Who else stocked up for tomorrows moon mission?

Who else stocked up for tomorrows moon mission?

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You already know

Where do i get this? Or is it too late?


Wow no one? No wonder this board is always full of pink wojaks

i will buy after the massive kucoin dump desu

It's probably going to dump as soon as it hits cuckoin

No reason to believe that

>hitting kucoin soon
>going to dump soon
>are you gonna buy?
wtf are you on about it's too soon user

European time?

plenty of reasons .. people that bought at ICO prices are waiting to dump for their x4 gains

isn't this on kucoin in like 2 hours? why is everyone saying tomorrow?

/r/ quick rundown, do I still have time to include my cents in this? Fucks in ylilauta were not willing to help: let's see if big brother is having it better.

>have no wallet yet

Am I fucked? Also sadly in need of babby's first ICO-tier advice.

shut the fuck up
it's going to dump

it's already on the Kucs, deposits are enabled.

And its ALREADY the 15th in China
OP is a fucking retard

mfw too poor to afford lower limit.

yeah it happened to canya and aigang

I would skip this one, you are gonna get dumped on.

aigang had a quick moonshot x4 but yea canya was fucking dead in the water.

this shit is only being listed at .05 a share I'm sure but look at fucking DENT

It's a crapshoot with Kucoin I swear, I'll be ready when it goes live in a bit but I'm not going to fucking get my hopes up

But no help with the actual procedure of getting involved? ;__; Maybe I'll just admit that I was late this time and pay attention and do my fucking homework tomorrow.

This shit is going to the moon baby just watch and learn boys

I'm still holding canya bags.. feels bad man

Not really DESU. CAN is still above ICO price. Surprisingly profitable ICO despite being a bit underwhelming.