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I think its a ton better. Why does your brainlet fag ass think its shit?? Enlighten me fggr

Wew. Any of you remember the honest opinions thread from yesterday?
OP said he believed that immediately after the launch the fud will be huge because the product is not yet polished.
Go fud somewhere else user.

4 months to make this shit product.
Go be retarded somewhere else, user.


So many people sold because they thought its gonna drop? :D :D :D

The more fud, the more people wanna buy LOLZ

I don't care about the UI, everything before fiat gateway isn't going to influence my evaluation.

Buy orders 4 million.

Sell orders 2 million.

I have never seen such demand. This is going up. Fast .

No shill.

OP please sell your bags for my ETH, cheap.

Anybody who wants to buy ops bags with BTC please use my link...

That shit ain't gonna happen, dawg.

COSS has nowhere to go but up... Is undervalued... Easily $5


With the color customization and all the indicators I would actually use this exchange once its fast. To the moon!


you aren't even trying with this FUD. The new UI is awesome


how do i get muh dividends on coss?

This thing is garbage. They can't even send me the SMS to verify my phone. Everyone is having the same issues. If I can't verify phone, I can't use google authenticator (they'r rules.)

The whole fucking thing is amateur hour. Why ANYONE would think COSS is a better investment than KCS right now is beyond me. Holy shit.

CryptoBro got this one wrong big time. He should just own up to it and say, "Yeah this was a mistake. These devs ruined it. Pull out."

this team of scammer , Michael Juul , Dan Cearneau ( Excallit , Veros and Coss )

>not knowing what a website in beta is
>actually being this big of a newfag

> buying this shit instead of accumulating blocknet

Load your bags COSSmanauts!!

yes, this is well known yet people still want to park their money. I give it one week for them to pack up shop

The site is so slooooowww. These guys have been around since April 2017. What the fuck are they DOIIINGG??? Bags geting heavy here.

Im giving them till February 15th to get their shit together. If they don't, im selling.

ps.- whale here.

I knew this fucking 50% fee split was too good to be true.

why COSS?
blocknet, bitbay and lykke are much more developed

senior front end developer here. the revamp is pretty shitty. 4 months for this is a lot.

do you really think that this is the next kuckoin or bnb? lmfao you delusional fucks

Holy fuck, what the fuck is this

I've two times what I bought, this shit makes me want to pull out

Only the shills said that. Everyone with a brain knew this was high risk high reward and best to keep a really close eye on them.

yeah pullout man its a good idea. i did. crypto millionaire herre

>I knew this fucking 50% fee split was too good to be true
KuCoin does the exact same thing with their KCS

Yea sell so that the Thread OP can fucking accumulate more like a nigger

>bags getting heavy here
You bought them less than 24hours ago you gigantic faggot

Yes but Kucoin actually has a functional product with a team that has their shit together. Not to mention Coss has been around since April 2017. Kucoin surprassed Coss so fast.

I bought them when they were around 30 cents faggot. Stop trying to defend this shit. They haven't proven their capability for anything right now.

>why COSS?
blocknet, bitbay and lykke are much more developed

That is the reason, you can grow faster from the bottom. If you don't like gains then move to stock market and by corpo shares.

Digits of truth.

Good thing I have hands of steel.

Not selling, whales. Sorry.

UI/UX specalist here that owns 7k coss.

the UI is complete garbage. it's really disappointing.


ui is better then it was. like way better

Why the fuck can't they just put out a good product? Mother fucking scammers. I invested alot in this piece of shit.

Lol you people spreading fud are Morons

I hope you're fucking right they are

It's dropping, dropping, dropping.

Fuck, why didn't i just unload my bags at $3.

Finally got to see the new UI after a few tries and I really like it! Much better than the previous one.
The sure have to fix the engine tho its so fucking slow

the exchange is so fucking shit you cant even sell LMAO exit scammed

The UI is way better, Pajeet. Fuck off. And stop bumping this thread guys.

