Last chance to get it this cheap?


Hasn't really moved in weeks why would it move now

AMA coming + development in the project I suppose, this is a top 20 coin on the short term and maybe more in the long imo

Ath was 4 days ago fgt

unfortunately this, ive got about 1k usd into this coin right now, hoping to see some action soon but im used to the long haul, thats why im an ARKie

People like this make me smile. God damn I love me. Fuck off retards

keep growing plants out of your head, while im sitting comfy on the ark faggot

Tell me, brainlet. How does ENG plan to do what it claims it can do without sacrificing speed? Ethereum is slow enough as is let's just split the work lul.

Is ENG PoW or PoS? ENG claims it will begin on the Ethereum chain and later move onto its own. What implications does that have? The CEO can't even give a straight answer any of these questions so enlighten me.

>but muh MIT grads will figure it out surely

Ask them yourself on the upcoming AMA

enigma is off chain you retard. its only using other chains like ethereum and neo etc to validate that computations have happened and data has exchanged hands. fuckign hell its not running computations on the ethereum block chain. read the white paper you fucking retard

Moon soon, enigmarines!

all my xrp gains went all in 6.84
if this coin doesn't x10 from now to august i'll out myself 4 sure

why is this coin so comfy?

Because it's actually good mate.

Holy shit same price I went in on, and yeah if we don't at least x10 I'm out.

good job buying up an erc20 shittoken jeets

Doing well staying poor I see, homo

without googling explain to me what the erc20 token standard is, please

It's a standard for pajeet shittokens, rakesh

How many ENG to make it?

>Question: without googling explain the erc20 standard
>Answer: hurr durr it’s a standard for shittokens lmao
Anti-enigma Fudders everyone

I'm 50% in chad cube, I just like to fud it for fun

Best case scenario, about 5k - 10k.

But this is crypto, if they play it right, the price could blow out of proportions, maybe 1k is enough, idk