Everyone knows this is 2x by end of month by now

Everyone knows this is 2x by end of month by now..

When is a good time to get in? It's been going sideways for a while now

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>for the brainlets


been in since 1.40 holding strong af

It's not gonna dip significantly. Get in now or never, the only way it's gonna go is up

if you think it's going to 2x then you should just get in

>company based on hype
>publishes false and misleading advertising

I'm not sure where to lean on this one. I know the ERC-20 tokens are used in a few institutions, but the company is also shady when communicating with customers. They've even shopped some advertising material. Not sure if I should be bullish on this

How to split money between ICX and VEN?

>publishes false and misleading advertising

Negative, mainnet is postponed to late feb. That shit aint moving till thennext.

The dates posted will be the deciding factor to whether the project is legit or not, but I think it will pump up to those dates either way so its not a bad time to get in even if you want to dump on the 24th. I'm going to hold at least until the summit though because I think there will be big partnerships revealed.


VEN profits into ICX through 24th/31st then VEN feb $$ obv op

get in now or stay poor TROLLS.
Minumum 2x by nex week..
what are you waiting for to buy at $25??
who's in??

Now been in for a while

Weak FUD


I put 25% into icx and 10% into ven, I'll use the icx profits to put into aion or ven. Not sure. Or Aion into ICX or VEN depending on what happens.

I'm in since ICO got the maximum cap at 10k USD sitting on 1 million worth of ICX right now

Alright, i'm in, let's go to the moon boys

Fuck off pajeet

im mean you dont have to like the project

but just look at the chart
this thing is about to explode in 1-2 days
any TA fag can confirmthis

Looks like cup and handle, 2h candles

2h candles

we just need a bit more volume and BTC not shitting the bed every day.

then we are on the way to 15$+

>Waiting for ICX to come down for another buy in

im very proud of this shit recovering after the thing in Korea. Not like my FUN which went full retard

it may drop to 7k sat if panic dies.
but i doubt it will go below that before the mainnet

if BTC dies i meant