Cappasity moonmission starting

Cappasity has a partner ship with NVIDA, who just tweeted about it. 170 mil marketcap, not listed yet on CMC. Only available on cryptopia and In talk with al the top 5 exchanges. 2 Exchang listing this month. Get in quickly, it just started rising.

calm down! bitch

salty no capper? didnt buy in time? xd

I can't buy. All my shit is on ED

Fucking NVIDIA guys, NVIDIA. The tech darling of wallstreet. This is gonna be big... (or not, who knows)

chart was primed to pop anyways. news just added fuel to the fire


Already 15% up. Don't FOMO in right now on hype news you retards.

wait for it to be 100% up to buy

Yes best tactics, wait for 180% then buy ath

Normally I follow this rule, but in the case of small market cap coins with disproportionately stellar news, I throw it out the window.

it's a 300m market cap coin...

lmao, wait for this to sink in. This one fucking coin just significantly de-risked the entirity of crypto. The first stage of adoption is finally happening.

Wall street is watching intently.

cmon pajeet do better than that.

fuck I was lied to, well whatever I got in below 3k sats, I'll ride it out for a bit longer.

In for 26k

Have it

No i'm saying it's already 300 mil.

It's already there. I don't know what's going on with the circulating counts but it's already overpriced.

>No i'm saying it's already 300 mil.
>It's already there. I don't know what's going on with the circulating counts but it's already overpriced.

We don't t know the circulating supply yet. And even if the max supply was already circulating the current mcap would be around 185mil at 42cents each.

Study more bro

Worst fud attempt ever. Literally lying on the internet. You are not to late user, just transfer to cryptopia and buy in.

Look it up on google

If I dropped 1 ETH on CAPP today, what will it be worth in 2 months?

Also how the fuck does cryptopia have a DOGE pair but no ETH pair. Those sheep fuckers in NZ make no fucking sense to me.

I looked at their website, and than talked with their community manager in telegram. U google what?

retarded exchange but you can get some coins way before they hit a bigger exchange and make easy 3x ++ profits. Withdraw is very good though very fast compared to kucoin

it's still overpriced

Why not buy the ARTokens in their Phase 2 sale?

this is the first coin i fomo into

will i 10x my 500 bucks?

>holding ANYTHING on ED

discord gg/3fW7bzr

It's already priced in.

This is something for a long term hold, like 2 - 3 years.

We barely have decent AR/VR apps these days. I don't think the technology is even here for something like this to have a decent market.

Hard pass.