Floor was 310 sats, now consolidating at 350. 367 as we speak, You did buy the dip, right?

Floor was 310 sats, now consolidating at 350. 367 as we speak, You did buy the dip, right?

No I didn't buy the dip because I don't give a fuck about this shitcoin. I have heavier bags weighing on my mind, you cunt. Fucking bounty faggot.

why buy this scam?

why would anyone buy this thing ?

This shit was hyped and that's it lmao. I like bounty but not worth my money

Same fag FUDing

yeah that was super obvious. Reeks of curry and poo.

Nah I'm a different guy. Goodluck though since you see everything negative to your coin is apparently FUD. Can you not take it pussy? Shit, sounds like you don't belong here. Honestly......goodluck little boy

your shit talking needs work user

Take what? It's not like you're actually saying anything worth responding to (except this cancer riddled post). You ought to fuck off and never return, everyone will enjoy that more than having you around

coin is at 60 mil mcap why would i sell now ??

Is that all you have to say to me? Fuck man that really hurt lmao. I think you're the one that needs work lol.

nah, i don't know that pajeet.
But it's just telling how shitty this coin is really.

Your wojaks will be the same color as your id soon.

this is going to be top 1-200 marketcap soon, just wait till it hits anything other than kucoin. Anyone who says otherwise is a faggot and definitely bought at the ATHs of verge and tron while taking cock, and has no money left to invest because their money has already been sucked dry by JUSTin sun

Any word on new exchanges? Bought 1k BNTY @ $0.17 and sold @ $0.20 for quick profit. Feel kinda stupid now.

I actually invested in tron at $.002, so pretty sure I got the most money here (6 figures). So suck my dick faggots I got all the money in the world to invest

you shouldn't, just look at the pajeets above who bought it at an ATH: disgusting

I never buy ATH. I would rather kick myself for missing out on moons than be stuck bagholding for months. BNTY is in a nice dip now though.

Fuck off

No actually did not. Shoo shoo plankton. Don't get mad your BNTY is falling in value. I'd just sell it now plankton.

bought at ico and bought some today...never ever gona sell this gold below 2$!!


Most outcasts are "professional" at online doctrining.

Here is an image for you though.


You that animeposting whale that has been driving newfriends to suicide in BNTY threads (or was it DBC)?

Vote for bit-z, we're at around 20% of the votes needed. You get free vote tokens and free BNTY if you use their referral link.

Veeky Forums shilled me and I got in at $0.06, ultra comfy

eventually it will fall to 0.000006

Nice. Gonna buy all of it then so I'll have a monopoly over the future of freelance work and crowdfunding.

Bought in at .13 and .16. Sold a bit at .90 and bought back more at like .80. Should’ve waited to get bigger bags but whatever.

So fucking funny. I remember just a month ago when XRB hit its ATH of 3$ then dipped to 1.80$ and all the PnD daytrading shitters on this board were fudding and calling it an overhyped shitcoin on XRB threads. Meanwhile I explained why XRB has real value and why the tech will cause it to moon eventually regardless of short term increase/decrease in price due to hype. Bought it at 3$, then quadrupled my original amount at 1.80$. A month later I'm sitting comfy as fuck, laughing my ass off at people buying at 20-30$ later on. Veeky Forums PnD shitstains wouldn't know a good coin even if it was force fed to them. Stay poor and keep chasing shitcoins, poorfags.

bought below 1000 sats, sold at all time high for 5-10x gains


cya later nerds

Fudders are just mad that the xrb / prl / BNTY trio is an emblem of new money Veeky Forums

an emblem of retardation

Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

this cowboy does well in crypto