Can I break 100k with this folio before february? I will be the happiest man alive and cash out it all... Please god

Can I break 100k with this folio before february? I will be the happiest man alive and cash out it all... Please god

you wont stop at 100k. you will want more

I cant take this bear market anymore

No I already promised myself. This is too addicting I cant even sleep cause studying cryptos and refreshing blockfolio 247

100k and im set

sell TRON. buy ICX. something happening on 24th

XML moon chance before Feb - 80%
TRX moon chance before Feb - 50%
VEN moon chance before Feb - 10%

Thats what i thought but then i got to 200k and was like nah . Once i make 500k ill just hold and stop researching crypto

Why would you stop at 100k? I'm never liquidating more than a couple thousand at a time.


Why VEN only 10%?

drop the shitcoins you need more VEN and XLM

Because the sell walls are not going to go anywhere

It has been growing every week retard

Which one to believe? Im kinda worried on ven but I can see potential on it..

Trx im selling as soon as it moons even a little bit

Drop your TRX for XLM, then yes.

That is my goal to but i only have 1 eth.
What should i do?

Yes that's why I'm holding a ton of it. There's a difference between comfy steady growth and mooning tho

I bought trx at 600 sat waiting for 800+ and I'll do this. Thanks user

discord gg/3fW7bzr

Get more vechain and youll make i.

u comfy bro!

>he's worried about china going out of biz

Vechain and ICX are must haves. Keep like 20-30% of portfolio in BTC and ETH in case they decide to moon and you can use that to buy the dips on alts. Then when your VEN and ICX moons take out some profits to build your BTC and ETH positions

Don't forget to pay the tax man 25%. You'll need a little more than $125k to walk away with a clean $100k.

hold on to at least 10K of FUN and thank me later.

was impressed withthe portfolio till i fucking saw trx. what the fuck are you doing. dump it now. i hope you know that FUN is the next normie coin (like trx an verge were) so either your a normie investor or you're riding the normie wave.(why you still hold trx?)

Yes, sell TRX for AST.

corporate tax rate is 21% retard

learn to cash out smart

That's still a fuckton faggot.

What this guy said. Back in May all i Wanted was 30k. In september I made a promise I will get to 100k and cash out. I didnt. Now I am at 500k+ and wanting million. Thats why 98% ppl will loose everything like in dotcom and tulip because we are greedy fuckers and never have enough.

Yes im dumping trx. Hoping to get 800 sat tommorow. Bought in at 600 so might aswell wait one more day

What is XML newfag?

OP just go all in on zcl and you'll hit 100k by the end of the week