Post your 1-week graph

Show how you've fared during this most volatile week

I hit my ATH just before the Korea fud


I know it's cliche but I'll watch it all go to zero before I'll sell. Things are looking up for us all tho

Im hoping zcl goes to 300
Qash to 5
Rai to 40
Make me more money please!

I'm in xmr, neo, few, and salt bro. I need to research some new stuff I hate missing out

Managed to hit 6 figs for the briefest of moments this week.

meh just going sideways - no big deal

Rollercoaster of emotions


me too - I won't let go
easy to say though since I haven't come close to losing my investment yet

I don't wanna cloooose my eyes as
Don't wanna faaaall asleep 'cause I still miss ya babe

Same. Just bleeding out now

It doesn't look as bad in BTC terms but these fiat swings hurt



Still up!

Fuck these bags

What app is that?

discord gg/3fW7bzr

I'm down almost 15%

it's a little shitty

Wtf is this week

i've lost 30% this week. shit sucks


I guess it's safe to say the peak of the altseason just happened. MIght be a smart idea to realize some profits while they are still there.

I-it's going to go back up, right?

Are you sure? I have the blockfolio app and it doesn't look like that

Depends what u hold

it's Delta, not Blockfolio

Thanks maynnnnne!


what are yall holding

Probably eth


Month view is better



I don't understand why anyone wouldn't hold VEN

fake and gay

Pepsicola kid here, the more insider trading on VEN I do, the more shady shit I find. Better off selling your bags now and trying to catch the moon in 6 weeks.

Long list. Predominantly BLOCK, FACT and COVAL. My MGT and ALL are what caused the big spike over the last couple days though.
Don't have any ETH, no.

My 1 week is showing a bullish divergence. ADX is just beginning it's moon mission.

Unfazed so far




wtf are you doing...

not getting rich

Making more than you ever did


Low cap is powerful


It hurts.


What a week



All these charts going up. What are you guys holding... ETH?


Never selling my VEN big boy.

Diversified portfolio of large/mid/small cap alts. Gotta think beyond just biz memes if you want to do well

FCT*, fucking autocorrect.

How diversified? I've been struggling with this question for a while now. How many different coins do you have?

Any chance you're willing to share your composition?

God plz help me

Deleted my folio when I was down $80k in less than 5 hours.

Could feel my hands getting weaker. Luckily I didn't sell.

Ready for a new ATH

>injected more fiat to make up for losses
ok user