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how? blackwallet just got hacked. mad xlm bout to be sold



i bought this shit at near ATH like a retard

then i bought more while it was tanking and it went even further then I thought


WTF that wall went down so fast, its time boys, strapped in with my bags

we going to 6k today? plz god let it happen

doubt itll break 5k

same, i was too pussy to buy at 0.15, then missed 0.50 again and then FOMOd yesterday at 0.66, now it thanks even more

>following the adventures of the sideways rocket my favorite zany cartoon character

>tfw bought into the sell wall

This shit will stay like this for a week.

Most frustrating coin

Good and bad news. The bad news is that unless something happens, it won't go much up until FairX. The good news is that FairX really shouldn't be too far at this point and after that we can expect a FOMO wave 2.

We just have ADHD from the latest bull run.

That would be Deepbrain

holy shit who bought the order book a few minutes ago?

We'll reach 5k tonight

on bynanke

0.000003% of the total supply got stolen.

Warren Buffett, hes officially just announced his premiere foray in crypto is a $100 million investment in XLM

He doesn't even know how to use a computer

When would any of you expect to see XLM at $2 and why?

>inb4 not measuring crypto in BTC
>USD isn't why we're all here

in a few weeks

early feb

Okay cool. Thank you snek bros.

>he thinks the wall was 4500

lol were going down to 3500 faggot enjoy watching ur profits bleed out

fasten your seatbelts for a sideways ride that will eventually head downwards


im not an expert tho, but fairX will have a big impact.

could be $100 tomorrow if every idiot in the world buys it for 1 day

but then it'll drop to 0 when everyone realizes its worthless to hold onto unless ure actually going to use it for payments and we are not even CLOSE to that timeline

but thats what is being planned, goy

IBM is the trojan horse

>muh IBM

IBM isnt going to make u a millionaire no matter how hard u shill Stellar

stupid fairy tale dreams

are you me

Will their roadmap release have updates on FairX

just hold until fairx

would be suprised if not

Stellar is not connected to FairX. FairX is just USING the Stellar Network for their system which will use lumens. Its just a utility use case and no one even knows if the company will even be good.

Stellar is nice dude, but so is not burning my money by buying Stellar at the moment

>just hold until everyone sells and I hold bags until July

Why are you FUDing this thread so hard?