Is mining even worth it for the enthusiast?

I dont really care about making a lot of money and i know im really late into all of this, but im getting a great deal on a homebuilt gaming pc from craigslist with a GeForce GTX 1070 in it.

I already own another graphics cards so i will swap them and i plan on building a small mining rig. I will buy at least one more used card from ebay too.

I plan on mining shit coins only, and that being said what kind of return could i expect with two of those mining something like vertcoin?

Is it even worth the electricity to do this in the united states?

(And yes, i dont really know shit about mining, but that isnt what this thread is about, ill learn more on my own)

Probably. Especially if you find the right shit coin. I have 1 1080ti and I can make a profit off of mining some coins..but not a very big one. Obviously if you guess right on a shit coin though, w/ the difficultly low you could make some good $

Not really, you'd make more just investing the money into coins and letting them increase in value.

It's not late of you mine a brand new coin.

Ive talked the guy down to $375 for his gaming rig. its really the only reason im going to buy this thing. a second card is going to cost me like 500+ on ebay

Ya, start up cost is a bitch. I got my card for a a different reason (simulations) but mine with it on occasion.

depends wholly on your energy costs. I heard someone say that 30 cents or less for 1 kwh is worth it, more is not. Did not do the math myself.

Just go to whattomine or some other calc. Plug in your specs and see what you has best with and what coin.

I'm making $5 a day just with a single gtx1060 6gb which doesnt cost me anything because I have solar panels. Holding onto bitcoins though because i could essentially be mining $50 a day on a single card if bitcoin reaches 100k

i'd say do it as a hobby if you enjoy it

paying ~22 cents/kwh here, with two 1080 ti's and a i7-6700k mining i'm pulling ~600w, maybe less. .6 * .22 * 24 * 30 = $95/month in power. currently mining between $10-15/day with awesome miner connected to miningpoolhub. getting paid out in eth every .15 eth i mine, miningpoolhub charging .001 eth per withdrawal. even if eth doesn't go up in value this year (lol), on the low end that's $10 * 365 = $3650 - ($95 * 12 = $1140) = $2510/year for very minimal work. and that's the minimum, it's usually ~$11-12/day and sometimes up to like $18/day. plus eth is gonna 3-5x this year at least...

I have 5 Vega 64 and 1 Vega 56... should I mine some cryptonight or just flip the cards for $200-$300?

Its worth it, I first I mined zcoin when it was 6 bucks per coin. Now it's 100. I fucked up because I didn't actually keep it, I sold it at 6 back then when I was a dumber crypto trader. Now I know value when I see it, at least I hope so

Have a 1080ti here as well brah, Was mining vertcoin but want to swtch to eth, what site do you recommend?

375 for a 1070 in a working system is a steal & no brainer. you could even flip it for double that amount.

keep your cards everyone, market is going crazy at the moment and will continue on doing so.

for anybody interested in mining, take a look at reddit /gpumining

read what i wrote bro, miningpoolhub dot com. the subreddit r/miningpoolhub has a set up guide. you can set it to auto switch algos to whatever is most profitable according to whattomine dot com. so i'm not mining eth directly, just getting paid out in eth. looks like it's been mining vertcoin, zclassic, and monacoin recently.

I have a 1070 too. My electricity costs are covered by my rent so I don't pay for it...which puts me in a decent spot but I have no idea what to mine

Here in Berlin you can rent into rooms for music band rehearsals. The electricity is included. I dont think they will let you operate an antminer for a long time, but a computer with a few grafic cards should be fine.

You just need to re-rent the room for a band and let the minder sit in the corner.

I bet in every bigger city there are possibilities like that.

Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

22 cents?? My bill (New England) says 7 cents. I guess I am lucky.

Is it worth joining a specific pool or is nicehash a good compromise?

I have hear that antminer and more serious mining stuff can produce a lot of heat. I have a studio in garage and it is cold as fuck, would these be able to warm a room and what kinda cost would I be looking at? Super new fag.

>what to mine. Google it it's a website that holds your hand and teaches you

you sure you're adding it all together properly? the rate for the electricity is only like $.12, but then the "supply" charges and taxes pretty much double that.

