If you’re a manlet who’s making some serious gains off of crypto (I’m talking no less than a few hundred-thousands on your portfolio), yet is also in between the height range of 5’7” to 5’10”, then you’re an absolute fucking moron if you’re not considering on getting some highly expensive, safe, top-of-the-line, high quality $200k limb lengthening surgery in order to gain an extra 5-6 inches, no matter how secure or insecure you are with your height.

>b-but I’m already rich so w-why should people care about m-my short height
So you’re a rich manlet, good for you. Just because you have loads of money in crypto doesn’t mean you’ll naturally warrant the same kind of respect from most people (especially with attractive women) the same way a rich lanklet would.

Doesn’t matter if you have enough crypto to buy yourself a lambo or a nice house, at the end of the day you’ll still just be a manlet who happens to own a lambo or a nice house.

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his arms are too short
looks fucking weird
so instead of being short you'll look deformed

Pretty comfy at 5'9" desu
I'm not wasting my gains on useless vanity shit

Ok I'm 5'10'' and made 300k this past year on crypto, really, but I wouldn't trust a surgery to make me "taller." I'm already married so I don't care that much about the women, but I also don't give a shit how safe they say it is. It's not safe enough that I would consider it.

do you have visible scars on the femurs after?
would she see them in bed?

Why? Will this make giving no fucks and getting high every day more enjoyable?

> Implying you will ever respect yourself knowing that you, as a man, had to get cosmetic surgery of any kind, like a female

I would like to posses the ability to walk in my older years

>cant do any physical activity ever again
>at least im 6 feet tall XD

insecure manlets LMAO

i cant grow facial hair so becoming taller would make me look like a giant man baby

aren't these sketchy surgeries only done in Russia?

guarantee longterm everyone who gets this done will suffer horrible pain in old age as the quack science slowly wears away

If you actually do this you are retarded for taking Veeky Forums memes too seriously.


there’s a couple places in NA (one in Florida and another in Canada) where you could pretty much have the safest, low-risk procedures done (hence it being a shit-ton more expensive than if you were to get it overseas for a fraction of the cost + higher risk factor)

Manley detected

Stop being retarded guys.
Do you have any idea how fucked up your body would be after that?
Just buy yourselves an ultra high quality inversion table and get an inch or so plus improved lower back health.

IDK, the bone should be fine, actually stronger than normal bone. Unclear about the elongated soft tissue and nerve bundles though.

Lol he fucked up his proportions.
Lifts are way cheaper


I'm 6'2 should I do this? legs aren't that long really

lmao this would phuck your shit up so bad. Good luck ever being able to run properly again

Fit has done some serious mental damage to some anons. I feel bad.

when you think people on Veeky Forums cant get more pathetic, THIS thread appears


why would you want to be taller than 6'2", that's like optimal height?

Fucking manlets.

I bet the dumb bitch next to him height shamed him into literally cracking both of his shins in half because she wanted to still be able to wear heels.

Poor fucker has arms which barely even fall past his dick.


this thread is so cringe

Kek, watch this post-op vid, shit looks floppy af


This is like dick lengthening surgery. Stay the fuck away. It fucks your body up. Even the "safer" methods. Its just one step away from going under the knife with a mad scientist.

How would you stretch nerve fibers 6 inches? Nerves regenerate at 1mm/day or so, so you'd have to wait like 3 months before you could even move your feet again, and that's a maybe

How do you stretch arteries and veins? you could end up with arterial insufficiency and need amputations

Muscles should be OK

skin would be seriously stretched and probably have stretch marks

giant scars on both legs

I'm 6'3" so I don't care, but if someone could make people taller that surgery would be extremely sought after, this just seems too hard to pull off to be practical.

ITT: manlet cope

your post exhales insecurity
i have a feeling you're a self-hating manlet

That would fuck your kids until you can afford direct genetic alterations. Just find a tall woman so your kids won’t hate you.

If you payed $200k for heightmaxxing, you getting ripped off heavy. In Chicago I got heightmaxxed for $165k and it was from one of the leading heightmaxxing clinics in the midwest. Let me guess, you live in California? What a cuck. Enjoy your $3k rent.

6'1" here

consider suicide

What's the point of heightmaxxing when your face is like 90% of what makes you attractive?

Seems like a shitty ROI.

If you need female validation then consider plastic surgery instead.

