The Flip is upon us

This will happen by March. Have you prepared your portfolio?
We'll take a slight loss on our alts, but heading over to leddits bitcoin section is going to be fucking hilarious to watch.

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Eth to number 1 btc to 2 and neo to 3. Let's go.

lol BCH->BTC...95% market dominance, 4% Link, 1% Doge

Good prediction but very wrong

Also very wrong

Just watch what happens this week alone and you'll see.

>the flippenning is upon us!
>it'll happen early November
>November 23rd
>Next weekend
>weekend after next
>before chrimbo
>during chrimbo
>before New year
>it'll be Jan 1st for sure
>Jan 2nd latest
>Jan 3rd at outside
>week 2 January
>week 3
>by Feb
comes now OP who has pushed it back to March
Fuck off OP you bake shit bread and your mum sucks two different ways

>he doesn’t realize LINK will snatch the crown

Lol if you haven't figured out what is going to happen when this 'flippening' occurs I guess I'll leave you in the dark ...

The market has changed. It can handle the flip now. a few months ago it would caused massive damage. This time around it'll cause a drop for a few days or a week at most. We aren't talking a full on BTC crash faggot.

Bitcoin dies in march you say? It has been foretold ad nauseum year after year but you must be the true prophet. Thank you OP.

It wont die, but ETH will replace it as number one. Its spot as the king will be dead.

Now now, remember what happened last time all you 'flippening' fags got overexcited.

Ah I see. It was a kneejerk reaction the filename in the op. I agree that ETH taking over is plausible.

This is correct

What exactly is the flippening?

I'm exited to see 0.1 + ETH/BTC

Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

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Dogecoin is going to be number one and the upcoming bitcoin nigger fork will be a close second.

Going by Cliff High's predictions the flippening won't happen.
At least not before 2020