Now is the time to buy Nimfamoney

We just went 2x last night boys.... now is the time to buy since the price stabilized and will moon again

less than 2 mill marketcap
platform just released
this shit is gonna 50x quick

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IS THIS YOU JOHN WAYNE? dont look good picks to me

delete this you fuck im not done accumulating

great team.
very undervalued.
sleeping giant.
soon top 10.
shhht, still accumulating!
under the radar.

I'm bout to fomo these REQ bags into this before its too late

Honestly the team pretty much will change anything if the community agrees they don't like it.

that's the beauty of it.... they listen

and the creator of the coin gives video updates every week about the direction of the coin... I've never seen someone so dedicated to a coin

the devs have to do solid work in the future, if they will, NIMFA gonna be so fucking huge

It was $20 last night. Good time to buy during the dip

Platform doesn't work. You can't buy anything through it.

200x from here conservative estimate

the dev is adorable as fuck

wrong yes you can

you request the loan once it gets accepted then you can use the platform

right now that's being done manually since the platform is legit 2 days old

give it time

this shit about to moon

are you HIV positive about that user?

Actually I envy those who bought before it got to $1. I can't buy this now seems overptived. However I did buy 10,000 tokens of another coin with similar supply on etherdelta, and someday not far away, we'll also be trading for over $10. The Name is TIOTOUR. If you are willing to buy this at this price, then you seriously need to put your money i TIOTOUR

shit let me get on what you need i will do it for some nimfa

just buy some on etherdelta and join the telegram

Get that shit out of here. This coin is still undervalued, not even 2M mc

> russian devs

I'm in.

Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

as soon as you are comfortably in the green get the fuck out
lending platforms are scams
and this one is run by 15 year old slavs with fake fb profiles

NIO (Autonio) is way better. AI driven margin trading. DYOR.

This is not for the sake of FUD, only so you are aware.

people in russia dont use facebook they use vk you retard

that guy Alex Karchevnikov has like 13k followers or something on vk

the huge russian vk crypto market

he attracts new users to nimfamoney

It was at .015 last night from .004, probably .1 EOM.

Get. In. Now. While it's still only on ED.

Yes thank you

Vlad enrolled in the military as stated in telegram

This is a nice project, but there is nowhere on the site that says 'margin trading' so fuck off

kek'd irl when he said oldfags


he fucking held in a smirk too i dont know if i like the guy or it sketches me out even more

haven't checked the telegram yet. I don't give a shit about the FUD where "LOL THEY LOOK YOUNG AND STOOPID WITH ANIMU PICS HAHAH", what I care about is how enthusiastic they are at interacting with the community. That's usually a great sign that a coin will be successful.
I am only a little concerned at how the white paper is written. I hope they will make it more professional. If they do so, we will be posting threads in the future laughing at those who didn't invest early into NIMFA

The guy is an uber troll in chat. I fuck with him all the time and he loves it. I'm pretty much still in the telegram because of the memes lol.

Haha that's why biztards needs to get on board now, they will be butthurt when this thing pumps to fucking pluto and the founder is literally one of us

just spend a few days lurking the telegram then, the devs seem really responsive and open for ideas

Bought 100k

$3.5m market cap now. I doubt this will be under $10m for much longer.

This shit or HAT? Which is better investment?

I can't believe it. I will reach my end of month goal, which I thought was completely in ruins after the jewish media FUD going on the past few days. I just really hope this will gain traction. The idea is unique, and it got a working product. I will check the TG, but can you tell me if there's any plans for new exchange listings?

>Now is the time to buy Nimfamoney
>We just went 2x
the absolute state of Veeky Forums

max said on telegram that he's working to get it on exchanges. only thing is that the ICO didn't generate that much money so the big exchanges are probably gonna wait since they're jews who require 1000 btc for listing

Buy high sell low sir

HAT team is inconsistent and unreliable. I failed to communicate with them over the 3weeks I held HAT. Nimfa devs seem to take every fucking suggestion to heart.

Dammit. I got tokens from Idex and need to arbitrage them on Ed. I don't think the coins xfer tho

Can't wait for the pink wojaks when these slavs exit scam

>max tarasenko
>those eyes
don't even fucking tell me this brat is my ex-gf's little bro

I really considered buying this more than 4 times lower. And I don't regret not buying in. Anybody who did some research stays away from this.

keep telling yourself that lmao


This platform actually checks out, user. I've researched it well.

Collateral is the nimfa you put in to get x3 out for trading, and as all trades are done within the platform, the system sets a stop loss of 33% to stop the trade and recall the loan.

So you can basically x3 your trading amount, and if it goes well, you x3 your profits. If it goes very bad (i.e. your investment drops by 33%), you only lose the initial nimfa you put in as the platform stops it there.

Obviously this platform isn't pajeet-proof. If someone makes a retarded trade they risk losing money. It needs to be used wisely (i.e. only when very confident of a moon mission).

How is this different from MKR?

Well if you'd read at all you would know(since I'm assuming you don't care and are trying to shill your shit coin).

Realistically that is just a shittier less profitable version of Nimfa. Instead of getting 3x your initial trading capital you actually lose half and have to use the shit token they give.

I'm invested (equally) in both. I just want to know why I'd use NIMFA over it. They've been around much longer and seem a lot more legit.

thanks for the shill op

Where do I buy anons? Is it on Pajeetherdelta?

>only thing is that the ICO didn't generate that much money

Just bought in. Using ED is so aids.