Yeah then for the rest of your life you have fucked up leverage because your shins are too long for the rest of your body.

it makes me sad that someone is so afraid of what others think of him that not only is he willing to go under the knife but pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to be what someone else wants him to be. I'm sorry you can find inner peace, user.

I hate to say that this "high quality $200k limb lengthening surgery" won't make you happy and neither will your crypto gains.....

extremely beta mindset you have. hope this post is a joke

Orthopaedic surgeon here.
Do not get this procedure done unless you are achondroplasic or have some other bony deformity/ LL discrepancy.
If you have this done for cosmetic reasons, you are in risk of some serious complications, especially in old age. You might not be able to walk by the time you are 70+.

I'm 5'6, and I don't let it get to me. Learn to live with your height, man the fuck up. Cosmetic surgery is for plastic bimbos, not men.

That makes no sense...

>gain an extra 5-6 inches
Why stop there, are you a brainlet on top of being a manlet? 6'+ is where it's at, clearly.


How do they manage nerves? They can regenerate down tracts but it would have to basically regrow the length of your leg which would take like a year...

i dont think you would steal any girl being 6'4 that you wouldn't be able to steal being 6'2

Nah I rather not. I’ll stay 5’7” and pay hookers if I have to. If I can’t get a gf I’ll just pay a symbiote and have my parents or a house maid take care of him/her or myself if I decide to take off from work to stay with her/him. I understand the insecurity but I rather be lonely than fuck with my body


Rather not look like a skinny lanky fuck like that.

Highest quality post in this entire thread. Just get some shoes with taller heels and quit giving so much of a fuck about what other people think. It's YOUR fucking life and YOUR fucking money. Use them however the fuck you want. But then again I don't know what being a manlet is like.

Lol you are insane. Sounds like a great idea to get some fucking peg legs so I can look like a disproportionate monstrosity and never be able to perform at a high level doing a any of the things I love

It is honestly sad knowing that you faggots and virgins actually think any of the superficial bullshit you can buy with money is going to grant you a partner or life worth having, if you are a vapid neet who plays games and shitposts all day you're fucked regardless, no amount of money is going to make you a pleasant or interesting person if you can't break out of your literally retarded blue pill/red pill/black pill/purple pill idiosyncratic factors...

Seriously, learn to love yourself, faggots.

Are you retarded?

Muscles and joints act as levers in a body to create movement around a fulcrum.

Your body is usually relatively proportioned from thousands of years of evolution to enable you to efficiently use those levers.

If you increase the length of your shins, you fuck up the balance between the knee joint and the rest of your body, so when you perform certain movements involving that joint acting as a fulcrum, you are in turn moving less efficiently in that axis.

>fucking up your proportions and ability to use your legs while aging for 200k

no thanks

5'10+ 5 would be 6'3" retard

as a 5'3 manlet who gets girls easily on tinder with inferior genetics I agree.

Don't want to suck my dick? Another girl will. Also no one is touching my crypto.


Nerve damage is one of the main complications, and it's very hard to deal with. Lengthening your bones = stretching your nerves, which is not something the body is designed to endure. It's not even a surgical thing, it's literally luck of the draw regarding your own personal anatomy/physiology whether your nerves will end up damaged following the procedure. In achondroplasic patients, at least 1/4 will end up with some degree of nerve damage following the LL procedure. I've seen some end up on painkillers for life to deal with the constant neuropathic pain.

>break your legs for 1 million dollars
>never run, hike, swim, jump again
>chronic pain
>end up in a wheelchair at 40
>never respect yourself again
At least I gained 2 inches!

kys roastie

Fucking embarrasing mate. I pity the manlets that are so pathetic to get this surgery.

Brb no sports, lifting, etc for the rest of your life. But hey at least you're 5'10 now! kek. Not to mention that your reach would be fucking embarrassing and your weight wouldn't scale with the femur length increasing. Basically you'd be a weak as fuck male at that height.

And he can never run again without breaking his fucking legs. This shit is transgender tier of fucked up in the head.

>beta pussyboi gives a fuck what poorfags and nocoiners think
>fuck off back to Zuckerface and post pics of your latte

this honestly makes me sick just looking at it


lol is this such a common problem that people make comics about it? wow


But why though? What is the pragmatic reason for LL surgery?

>to git the gurlz bro!!

