I get it I fucked up. I was greedy. For the love of Judaism can XRP and TRX hit ATH one more time so I can cash out.


>XRP ever going up again

Didn't you see the Slack screencaps from Coinbase? They hate Ripple, man. It's not happening.

damn OP, if you are depending on XRP and fucking TRX to meet their ATH you are truly fucked

Just go all in on factom

TRX is a slow bleed to 200sat. maybe catch a bounce from there. Ripple was also a pump and dump though more likely to go up.

XRP hahahahahah you dun goofd OP
That isn't even crypto AND 60% is reserved to founders

Cash out and put it into NEO. You'll gain your losses within a month. Your shitcoins are never recovering, the cull has already begun

also a pnd

Only if you sell first

sorry user, but you won't truly learn if you get a second chance.


Op here, decided to hold on to XRP and put a sell order in around 3.00. It’s too big to fail, like all the big wall street banks around 2007. As for TRX just moved 80% of it into VEN. Holding a few just in case Japan goes nuts with it.

>hits $3
>cash out
>hits $10

no way you can win OP, just end it now.

lol bought at the high..

TRX is shit should not listen to the pajeets

go home normie

Bought at 0.04 and 0.50 for TRX and XRP put your leash back on Redditard

Keep holding scam coins, pajeet away!

XRP and TRX are shit

Fuck off neckbeard I don’t care if it’s a scam I care about making money

You deserved that for buying intelling people's bags at 100X the price it was 6 months ago. Sell at a loss and go home.

xrp will go up again almost certaintly but you will have to wait possibly a few months or even 6 months

dont give stellar your money even if you see profit in there

they dont deserve it

they just invented it so they can steal your actual hard earned btc and ethereum

mining isnt cheap!

money out of air!

stop pajeeting TRX, go home

Agreed. TRX is terrible coin