*Silently moons*

*Silently moons*

Wait whats that? Did you miss the Elixir rocket?

Get in before I have all this sweet, sweet Elixir to myself

Silently moons? This shit has been dropping like a rock

I Don’t give a fuck right now taking the chance with this red market

Buy high sell low
stop shilling and sell at lost dweeb

fuck it Im in

It’s increasing i’m taking the chances need the adrenaline

Who bought on the dip?

Yeah that was a fire sale, and you goys missed out. I managed to snag a few bags for myself

It's blowing up. Get the fuck in here, boys

Bought the dip, feeling comfy on this one. Mooning in this shit bear market. It is holding up pretty well all things considered.

Thanks op it keeps pushing i made a good gamble

are you just gamblin on this shit, because it's in the positive? so fucking confused because every fucking coin here is shilled to the max. someone tell me if it's real moon, why is it better than SALT?

Buy now or cry later. WE ARE FUCKING MOONING!

this could easily go 2 or 3x I needed this shit everything else red I'm elixir fanboy now

ELIX is striving for a more traditional lending systems, but with implementing a reputation system

giving lenders more options than SALT

secure gains but not very comfy. I almost kys when we touched 1$, but is recovering at lightning speed

early recovery is a healthy signal this is going to be a good year for Elix

Strong HODL imo. Not sure I’m buying more, but not selling either.

Weak hands don't eat. HODL

Yep looks good for a cool 3x at least when the gooks wake up and start flocking to it

something has got to be green today. just. one. thing. please god.

Fucking liquidated XLM to get into this shit last night. Luckily I'm up $400+ while XLM is dropping. Gonna take my gains on this to buy back into XLM soon.


Bought in with my neo profits don't jew me niggers.

this is looking beautiful please save me elix

Jealous. I’m HODLing both

No jews here, only pure Anglo Saxon Master Race
Beady eyes and bent teeth report in

woah... some a-hole is buying huge lots at @mkt

a great sub 100M mcap that is mooning to the place it belongs