It's a month that smart monery are out of BTC

Exactly when dumb money (yes, you) bought BTC for the first time.

You may like it or not, but now they're slowly pushing down Bitcoin price to $5000 ($7000 at best) and it will stay there for months or years.

Prove me wrong.

Who gives a shit about a shitcoin like BTC

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>implying you wouldnt

All your alts price follow BTC, don't think that even ETH could live on its own.

If BTC goes to $7000, ETH goes down to $500 too.

Dubs Denies

Smart money excited BTC last month yes, made gains on alts and now it's coming back to BTC.

At least one of Bog posters is legit, just pay attention to those threads and incorporate them into your decision making.

I'm not even kidding, listen to this. Some huge fuckin whale/whales are selling slowly using bots. I've been watching the price and order book for days on bitfinex. The bots pumps without buying and sell to the normies that get excited aout a 5min green dildo. I got the fuck out of btc and into fiat last week. Just watch the fucking order book and chart, they're slowly exiting to not cause panic, but at the end they will dump hard and crash this shit so that they can be BILLIONAIRES and also come back and buy cheap btc.

>I'm not even kidding

Wait wait hold on... are you taking signals from bognadoff posters? This can't be real

I have made ALL the money.


Just buy exchange tokens like BNB, KCS and BIX. Coins come and go but crypto is here to stay. These exchanges will only grow larger and their tokens are basically their massively undervalued stocks


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The Bogs look upon you favorably

My question is will Blockchain stocks join the falling cryptocurrencies or rise despite it? I know it will rise regardless next month I just mean this month.

Smart money is still in btc, or at least waiting to hop back in
You don't have the connections to actually know anything... just another newcoiner making wild guesses.

Wait until after the 18th, if you aren't golding btc it's gonna be bad time especially if you're bagholding alts at an ath

btc is forming a cup and handle which it looks like it will finish around late february. from there, 40k-50k new highs are a possibility

not in this timeline

why 18th?

I bought bitcoin at 4K because I was too poor when it was 100

That’s when the government findings on its research into Blockchain are released. That’s why I’m buying this Blockchain stock I found but am wondering if it will be cheaper tomorrow because of the decreasing prices in crypts.

Future contracts for the last month close

lol, implying Jew Wall Street boomers can really predict a market where most of the BTC are in the hands of few whales that manipulate the market.

They're shitting their pants since the first time they opened the futures market.

>are you looking for a quick rundown

I'm curious now... maybe there's a whale out there bognaposting his next moves...

I actually believe it's the opposite, and the opposite is what happened last time alts pumped.

I've been watching daily and people are just selling into the walls, it's been showing from 4 to 8% more sells than buys on the daily average for at least two weeks now. Everyone has been exiting btc, yet the price won't drop below 13k.

You people are either new or have the memory of a fish to be so easily dismissing btc. There is virtually infinite money to be made in pumping it. The moment btc takes off sat values of all alts across all exchanges begin to bleed massively and it's simply impossible to ignore. You can miss a coin taking off if you weren't holding it at the time, but when btc takes off you immediately feel the red in your sats no matter what you're holding. This causes massive fomo which overbuys btc and oversells alts to the point no floors make sense anymore. NEO bled to 180k sats under ANS levels a fucking month ago. Eth was 250k sats. Stellar was 600 sats. Can you believe how much money the people who pumped btc up and moved into alts at the right time made? This is going to happen again. Be ready to go back to BTC at any moment.

I only invest in cryptos that have started or have finished pilot projects with big companies.

No they don't go away with this tired old copy pasta.

That's fine, I bought at $400 anyway

Goddamnit user... do not anger the cryptolords. DO YOU WANT TO BURN IN IT ALL DOWN???


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