Tfw girlfriend just asked for my bitcoin wallets password

>tfw girlfriend just asked for my bitcoin wallets password

We are now 3 years together and we have shared all our passwords of our social media accounts.

I have given login details of my facebook, instagram, email, reddit, steam etc. I have even given her the PIN of my credit card.

But now she suddenly asked me to giver her the password to my bitcoin wallet. I don't what to do guys. I true love her but should I give her the password to my bitcoin wallet?

whats the reason behind it?

I’m sorry, but why the fuck do couples feel the need to share EVERYTHING together? Are you a cuck?

sounds like she's playin the long con, slowly going up. smart girl


what the fuck are you doing

No means no.


Why the fuck have you given her your passwords? Do you even have balls to do anything?


give her the password to your current wallet then move your btc to a new wallet without sayin anything.


Tell her to go fuck herself

Give her all your crypto user. You know you want to. And your bank card.

>I have even given her the PIN of my credit card.
this is pathetic, don't you have any values at all?

this. youre a fucking cuck. shes gonna drop you for someone else in the future

Have you disclosed your gains to her?
If you did, did she say to sell?
If yes then don't give her that shit, otherwise go for it

>I have even given her the PIN of my credit card.

user you are a cuck

you already know the answer

It was a mutual decision so we could prevent cheating. I have her facebook and instagram details.

>not using a ledger nano

Imagine if she gets a virus and then all your BTC gets stolen. Chances are a girl does not have airtight computer security.

You unexperienced cuck. Put a believable, but small amount in a side wallet. Give her that private key.

How fucking cucked are you

Make a new bitcoin wallet and put like .01 bitcoin in there, give her the password to that.
If she already knows how much you have in bitcoin just don't give her the password.

why did you do this? jesus christ. this is a mistake years in the making.

why do people do shitty larp like this
fuck off you neet faggot

dump her, idiot.

she’s probably using your money on the bulls she’s banging behind your back op

good job faggot, she's going to take everything and leave you for a strong nigger
kill yourself

Fuck no

Make a fake Blockfolio and let her know the PIN for it. My waifu thinks I’ve 10x less than I do because of this.

No. I would never do that. But there is a middle way. Make it a multi-signature wallet. I did the same with 150 BCH. My family and me have one private key and in case I die there is the other private key in my last will at my lawyers.

Kill yourself you pathetic cuck

Dump her. She's just shown you she's a gold digger because you've shown that you'll roll over and give her everything she wants.

There's a billion sexy sluts on this planet who don't know about your bitcoins and therefore won't try to steal them.

..this has to be bait. The fuck's wrong with you OP. Sage

You are either larping virgin or complete dumbass.

I don't even feel sorry for you.

Fuck no.

tell her no you fag. Jesus she might actually respect you.

>otherwise go for it

Because you can cheat holding crypto.

>could prevent cheating

how autistic are you two that you can't trust each other enough and have to monitor social media

you are a huge retard if you really think that. holy shit, pls be trolling


this. but of course you're probably sharing your blockfolio with her every day

You know she has burner facebook accounts to make Tinder profiles full of her slutty pictures right?

>I have given login details of my facebook, instagram, email, reddit, steam etc. I have even given her the PIN of my credit card.

If this isn't bait, you're so cucked lmao




OP you deserve to be cucked.

get out get out get out get out get out
You're going to be another victim of the eternal roastie

>should I give her the password to my bitcoin wallet?

>She's not even your wife yet
you sound really cucked.

Jesus Christ the thread isn't 4 minutes old and it already has more than 40 replies. Why are you all so pathetic virgins? If you virgin NEETs actually ever had a relationship you would know that trust is a VERY important part of it. How else can I show her trust than given her passwords to my social media?

GF and I share all passwords but the financial ones. Everyone has their own money and it stays that way. Grow some balls my dude.

Yeah she totally doesn't have separate accounts she uses behind your back. Now hand over the bitcoins you misogynistic rapist.

>we have shared all our passwords of our social media accounts.
Haha you're joking right who the fuck does that

make a new wallet put like $10 worth of BTC in there and give her the password to that one

or just give her a fake password i bet she doesnt even know how to access the wallet

you've already given her waaaaay too much to begin with

you're autistic as fuck dude, give her nothing. especially not your wallet passwords

women can turn on a dime, you can be in a loving relationship for 5+ years and she can suddenly just become "bored" of you because she doesn't feel the tingles anymore and before you know she's on all fours getting assfucked by the nextdoor neighbor, and you know what happens then? she cleans out every single one of your accounts, laughs about it, and continues with her life, leaving you broken and penniless. You might beg, cry, threaten, it won't matter, you'll be the one left holding the bag.



why would you give your girlfriend you bank info to prevent cheating hahahhahhahahahahaha like nigga just close your eyes


you would have to be truly insane to do this

OP NO. Do you have her passwords for ALL of her shit or just her social media? This is not needed. Unless the two of you share a bank account, you should not let her have access to your crypto. She's putting you in a position where economic revenge is very easy for her. You say something she doesn't like or act "out of line" according to her she has you by your s(t)ack. Do not do this OP, if she ever gets a reason to bring the pain, she has both emotional and financial ways to hurt you.
Besides she doesn't even know how crypto works. Imagine coming home to her and she suddenly says: "OP remember those dumb coins you had that were headed toward 0 anyway? i spent them on a two week trip to the Maldives just for us!" Some women could actually be dumb enough to do something like that. Don't even put yourself in the risk zone of that.

