Oyster Pearl

This worth hanging onto? Bags are getting heavy $4 > $2

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Sell now and cut your losses
Trust me on this one, user

Buy high an sell low, exactly

Dunno why you bought at 4$, but I bought at 2$ and I'm holding for a few months

team is shit
project is going nowhere unfortunately

> trust /biz just sell today bruh, it's a scam

Veeky Forums told me it was legit

nope, always buy high and sell low

cut your losses and buy TRX for massive gains

the markets are about to swing around, only sell if you're desperate to buy something else for cheap

>pajeet user told me its legit

you got pajeeted. the fuckers from bazinga jumped to shill this shit.

It is legit.
Just DYOR if you lack trust atm and you'll be reassured.

It tanked because of stupid weak handed Koreans and because people sold the news of the rebranding.

dont sell hold it till testnet u moron

wow, you guys are seriously still holding this shitcoin huh

This is the level of people curently FUDding this.
Draw your own conclusions.

OP here. I feel violated. Is there a hotline I can call to report these pajeet shillers?


Its cool, I'm hodling too. IDGAF about Pajeets, they actually have updates coming out soon so there's no need for speculation, the proof is in the pudding.

This is an actual project. Why does everyone have such weak hands. Doesn't go up 100% in a week. Should I sell? Fuck just hold

OP I am going to give it to you straight (unlike 99 percent of these pajeets that will either fud to accumulate or shill to pump their bags).

If I was you I would HODL, but just know is going to be a long 3-4 months before this takes off.

Cool concept. A lot of potential, but this coin pumped as the result of the bull run and not on any merit.

Just looking at similar projects that have mooned (SIA, STORJ, etc) oyster is not worth more than 100m at the moment and probably is worth little bit less than that. The developers have yet to deliver any tangibles. Concept seems interesting on paper, is probably even better than SIA in terms of decentralization and security for file storage, BUT until the team delivers even a beta, this project will bleed and hover in the 100m or less range.

ALSO: part of the reason why is dumping is definitely due to the update of supply in coin marketcap. When the masses saw a the concept of the coin and they saw it was only slightly above 100m they jumped on it due to its moon potential. When CMC updated the supply and everyone saw this project was at almost 200m market cap without even a beta prototype, it dumped (as it should).

I sold my PRL at like 15 percent lost and I have been watching ever since.

If I was you, I would HODL (you have already lost too much and the bottom is only a couple of more percentages below so you might as well) and wait until this moons and the developers start delivering.

Thanks. Will HODL for now.

>sold PRL at a loss
>instantly regrets
>gives advice on HODLing for others
ultimate state of /biz

bought in at 0.06

what is all that drama all about

so fucking true ahahaha the gif is just right xD biz is full of weak handed cucks.

A person on here who gives an intelligent answer. new.

What are your good buys? if you don't mine me asking.



>make a mistake buy ath
>sell to cut the bleeding on time.
>buy once again at a better entry point.
>holding ATH bags for months is smarter

Yeah I fugged up and bought near the top. But that doesn't mean the smart move is to HODL while my position bleeds 60% of it's innitial value for months on end retard.

just fuking buy and hodl you damn rednecks
>you really think you can daytrade with your half a fukcing bitcoin in bear market

I usually would agree but I literally bought almost at the top (like OP) and I would be down nearly 50% - 60% right now had I not sold when I sold. I don't touch my long term hodls at all (SUB, LINK, SONM, XLM) but I got in on PRL at the peak and bagholding it at 50+ percent loss for months just wasn't something I wanted to do if I could avoid it by selling at a minor loss.

Even though I loss 15% of what I put in, the price of PRL has corrected so hard that I can probably afford 30 percent more of my initial stack right now for the long hodl.

Now i I had not been able to sell at a minor lost I would have HODL like OP and just wait for it to moon once again (which it will, the project is solid and it can do SIA numbers if when the developers prove themselves).

pretty sure PRL is going to drop to $1.20~
but I'd rebuy anyday