Poker night at friend's house

>Poker night at friend's house
>One guy does some mid level shit at a bank, some guy is a real estate agent, one works client relations for an accounting company, one does some stock market analysis shit
>"haha so this guy comes in asking for a 10% USDA loan on a 20 year loan using a Roth IRA as collateral and asks what the interest percentage would be if given an analytical projection portfolio when given the current status of the market and I was like ahaha are you serious??"
>Everyone laughs, knowing what the fuck he is talking about, I am like "heh, yeah man!"
>All night long is just business, finances and money talk, "did you know the percentage of chicken sold by Sanderson farm contributes to a majority of the taxes brought in by the city?? I mean look at how that contributes to the projected forecast in real estate development blah blah blah"

And I just want to play fucking cards and talk about girls, music, movies, guns and sports... Is this really adulthood? Caring about a bunch of fiancial jew bank bullshit becomes your entire personality and they're happy with this? I work in the medical field and really don't give a shit about the financial and logistical side of running the hospital, it's soulless bug-man drone shit. I am not trying to downplay it's importance, of course the money matters, but fuck man, let it go when you get off the job. Are you guys this autistic too?

Why the fuck are you posting this shit to biz?

What crypto is this?

Go meet some different people ya fucking idiot haha it's literally so easy to find a group of people that do shit you're into

There's a saying that goes "You are the average of your 5 best friends.", so since you consider your friends autistic, you are likely autistic too.

Also to add in another indicator of your autism, the gif you added to your post, if representing your reaction to the situation mentioned above, clearly shows that you have mental problems aswell.

Is this adulthood? For you, yes. For other people, no. Change your social group.

What in the fuck are you doing on /biz? Seriously what makes you think you're welcome on this board? Get the fuck off. It's literally called business in finance. Go find other normies to play cards with there fucking everywhere. You guys can sit there and have pseudo intellectual discussions comftorably without any risk of anyone having an original thought. Get the fuck off this board.

You are the people you surround yourself with

meet some new friends, this post to biz is pathetic

That is exactly how nocoiners feel when they hear crypto nerds talk about magic internet money earning them 1000% gains.

It's about people that work in business and finance, you autistic coinfag.

Sounds like a really soft game

Stfu brainlet


You're pathetic. You don't like your life? Change something. Don't bitch on my board ever again you fucking retard.

Poker? Is it gonna be the next ripple?

It's only for 5 bucks and its soft as hell. They get mad when I bet on the preflop, "omg we don't even know what the cards are yet!" Despite this its hard to consistently win because they cut it off at 11 because the wives start complaining about it being too late.

I am not complaining about my life dipshit. Where did I say I was upset about my life. I am only pointing out about how boring IRL biz and finance fags are.

Oh is it? I moved to another city and I'm wondering how to connect to new people.



What a waste of time

Ohhh you're all crying because I mentioned friends and social activities on /R9K2.0/. My bad sorry guys, you'll get friends one day.

That's good for them if they are thinking of their career outside of work, but I'm like you. After work I want to chill out. On my commute, sure I'll do crypto and read some shit about my field, but I don't talk about it when I'm off work.

Get the fuck out of here

I hate talking about work when my coworkers and I got out for a drink, but that's all they want to talk about. My guess is everyone is afraid to show their private interests.

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they are several IQ tiers above you. you are a nigger male nurse

This is not your personal normal fag blog.

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