I really hope you aren't serious lad.

pic related it' op's face when he realises his gf is a predator. A crypto predator.

>trust is a VERY important part of it. How else can I show her trust than given her passwords to my social media?
top kekster

She's testing your limits dude, she wants to see if you're a man or a pussy-whipped fag....girls like to be told NO sometimes

This, wtf is wrong with you OP?

Kek I just told my gf that I made more in crypto in the past 3 months that I made working at my job the whole of last year;
Her response:
>well user, you know, that money could evaporate at any time

She just shrugged it off and continued on the previous topic which led to me to mention my profits.
I'm baffled.
How do I interpret her response?

Jesus Christ, the last time I saw something that wet was my snatch before my bf fucked it.

Just do it you cuck.

and then one day she'll send the coins to chad's wallet

don't do it. you've already done enough. give her your public addresses if she thinks your gonna be using your wallet for an affair, but that's about it.

lmfao stop playing

>virgin NEETs
>ever had a relationship
>How else can I show her trust than given her passwords to my social media?

It's her turn

You're unbelievably dense. I hope this is bait for your sake.

user what you don't understand is....
You are an investment to her
Girls these days look at guys as investments, since they give up the pussy they feel like they should have rights to all your things

Don't be a cuck, don't give in

OP i hope your gf cheats on you because you are the biggest cuck i have ever seen, she probably already is cheating on you. An alpha doesnt need a bitch spying on his twitter, because you should already have options besides her, she is just using you on the power play, get your balls back or pay the price. Dont be a cuck

He could totally buy hookers and make out with them.

>we have shared all our passwords of our social media accounts.

You're right, give her your password, shes earned it

The fact that you have to share everything in order to prevent cheating, just shows how much of a cuck you truly are.

Why the fuck would your gf even know about Bitcoin.

Like mine doesn't give a fuck, she doesn't care. Even if I was making money she wouldn't care.

Whatever maybe it's bc were both working professionals and she's not a gold digging thot

user - do not be stupid

Why don't you give her your social security number while you are at it you massive beta.

if you haven't cashed out she's not wrong, that's an extremely pragmatic and reasonable response, and quite frankly the same way you yourself should be looking at it

like i told my girlfriend similar the other day "oh I bought this coin COSS for $0.06 and I've made ~50-60x returns on it so far like $150,000 profits!" she said what yours said, "could crash at any time" and I just said "ya you're absolutely right, I could wake up tomorrow and have lost half of those gains", actually convinced me to cash out 20% just so I feel comfy.

Your girlfriends at least reasonably logical/intelligent

Have you ever met her in person? You can't trust everyone online, no matter how long you've known them for. For all you know, she could have been in for the long con, or worse, be a rogue AI.

yeah give it, it's just money

You hardly even an individual by this point. Don't let her have the one thing that keeps you independent.

It doesn't show trust. It shows the lack thereof. I don't have a girlfriend, but i did have one for almost 4 years (gay, i know) and if anyone of us were to suggest we shared our passwords, that would show an inherent lack of trust towards the other person. If she was the one who chose to, she doesn't trust you. She wants to be in control. That is not how a relationship should work. faith is what you need. You don't see devout Christians screaming at the heavens for God to prove he is up there, because in their deluded minds, he is up there, even if he's invisible and they know this. And just like them, you need to trust your partner, even if you can't see what they're doing, writing or looking at, at any given time. and she needs to do the same.

Keep it that way. It's a passive interest. Like don't force her to be interested in your magic meme money.

It's not that your GF will steal it. It's that she'll get a virus from clicking some stupid bullshit and lose all your BTC.

Kill her.

A relationship where two people cannot trust each other from the get go. Fucking hell, this is why I’d rather stay single.

you can reverse bank withdrawal
you cant reverse cryptotransaction

don't be a fag, NEVER give her password

You're actually a fucking idiot OP.

I hope you remember this thread when she fucks you over for everything.

>Sharing passwords to anything with anyone

>I have given login details of my facebook, instagram, email, reddit, steam etc. I have even given her the PIN of my credit card.


>prevent cheating
>show her trust
you don't understand the game

Sounds like a really healthy relationship you have there

This is a shit test. Say -- fuck no, give me you your bank creds too.

>ever giving a woman access to your finances
on a list of things to never do, this ranks near the top

I would marry my girlfriend and die for her and our future children

But i would never give her my private keys. Do u understand op