I made 4k in the past 4 months in crypto, with a investment of 1k.
Today is my 20. Birthday. Alone all day, the most i had was a call from my parents.

I really feel like killing myself, please cheer me up

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>he celebrates birthdays and other shit
What a fucking faggot.

If you want fun in your life you will have to create it yourself.

happy birthday!

Congrats on staying alive for a full year and not suiciding.

I hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead of you.

I'm alone on every birthday because no friends, too. Stay stronk.

spend 1k and darknet drugs and prosties, treat yoself

What do you guys think comes after death?
Do i even have a "Soul"

Many of us have lives like yours. Maybe this is of some consolation.

It never gets better


At least wait until your parents pass. That's what I'm doing. They don't deserve it

Stop being a faggot depending on others.

Happy birthday!
I would be your friend irl

Happy birthday OP!
Yesterday was my 23rd birthday, I feel you man

We are all gonna make it, you gotta believe me.

Only autistic isolationist losers don't depend on others.

Happy birthday fren, you're gonna make it to the moon and even higher.
I also receive calls only from parents, grandparents and two cousins after all my classmates, frens and mates became blue-pilled normies who chose pussy and wagecucking instead of friendship and fun.

You have to be sad sometimes to enjoy being happy
it'll pass you'll be okay

only autistic babies w/ their uncut umbilicals rely on others.

OP, you're gonna make it. Happy birthday brother, a lot of us on this board know this feel.

You're a young man, you have so much more to experience. Life gets better each year. Go out and do something new today.

That's how life is in the Western world now.
I suggest you start taking drugs, just stay away from opioids and benzos

I would kill myself without drugs, life is so empty and pointless

get a job or something. Some structure will help. Also, get a purpose in life. Mine is to be a productive individual and usher in a new age of eugenics or something like that. (liberal eugenics, like embryo screening)

Welcome to the worst period of your life, 20-23

Happy Birthday user! Try going outside to a park and hike or something. Fresh air is good for you!

20 is the time of your life when you can turn shit around user. It's in your hands.

Happy birthday, user. Don't kys.
Grab life by the pussy. I know you can do it.

>stay away from opioids

Kratom (the common bali strain) gives a classic opioid high.
About to take 5 grams.

Don't worry about it. Just live to better yourself.

i am Veeky Forums

happy birthday OP. you're still young. life goes up and down. just focus on what you like doing and try to stay positive

welcome to modern life in the (((western world))) OP. if its a consolation the people around you are just as lonely and depressed as you are even if they pretend to feel otherwise. Unless this jew prison collapses on itself we will just have to chin up and carry on
happy birthday user and maybe we'll live long enough to see better days

discord gg/3fW7bzr

It's gets worse. I'll be amazed if I don't kill my self by 40

only this

You have a family. Be happy

congrats on making so much! i cant even turn 400 into 1k after a month

>discord gg/3fW7bzr
i joined thinking someone wanted to talk to me
thanks streetshitter

happy bday man, it's just a phase you'll come out of it don't worry

if you are from the capital of a certain country in eastern europe with lots of sea I'll buy you a beer

Became 20 3 days ago, but made more in crypto in less time with less money. I'm also Veeky Forums.
Try to find a girl, it will cheer you up.

nobody will hold your hand in this sick world. You need to make your own way!


how is the money you made relevant to you being alone? do you think money will give you friendship?
thats where you're wrong kiddo

Happy birthday! What sort of stuff would you like to do on your birthday? If your parents aren't far, I'm sure they would be happy for you to come visit.

If I could, I'd give you some of the cupcakes I'm about to make. Hang in there!

Happy birthday OP

Keep gaining

Buy fun

Happy birthday fren. Keep on gainin'

Happy birthday user. I know your feels. Use all the friendless free time to be productive and get them gains!

Happy birthday buddy

happy birthday OP

We don't know each other, but I care about you
everytime you shitpost here, you make the lives of several anons better
thank you and have a nice day

love, user

My birthday was the same.


Happy birthday!

Its nice to have friends, but straight up people are overrated and suck. You have access to online communities with like minded people that can be 100% brutally honest without fear of repercussions. Enjoy your crypto gains, get rich, and enjoy your life.

go get yourself drunk, be a man and hit on as many women as you can, maybe you'll get lucky, maybe not, but dont give a fuck and shit do you for a night.

Promise it'll make you feel better.

Stop being a fag.

t. Man

You gotta create your own happiness. Don't wait for others to bring it to you. You can choose to be happy, or you can choose to be a victim and complain about your circumstances. Lifes what you make it. Good luck.

I am actually a High quality shitposter incase you saw my "cabin in the woods" thread today

Thats how i spent my birthday
Making oc memes

Happy birthday, dude. Don't be upset, it sucks, trust a 3rd worlder

Happy birthday user
Mine was earlier this week and i spent all day wagecucking then went home and threw 1 eth at my first ico

I actually have no money; my parents are poor and i cant invest the 2k on my bank acc because i need them.

The 10k claim in op was just to prevent "sent" memes

Happy birthday user

ok makes sense. Happy birthday user, keep it up

Happy birthday.
Seriously consider putting in 2 ETH into the Magnalis ICO. Easiest 30x ever.
You’re welcome

Happy Birthday user! life is tough, but you have to keep on going!

MGXL is going to explode in June


Happy birthday man

we got ya

thanks just bought 100k fun

Can I get a blank template of that?

THIS, also happy birthday OP

Happy bday user, here is a doge-cake for you

Oldfag here. Just turned thirty, actually. Left my twenties in the most depressing way possible. A day of wagecucking and then I drank some cheap whiskey at home by myself; got a text from my mom.. that was it. I spent years in a very controlling relationship, and fell out of contact with my friends. Then the relationship ended. Don't make the same mistake I did. You don't want to be repeating this day when you're thirty. You'll be fine, you have your whole life ahead of you big dog.

happy birthday user. Remember that change comes from yourself.

Always have a goal which to strive for. you might want to try getting Veeky Forums as well, that really changes people for the better

Happy b-day user. You're a cool guy and I definitely believe most of us would be friends with you if we were near you in real life. Crypto will make future birthdays even better.

Oh.. and happy Birthday, faggot. Get the fuck out more.

Fugggg. 30 is old? I turn 29 on saturday and have to wagecuck. Just hope I get my shit together before I'm 30 so I never have to deal with this shit again.