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TRX normie bagholders unite.. fuck what /biz fud faggots says.. they’re just jealous and plan on buying after their fud tactics are over.. ignore the hate, hold on to your bags tightly, and wait it out.. well be in the promise land soon enough!!!!




You TRX holders get more desperate every day. It brings a smile to my face.

>Justin only posts about announcements, not actual progress
>No working product, leagues behind everything else
>Announcements are shot from a webcam in a holiday inn express


soon we will be announcing a new announcement about announcing how about that announcement that we announce to you that we dumped on you motherfuckers.

Majority of coins have no working products yet... hate on TRX on /biz is mainly because of the normie invasion... /biz should be WELCOMING the normies with open arms.. dumb money buying low price shit, driving the price up.. should be the same for TRX..

Plus, a lot of long time /biz ppl are investors in TRX.. the hate on tron is directly effecting your /biz brothern.


Tron is so shitty right now sitting at 14th place on CMC

Pajeets shillinga shit coin with a shit leader Justin "Sin"

damn. give this guy /b/iz award of the day towards makign /b/iz a better place.

The long time hodlers have already bailed at 2k sats, you're holding their bags right now normie user.

>a lot of long time /biz ppl re investors in TRX
oh please, do go on about how many people in here you do know in real life. you got rekt normie, the fact that the owner won't stop shilling this coin, owns half the supply and that it was 30 sats not three months ago should have been signs to keep you out. but you couldn't, you didn't, and now you get to watch your money slowly bleed down the gutter. serves you right.

TRX is going straight back to 50 sats
removed from binance soon too

lmao yeah. Also just a famous chinese investors throws in 4.5 billion 2 days ago. Im sure thats way more than your blue collar answer that email, print this for me 9-5 you fucking cuck.

I love how the fucking tards in here try to twist keeping share holders informed as if its a bad thing. This kid is the asian zuckerberg. He is backed by some of the most powerful people in Asia. Oh yeah the MOST powerful PERSON.

fucking retards. buy now or forever hate yourself for not taking my post seriously.

words of a numale who bought in at 30 cents lmao
cope harder

To be honest, I’ve been in TRX since .01, so my bags are CONSIDERABLY lighter than some dudes out there..

My mentality, same as everyone else, is that what goes down, must come up.. a resergence will happen, maybe not this week, maybe not this month.. as long as we TRX holders HOLD, we should expect at least a little rise in price.

more like .03 and i still consider that late as fuck. this coin has gone up 1500% in a month and people reak out when it isnt at 5000% still when the entire market is down.

keep on dumbin it up bro. im sure you are a verge holder.

First take that cock out of your mouth

TRX is shit

Justin "Sin" is a terrible leader and cant speak english properly

How can you trust him?

At least try harder next time user

It should concern every Tron bag holder very deeply that today was the first of Justin's tweets where he actually announced something of substance. Want to know what it was? An update to the fucking roadmap! One of the most basic things that should be laid out in the very beginning. He has put the cart so far in front of the damn horse that it will take all of 2018 just to catch back up. He fucked the whole project by over hyping it and creating a need for more and more hype to sustain the price increase, and now the hype is dying and the price along with it.

oh great another tronnie
stupid bag holder

Go suck XRP cock too

How do you trust Jack Ma from Alibaba, one of the best businessmen in the known world.. his English is terrible, but his bank account speaks Perfect money talk.. shitty argument from you.

Jeff Bezos > Jack Ma

So unamerican..

How many cocks can you fit in your mouth?

How does it feel user?