>major national partnership with largest distributor of tobacco in country with highest number of smokers announced
>no moon

what happened, Veeky Forums? why?

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Group of whales controlling price atm. You are at their mercy user.

slow and steady

Normies haven't FOMOed in yet + whale suppression (has been happening since VEN has existed). Take this as your buy opportunity.

The enormity of what is going on hasn't sunk in yet. PBoC integration is pretty much confirmed at this point because we know CCK is an insider.


link to tweet where CCK talks about Pboc partnership

It tried to
Any other coin and it would've gone wild. Super tired of these fucking whales

VeChain market cap stats (starting from Dec 4th):

GPD (growth per day) - GPW (growth per week)

Week 1 - GPD = 8% - GPW = 51%
Week 2 - GPD = 9% - GPW = 169%
Week 3 - GPD = 7% - GPW = 146%
Week 4 - GPD = 7% - GPW = 152%
Week 5 - GPD = 13% - GPW = 229%
Week 6 - GPD = 7% - GPW = 143%

VENis the big industry coin. Huge interest behind closed doors. Part of the sales pitch is "You can still get in while its cheap". This price suppression and accumulation will end when most of the weak non enterprise holders are out and big players have it

I'm not buying Chink coins anymore.

Good luck. They don't have souls

im bent over for the whales. fuck me whale daddy!

What about the VeChain dividends?

I'm kind of new to the crypto market but from what information I have gathered here, this doesn't happen often that prices don't skyrocket.

Is it then safe to say this is a goldmine? Considering buying more of VeChain!

Just go through his twitter posts. You will find them.

Real solid numbers
Even with hat growth I feel like it still hasn't popped. When it goes, it's gonna go big


This. VEN already has a steady growth besides all this South Korean FUD and the BTC fall. Imagine the ride when the whales got enough coins.

Literally this.

Ven isn't behaving like any other coin because it's NOT any other coin. If you're expecting astronomical gains every time there's a partnership, then you should get the fuck out and find one of those other shitcoins.

What looks more attractive to an investor - a highly unstable, emotion driven coin or a platform for Fortune 500 companies to get on as close to Earth as possible; not the Moon, or Mars.

Because this shit is Pajeet as fuck.


Then why do the shillers promise moon in every fucking post? 6 posts an hour here and on reddit.
Where my mooooooonnnnnn?

Better coins out there atm. Should have bought eth ffs.

We don't promise moon. VEN stands for a steady gain, not a PnD coin. It gets +8% every day for almost two months now. And it will go on like this fo months. Buy now or regret.

Just sell.

this shit could pop off anytime. you're welcome to sell the try to make money but you could easily be left buying back in for $10 a coin


Same multi pajeet shilling crap in every vechain post. 1 or 2 pajeets replying this much. KYS.

Non moving chinese shit

sorry cant support a company that promotes cigerette culture
im strictly a vaper these days

go back to redit homo
you dont even know how to reply to people


>mommy mommy wheere mooon i wuz promisd pls

Fucking lol. Vechain's retarded team posting the national anthem of China when they get local partnerships. Absolute morons. This shit is going to crash and crash HARD when people realize how stupid this team is.

they got fucking partnership with a factory, who produce 30% of cigaretts in entire world.

Do you know how much fucking cigarettes is produces out there annualy?

if this is not a big deal, go buy your fkn trx, retard

What are you talking about? That's just a complete lie. They partnered with tobacco regulators to effectively carry out fucking research on smokers.
"VeChain will work with tobacco regulatory bodies and manufacturers to create specific blockchain+IoT solutions to collect end user data so that manufacturers can utilize the data collected to management internal supply chain more effectively and to develop products which are more fitting to end users’ likings."
Basically a fucking online survey but on blockchain. Prime example of people completely contorting things.

You retard stopped reading after a few sentences.

> VeChain will be providing proof of origin and anti-counterfeit technology to track Chinese produced tobacco products throughout the entire supply chain. This partnership came into place as China announced a crackdown on smuggled counterfeit cigarettes.

can't see the contorts at all.

they are to work together, how did you think the blockchain technology will be adopted?

what's the contradictions?

It's a bit deeper than that user.

just a salty walty without venny


salty walty

China tobbaco is owned by state.

fud is getting worse and worse

Did my own research, been in ven since 3k sats, Veeky Forums completely void of vechain threads, nobody even heard of it.

>does a 1000% in a month
>steals marketshare from inferior Walton
>Waltoncucks shit their pants because they realise they're outgunned
>Spam FUD copy pasta in every VEN thread

Make up your own mind ;) ;) Market will decide!

Get ready

>what is NEO
This isn't how you make money, lad.

Goodluck selling "WTC" after 9/11

I love this picture.

Holy shit. Chinese goverment only made a big fuss about that BACK IN SEPTEMBER... this has in deal for that long?

How many more NDAs do they have. this is more than a fucking coin with blockchain. this is big. everyone was mad about the "delay" but if you read the announcement, they said it was because of how fucking well shits going that they are pressured by companies to not rebrand just yet. unbelievable.

Invest more while it's still cheap.

Makes me crazy salty knowing I could have had it on the uber cheap but completely missed it in time. Still believe I'm getting in way too cheap at its current price, but man,

Most under valued coin out there.

the fact that it's chinese scares me, and all the mumbo jumbo on their site is near incomprehensible

stay poor and weak

or drink pu'er tea and live


I can read ching chong 中. Its legit, dont worry. and they have an English version of their site noob
I got in at around 50 cents but i only went all in at around 1.90. hind sight is a bitch.

nobody was talking abotu this till like first week of January anyway, hard to have found it. i lucked out really

People just don't get it. They wanted a quick flip or something.
But they really had to delay it because they have to many huge companies wanting to work with them. This will 30x this year.



>and they have an English version of their site noob
I know, that's what I'm talking about. Either the translation is bad, or it's purposely designed to be hard to understand.

Stay poor dumbass

>implying FA and TA mean shit to this meme market