>can only bump thread if its positive reasons to help pump coss
If you want no actual discussion and just suck COSS's dick then Reddit has two subreddits for that shit.

this project is a joke

im gonna kill myself for not buying kcs at 1 dollar

Holy shit some of you basement dwellers need to get a life with this desperate fud lmao. Exchange is still in beta. Either way this lets me accumulate before it hits $5.

Its not even dropping

The coss-eth exchange is frozen, coss-btc is active though.

you love to talk a lot about dick, Pajeet. You're not discussing you're saying the new interface is shit and trying to crash the price. You are forever Pajeet, autist.

And I'm in at $1.50, so suck my balls. This is a hold for $5-10.

You can FUD all you want, it will go up no matter what.
Most of the coins are backed by the promise they will make some dream project come true.

COSS is an exchange with Money behind it.
Compared to any other coin of that supply it is extremely undervalued.
-working product
-$$$$$$ working on it as we speak
-low price/supply ratio

Listen to FUD and be poor.


you just got pyramid scammed

what are you even trying to say kek. brainlets man.

actually on second thought this looks like a shill bot post.

>G-guys it's crashing to zero.

Made me kek. Good troll.

Bro I'm in since 30 cents and I said dick once and twice if you count this post. The new interface is definitely not too good looking at all if you have used Binance or GDAX or Kucoin. What else is there to discuss about it? Just look at it. It's mediocre compared to Kucoin who have risen faster than COSS.

COSS guys have actually been around since 2016, but exchange didn't start until April 2017.
Look at their twitter and it says joined April 2017 and look at their whitepaper Been around since 2016.

So it is right to question what the fuck are they doing and call the UI shit because it doesn't look that good at all after many delays. Look at it you actual pajeet.

Page 23 of the whitepaper since you're not gonna read through all of it.

When KCS was first shilled on Veeky Forums, it has a volume of about 20m/day and was worth about $1.50 at the time. In contrast, COSS has a volume of only 10m/day and is about $2.50.

So do I sell COSS or hold user? Please explain what you mean

Not quite even comparisons. KCS has been known to not always be 50% split, where COSS will. Also, COSS + fiat exchange etc etc.


I''m fucking holding. This will be a great long term investment.

The UI is shitty and buggy and fucking sucks, let's not kid ourselves, but this won't send COSS crashing and staying low for very long. Though it is dropping pretty badly right now. There are a lot of frustrated users right now, and I'm one of them. But they'll get this worked out by tomorrow. Or at least I hope so.

It doesn't need an interface comparable to Binance or Kucoin. It just needs to grow, dumbass. It's only at $100 million market cap. If it goes to $500 million or more it's fine. It's still in beta. More importantlly, they will be accepting US fiat deposits for ALTS. Something you can't do for most exchanges except major alts.

You didn't read the whitepaper.

I like the interface. It works. It just needs the new trading engine in February.

The 50% permanent fee sharing is a nice feature as well.

Huge incentive to using this.

Just used their exchange, wtf it says "charts by trading view"

>hey will be accepting US fiat deposits for ALTS.


Both KCS and COSS are currently overpriced and will keep declining in BTC value until the next alt spring. COSS's true value is less than $1; the only reason it is so expensive right now is because people want to replicate KCS's insane gains. Furthermore, both coins will eventually have to compete with Ethereum's shift to a proof of stake model.

COSS development has proven to be slow as fuck, while Kucoin has 30xed in volume due to their aggressive expansion strategy. Fiat trading pairs will also limit its growth; normies would rather stick to using Coinbase and Binance (especially once LN allows for instant exchange to exchange transfers) than give their ID to yet another exchange.

I see the update as an enormously positive thing. The team is delivering what they have promised. Huge step forward. You retards are delusional if you think Rome was built in a day. Software takes time and their approach is well thought out.