Is that really the goal in life? We are millionaires. We can change the course of history. We can be more influential than Jesus Christ. We can re-build western society so that we have reconciled religion and science.

Maybe then we won't have nihilists and anti-scientists expounding gender-relativism, infinite genders, the idea that the truth is what you make it. No. When you ignore the truth, you get eaten.

manlets never learn

Good meme. Saves some of these incels from thinking it's worth it.

>not understanding manlet status is a state of being

6'1" here.
Would unironically trade 5 inches vs 500k if i could. Or give muh dick to some rich dicklet vs the same amount of $. Don't use it anyway, so why the fuck not. I'm a poorfag incel and gave up on women a long time ago. Sex is a meme, money is real.

>short arms is an abomination in the eyes of the lord
>athletic ape factor long arms are considered gud
I'm 1.88m with a 1.94m armspan. My arms look lanky as fuck and thin as shit even though I can do 33 pullups and am pretty fit. I can' put my hands in my pockets because it'll look weird, my arms are too long

Very comfy at 6'7" here

His arms are not short. You're fucking retarded.
I'm 6'2, don't need lengthening surgery. But I do hate my thin back/small ribcage.

lol at losers caring about this stuff

>IDK, the bone should be fine, actually stronger than normal bone.
That's the problem dummy. It wears down your real bone over time and will eventually cause severe pain just walking around. Everyone I know that has had this done started complaining about pain after a few years.

The only reason to do this is to appease roasties, and if you're willing to sacrifice your health and life to appease a roastie, you should just kys

is there a similar procedure for your dick?
asking for a friend

insecure faggots. Literally no one give a shit about this unless you do.

but i like being a turbo manlet

I’m 5’4 so I’m fucked either way. Being 5’7 from surgery won’t help me. Plus I like to play sports and leg surgery can cripple your ability to run ever again.

>I'm 1.88m with a 1.94m armspan. My arms look lanky as fuck and thin as shit even though I can do 33 pullups and am pretty fit. I can' put my hands in my pockets because it'll look weird, my arms are too long
This must be like the male equivalent of anorexia. No one cares about your stupid arms. Most athletes actually have a slightly longer armspan than height, just like you do. Women like apes.

>33 pullups and am pretty fit
you mean push ups?

>this many serious replies to an obvious as fuck bait thread

wew lad

yeah its much cheaper too. can get 1-2 inches homie

The way some people go on about height on the 4chans you'd think no one under 5'9" has ever managed to have sex in the history of mankind

Get this if you're an ugly little bitch with shit personality looking for excuses on why life is hard.
5'7 height has never been an issue for anything in my life.

>caring about opinions of women enough to spend hundreds of thousands on your appearance

It is true that taller people have it easier in terms of getting laid, but yeah it's not the be all end all.

It seems like that would be extremely painful

For you.

you just made my day user

More info?

>tfw 6'1" and rich.
>will never have to get my legs broken in in some 3rd world shithole just to have respect.

Feels good being wealthy and genetically superior. 6'0-6'3" is perfect male height. Do you also know how painful it is to get done? Also kiss goodbye being able run, or do any physical activity without being in tons of pain. If you're a manlet just move to Asia or an area with low average height.

TFW 1.93m with 600k in crypto.

This surgery comes with the delayed side effect of not being able to walk within 15 years. Not to mention, the rest of your body will be out of proportion, particularly the clavicles. You will look stupid.

I study morphogenic proteins, some of which have successfully been used to reopen growth plates and induce bone cell formation. But I fucking hate everyone on this board. I come here for memes and to dump bags.

Holy fucking shit I laughed

Man it feels good being 6'1"

Ya those are some baby arms.

Maybe fatty mcfatface should have just hit the gym instead of being such an insecure cuck. short dudes who can lift look like tanks, and they'll get more respect than some lanky fatass who gets penis enlargement done on their legs...

Fuck that. I'm MGTOW. I never would have had the insight, time, and money to invest in crypto 2 Yeats ago if I was a married fool with kids. I'm sitting on millions in gains because Im a man that fends for myself in this world. Enjoy buying my bags you fucking stupid mangina cucks. I'm diversifying my wealth into the next big boom (humanoid robots) instead of buying useless crap to satisfy some selfish lying woman. You manginas can buy my bags when that boom is over.

>mfw less than 2% of global population is over 6'
>mfw being a statistical outlier is somehow a good thing