Just did peyote

Just did peyote

> If you have more than 25k in REQ
> You gonna make it

AMA about my spiritual journey

That much?
I only have 8k ;_;

I have 1200

Do peyote again, and this time remove your bias.

I have 1k, just looking for help on a deposit for a house.

sum1 give me referral to exchange to buy chadREQ. NOW!!!!

Nigga I take low dose lsd twice a week

>50k req

>relying on drugs for a spiritual journey

Never gonna make it

10903830 . you're welcome


>being this much of a retard

1ww5u if you want to use kucoin

if you have 25k in req, then you will have a 25k soon, this coin isnt gong anywhere i realized

lmao holding acid with your bare fingers, retard

yep . binance

if you prefer kucoin over binance you can go with 25eb6 if you like

wtf its a blotter, how fucking sweaty are you

>ooh my mind is trying to maintain equilibrium from this neurotoxin
>ooh the effects are spiritual

Keep melting your brain, bozo

>new chemical reaction that interferes with my usual chemical reactions briefly

LSD is completely artificial and not found in nature. Enjoy your brain damage.

t. never done acid

>tfw 11K
Damn. At least I can buy a nice car to park on your yachts my friends.

>muh braine damage
enjoy your no research mr straight edge

70K here, not selling till $3.20

Oh you're a drugs are cool guy. Its your life, have fun.

I hope you never took an asprin in your life or drank a beer you fuckin soyboy. Caffeine is worse for you than mescaline

>lmao holding acid with your bare fingers, retard

>HE e hhe he he huuuuu he huuuu RETARD

>bleblebjalhdalbhdlha hahhahah hahahahahahhahahahhahah

>reeeeetard hahahahah ableulbeulbuelbuelbuelbuebuelbule

only 500 req Manlet here

Gonna die

how many REQs do I need to pump a few loads in this cow?


What if I have 23k req

Lmfao there's people that still believe this? user, just do the smallest amount of research. Just a little bit. Like just skim over something. You really believe your D.A.R.E. officer? Hahahaha

elite programmer here
how do i make a billion bucks out of trading algos

Hire an elite programmer

479k REQ

do LSD regularly