The dev said this friday that the electrum wallet would be ready in a few days

>the dev said this friday that the electrum wallet would be ready in a few days
>most of the latest updates were posted on mondays
>last week bittrex wallet was in maintanance for 48 hours
>zcl is being followed on twitter by binance

geee I wonder what is going to happen this week :^)

the next two weeks are going to be very good

Will we get the airdrop if we have our zcl on bittrex?

No announcement yet, but I think likely

post proof of it being followed by binance and ill send you 1 zcl to your wallet.



I don't expect then to release wallet anytime soon. He said someone "could" do it in a few days. Also remember they've also got to test the wallet.

But seriously, this is going to moon

binance follows most of the popular coins

check it yourself on twitter if you want to be sure it's not a hoax. I'm OP, are you sure that you want to fund my coke?

double get,

money skeleton confirmed


How much will this go!!!

Oh shit, the prophecy is complete

hoping to see $1000 pre-fork

I'm ready bro, dumped my entire portfolio in zclassic. Next few weeks are going to be nice ayy.

I bought 500+ ZCL before it was 37 dollars. Now I'm panicking as I'm still new to crypto and have no fucking clue what I'll do after the fork. I'll use a bot to sell right after the snapshot block is reached and keep the btcp, but yeah, no idea what I'll do with the money from selling zcl

It's being tested now.

buy more BTCP

this zcl scam is amazing for real coins like zen and zcoin

they gonna moon so fucking hard when this shit is realized as a scamcoin w poor dev and fundies

sorry normies u gonna get dumped

Weak FUD faggot

you don't know zerocoin history do you
take your money and run

Buy 50/50 qash and RLC

EVERYONE is going to be doing that and you'll be left with worthless zcl