I've been in since >1$ and I intend to hold this until it passes KCS and BNB. What a great hold this is. If you can't see if, just put your money into you vaporware white paper shitcoins wi absent devs

>I like the interface
Lol, trying to legitimate concerns and rightful negative reasons into a delusional positivity won't work this time. They only have brought disappointments. Get out of your bubble and look at page 23 of their whitepaper. They have been around since 2016 bud.

KCS dividends are temporary, COSS are 50% permanent forever.

Also when COSS releases fiat exchange the price is going astronomical. But hey, keep spreading FUD, makes accumulation easier. People in crypto are shortsighted, don't you remember 5 days ago when the whole board was pink wojacks because BTC dipped 8%? then the next day everything was back to normal? its extreme highs and extreme lows, no levelheaded thinking around here.

Exchange tokens are fucking gold, maybe not instantly, but eventually. BNB hovered around $1-2 for a hell of a long time before blasting off. Kuckoin was $0.5-1 for quite awhile before mooning.

COSS has had some growing pains so far but they're definitely working at it and taking user feedback into account.

Think he's just saying that most coins/tokens right now are purely speculative, like "hey look we have this token for a product/app coming out in Q1 2019!" whereas COSS actually has an exchange right now, the token represents an actual company offering an actual service with actual revenue being generated, which is more than the companies behind 95-99% of the tokens in the entire market can say.

Sell low now and buy high later.

I wish the fucking page would load and I can sell my fucking coss.

Pretty much, when Bitcoin goes does its rally again all money will shift to Bitcoin. Its expected everything will drop naturally so.

I sold all my coss right now, may buy back in later but atm not gonna ride this crash down.

The new UI although an improvement just doesn't really work. It's a letdown so people are getting out.

No you are a shill. The interface is nice. This was a thread designed by a pajeet to try to buy lower. Same thing on every thread. How does it feel to have inferior genes?

>COSS actually has an exchange right now, the token represents an actual company offering an actual service with actual revenue being generated, which is more than the companies behind 95-99% of the tokens in the entire market can say

100% true.

Because that's what this chart system is called. Same system that's used by many other exchanges, i.e. Liqui.

>Sell low, buy high
Gj brainlet.

80% of biz is meant to manipulate the brainlets into buying and selling. In this case it's selling. I'm going to double down when it stabilizes myself, but I won't sell.

>No you are a shill
Holy fuck now I know a retard is replying to me.

>How does it feel to have inferior genes
I don't know man I mean you paid $1.50 for COSS and I got in at 30 cents if you really are going to bring up the level of intelligence up.

why does it say 0.00 when I try look at the price on the chart?

Holy fuck lol I’ve never seen something tank this fast.

its a scam. the team have been involved with 3 pyramids already. You wont see a dime of fee sharing.

No, you got in earlier that's all. At 50 cents someone at 10 cents could've said it was shit. You are retarded. The market cap on this is so low as it is. It doesn't need to hit $1 billion anytime soon.

We are now under $2.

God fucking dammit why didn't I fucking sell at $3. I've been holding 5776 COSS since $0.14!

kek, someone will fall for this.

you must be new

bought in at 50 cents faggot so this is exactly what I'm doing

btw how the fuck can I cancel an open order on tried to sell but price dropped too much and now can't re-open another order to sell at a lower price and gtfo out. luckily half my coss was on hitbtc and was sold when it was about 50cents more expensive

kek I just opened Coss. 10 minutes of loading. Ui is on the same level or worse than old UI. I mean I like Coss and I use it, but this isn't how you gain popularity and value.

What is the floor user? I’ve been here since early November so I am kinda new.

Because it's cut in half by the cointainer that the chart is placed in. They still have tons of bugfixes to make.

I thought the new floor would be 2$

when you lot reckon this is gonna floor out and at what price?

damn is the chart taking 5 mins to load also a bug? Its fucking annoying as hell.

turned 0.8 eth into 6.7 eth. thats ok for me but i'm not gonna go down with this shi(t/p). sold 4500 coss keeping 2k just for the possible moon.

You don’t want to see the chart if you own COSS user. It is just one big red candle