>be autistic like me and spend all free time obsessively researching obscure foreign cryptos
>speak mandarin
>find next xrb before other westerners hear about it
>Buy as much as possible
>can't afford yo accumulate any more so unnapolagetically shill out of genuine altruism for my fellow artists.

This thing had a nice pump this week, but is seriously about to blow up.

I hate autocorrect. Just buy it.

Sitting on my 100% gains already.



is that current or max

oh thats market cap huh?

Based on circulating 28m. Total 100m.

>oh thats market cap huh?
Yeah. Supply is like 28M tokens iirc.

Yes 200m mcap.

It's another dPOS crypto?

Opened an account in Bibox to buy this. Doesn't seem to be a lot of interest yet.

so it's 314m right now

>Doesn't seem to be a lot of interes
well it did go 5x in 5 days?

That's double the heavily-shilled NULS. I wouldn't put a single cent into this considering they don't even have any code on their github. Either go NULS or stay away from chinkshit. I'm doing the latter.

Correct. Yes, my mistake. At current price: 28m x ~$11 = ~$308 mcap

They have code on github. Stop fudding just to shill NULS.

Lol, that fud isn't going to stick. This will become a multi-billion dollar coin.

>Partnership with UnionPay, the Visa / Mastercard of China
>Received angel investment from NEO and from OKCoin founder

I'm not saying buy NULS, I don't have any and in fact I recommend against it. But NULS at least has their github in order, HPB's github is only just the start. Not a 300m project with no product in sight.

Union pay isn't yet finalized, but they are in negotiations. If we are going to shill we have to at least get all the facts right.

If anyone has any questions about this coin I would be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge.

I agree that their github is not fully fleshed out yet, but what I have looked through is promising. Important to keep in mind that they are in the prototype stage, but I think there is more potential here than with other overvalued cryptos that have nothing to show for it.

Not when I got into Nuls, the github was empty. You don't make huge returns without some risk.

If you want all your ducks in a row before you invest, you are going to be entering at a much higher market cap.

Also important to note that the dev team is focusing on both software and hardware. UP is especially interesting in the hardware acceleration facet of the project.


I get a typical Chinese vibe when reading through their whitepaper. Style over substance. Buzzwords all over the place. Is this perhaps because things were lost in translation? Look at page 5 of the whitepaper and tell me it doesn't look like complete ass. I bought a small amount but I'm not sold.

Also are there any plans to list it on exchanges that aren't complete dog shit?

The main reason I invested so heavily in this project is because of how hilarious the translations on the English site were. It makes this hidden gem look like a dud. I mean, look at the team description (e.g. laboratory responsible person). The information available in Chinese is much more convincing.

Yes, english whitepaper is horrible. New translation is coming within two weeks apparently.

Why are you same fagging so hard? Stop posting and let the thread 404 already