Holy shit you fuckers pay way too much for electricity. In Quebec I pay 5 cents kWh, CAD$ so like 3.5 cents USD. Plus it's cold here so I save it all back on heating

Fuck you Quebec faggot stealing my tax dollars for your mafia run province.

Guys, I'm willing to split profits 50/50 with anyone that wants to invest on a rig that I'll run here at 0.05cad$ kw/h. I never realised how cheap electricity was here before reading this thread. We could look into a safety deposit or smart contract to protect you

anyone interested?

Hey I don't run the Damn province and I never voted for the fuckers I power for the last 15 years that caused this all.

I'm just a Veeky Forums bro looking for all profits opportunities

would a mining fag answer this question.
art fag here
pretty much live in studio which is garage
cold as fuck
use space heater

could mining crypto help heat a 150 square foot cold as fuck garage and make me shekels rather then lose on space heater?
What would be a good miner to buy?

No time to research need to improve drawing skills

I'm just mining Monero till the difficulty hits 100 then I'm jumping on either VTC or BTG depending on the profit margin. My rig is subpar, but I'm hoping to get a rig of 6 rx560 cards up and running in the next couple of months for said coins above. Also 560's are some of the cheapest cards available and have low power consumption.

Yeah I was wrong. Turns out it's more like 14.6 cents.

I work at home and use a bunch of power anyway.

Yes I can't give you a precise answer without the cost of electricity where you live but yes. You can heat a room with a mining rug so therefore make it more efficient money wise. Also a cold room improves your mining performance.

I can help with basic mining questions or interest for mining partnership send me a msg on snapchat "gabparrot"

Have to have a lawyer look at the contract. Investing money in some dude on the internet is pretty sketchy

yes. 10x vega 56 or 10x 1080 Ti running around 3000w. good luck finding those cards tho, prepare to spend around 7000-10000 usd

Do you pay taxes on your mining revenue in quebec ? same question for crypto trading

t. un cousin d'Europe


My little crappy desktop pumps out .5 VTC a day. So about $21 a week or $1,000 a year at current prices. Not too bad. And if you hold your coins until the price goes back up once these stupid whales are done suppressing the price it will be a nice stockpile

Anyone have any suggestions on an up and coming to mine (so right now you could get lots of em)? Looks like I missed ZCL. Anything flying under the radar that has some potential in the future but still relatively easy to mine? I have 1 1080ti

Myriad. It's primed to pump soon. It's multi algo so pretty much you can mine it with just about anything

Electric cost are around $.11 kwh after everything.

>>running around 3000w
is that all the time?

that is around 240 usd a month if so in electric bills, about the same as running a small indoor grow.

How many crypto shekels could one expect from that?

10x vega 56 or 10x 1080 Ti
do these require a ballast or you to rewire your house sure seems so.

Thanks for the info Anons

Thanks, I'll look into it.

My 6x card mining rig gets hot as fuck. If you have somewhere cold to stuff it then you are gucci. Just make sure you get a really solid wi-fi card and RUN LINUX SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO MANAGE SHIT

I mine and then use rewards to flip shitcoins. It's nice, it feels more like freerolling than trading stuff you bought through a bank.

I mine and it is very profitable. You wont be able to quit your job but if you have the money to put in, you can make that money back several times over. You can make more if you just buy coin and hold, but mining is a fun endeavour and you do profit form it. Is it the best or easiest way to make money? It's definitely easy but money isnt epic. Most of the profit comes from coin inflation and most of your mining will be on alts so that's where the money is made.

Already have an old but solid steal pastry rack in garage that is right by garage door that can be opened when i am there. There is always a very strong and nice breeze even in summer. Would you get fried in the summer running this stuff and being in the same room for a long time, would ac be required?

Thanks anons
Any other anons want to give some basic shekel figures, how much did you spend for initial investment, how much do you make a month? Numbers dont need to be exact, I pay .11 maybe .12 usd kwh for power.

I remember a few months ago used Bitmain S7s were retailing for 600 dollars on Ebay

Where do people buy bulk gpu's?