Cappasity (CAPP)

>Cloud-based platform that allows businesses quickly and easily create and embed 3D content into their websites and apps.

>CAPP are issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates AR/VR/3D content exchange among the ecosystem participants from all over the globe.

>An idea of what they do:

>Partnership with NVIDIA

>Under radar, only in Cryptopia at the moment. Rumoured to be hitting Binance by end of Jan.

What are you waiting for anons?

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AR/VR is a fad, it's all about crypto[animalname] now

NVIDIA partnership confirmed? This is huge. And they already have a working product? This will get listed on another big exchange soon

I will look into it and might buy because I dont know any other coin that has a partnership with such a big GPU company!

I love finding these hidden gems on biz!

Thanks user!

Np user, but DYOR though(:

How tge fuck the price is still so low? Lmao thanks though.

I got into this coin at 12c and I am certain it will be at least $1 by eom. This coin has news coming out it's ass in the second half of January including exchanges and partnership announcements.

My TA buddies also think it looks like a good bet.

What is the marketcap at? And embellish on binance rumor pls.

VR is a meme

157 million based off total supply and price.
Circulating supply is unknown

Yeah I always do my own research. A lot of pajeets around here


Wait till they make vr porn this is going to be gold

pajeet scam, do not buy plz

need time to transfer funds to topia plz do not buy yet

looks promising, might check it out

Found that gem a while ago haha biz is always slow

>vr is an exponentially growing market right now
>CAPP is a coin targeted at VR/AR which is currently under the radar
>already partnered with a big name like Nvidia
if this isn't the next moon mission, I dont know what is

Obvious skinky pajeets

Got in at ICO, dump last of bags today and buy LINK.

Its a good token with lots of room to grow, but value my stinky linkies over my own life.

where is write dash!!!!!!!!

I loaded up on 50,000 back when it was a tenth of the price.

Fucking max comfy right here pal

Iphone framework releases 1/17 and new exchanges by 1/31.

SALT rumor

dUDE i've been shilling it since ICO, lately very often, look archive :) my pleasure!