's that girl?

I make about 300 bucks a day with a trading bot and I dont even know how cryptos work

Also I dont plan on paying taxes

I bought verge at $1.26 and cardano at $1.20


Bought HAT at 1.11 sold at 1.67

I bought IOTA at ath and held for 2 weeks while all other coins mooned

I have been making shitty trades all week that has depleted my stack by about 10% of its coins, with each coin having lose 30% of its value

Mcap already big, even 10x would be a stretch, how you come up with 1000?

Bought 1 mil doge 4 long term

I stole a gold bar from my blind aunt ( I live with her and she trust me) and invested in eth. The piece was worth around $2000 at the time

Bought VEN at 6$

There is a best of biz thread right now. Some good material in there.


i bought my first btc at 2k

Confess number 1:
I am a normie

Confess number 2:
I have been shilled by some pajeets and bought heavy bags of UFR, PFR and CAN on peek.


I sold 150 Bitcoins to pay for car repairs in late 2012.

I forgot about bitcoin the day after I learned about it in 2012

I dismissed Ethereum as a scam in Aug 2015

I insisted that only coins that were mineable were real crypto all through 2017, I never invested in an ICO

I put a $1k on Neo Gold (exit scam) and $1k on confido (exit scam).

After the Neo Gold incident, I legit felt like leaving crypto altogether

I have 99% of my net worth in crypto

I got 500 for free from binance back in november and i only noticed them after they had already fallen to 900 sats. My current sell order is at 750 sats so hoping it will jump up so i can get rid of them to buy more LINK.

bought XRP at 3.19

I'm really sorry, mate. Do you still have a small amount?

Feel free to avoid my advice.

Which trading bot?


How much did you have to invest to get $300 gain everyday?

sounds legit. if i had a trading bot making $300 per day, i would too be giving it away to people for $99 per month instead of running as many instances as possible myself

throwing away gold is retarded m8

I'm never going to touch VEN