FUN Chad Party

FUN Holding Chad Brothers, Get in here. The rest of these posts are buzzkills

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Hur due r le gf le wall st le biz which uni should I go to hur fur I only hold Xmr and eth y u not go to uni user what’s fun

why does it keep going down???? I'm crying wtf

are we out of the ditch?
to the moon now

>Back to .13
Thank god

t-to the moon boys!
to the moon...

funlet reporting for duty, 7800

I'm a FUN guy
A true believer

da faq

I bought in at 950 sats yesterday
Am i gonna make it?



No one is going to carry your bags pajeet.

>went down another cent from yesterday
jesus christ stop, hodling this is suppose to be FUN.

It was 12 last I checked and now it's 13. It's actually going up.

there is no FUN to USD market, so the drop comes from BTC faggot

Who else is done trying to convince people to buy in? Nobody wants to do their own research and realize why this coin is going to inevitably end up at a dollar. I'm buying these dips and getting comfy until February.

im rich now

>there is no FUN to USD market
wrong pajeet - we have one now

I'm actually able to convert FUN into BTC then into USD because I have a high school education.

I hope this isn't just a hill and it goes down more, I'm starting to feel sad.

moar? this is amazing

I was pretending to be retarded

100k since august. max comfort

>After Jez pitches the big players in the industry at ICE Totally Gaming 2018

Price per coin beginning of Q2?

She is my waifu

my guess, $0.5


You know...

I wonder how many weak hands we shook off in the recent storm. Can't wait for their pink wojaks.

FUNfact™ — with conventional online casinos you deposit cash into the casino's account with a credit card.

With FUN you control your funds at all times. You don't make a deposit - you don't make a withdrawal or "cash out" - you play the games directly from your wallet.

FUN is a universal gambling chip

actually sounds like a shitty idea

it's like gambling with a wad of cash and getting your winnings in cash - rather than using the house chips. How is that not good?


it's a great idea, however just seems like people will spend too much. i'm looking at it from an addicts pov.

So? The profits get burned, thus increasing the value per coin. The addicts are going to gamble anyway, might was well make some anons rich while they do it.

>it's a shitty idea because people will use it too much

Don't waste your time on these wagecucks that don't want to have FUN user

This has been bothering me, why do you all assume burning will work like that? They will either "print" new coins or eventually there won't be enough coins to serve their purpose anymore. The value won't go up like you think it will.

you could say the same thing about the fact it's provably fair and players know it's not rigged
>this Casino is too transparent people will spend way too much!!!

dont they show the source code?

The thing that gets me most excited about FUN is not them dealing deals with big casinos (which will never happen) but that their software will enable anyone to easily start their own "micro casino" that will offer better odds for players, fair gaming, and more profits for the operator due to lower operating costs and by transaction fees.

This is a huge, untapped market that will take market share away from bigger online casinos, and doesn't rely on the cooperation of gaming corporations that most likely won't be on board.

>They will either "print" new coins
they can't print new coins
>or eventually there won't be enough coins
it won't happen - as their value rises people spend fewer coins and a smaller fraction gets burned
See Jez's explanation in pic related

where do you unironically see the price in 10 years

> dealing deals with big casinos

meant to say "doing deals with big casinos"


>lower operating costs and by transaction fees.

"lower operating costs and lower transaction fees"

god i hate typing on mobile

This makes sense, thank you

yes the games are executed via smart contracts and those are open source
some parts of the platform are closed however to protect the value of the technology—so competitors won't be able to duplicate the service

Bought in at 879 sats. Couldn't believe my eyes when the order filled.

>12k funfag here

Debating doubling down and buying more, idk if I should chase some juicy moon missions for another week or just go in now. Its killing me

>chase some juicy moon missions for another week
let go of your daytrader mentality, just buy the dip and be rich in a couple months

The new logo is so boring

Should’ve kept the poker chip

I remember my first stroke

i love fun

DESU have until ICE to all in. Thinking next week switch all in to fun

>The new logo is so boring
>Should’ve kept the poker chip

maybe i'm in the minority, but i think the poker chip logo looks cheap and shitty. it's why some people dismiss this as a shitcoin when they see it memed on here.

luckily, some people are smart enough to do their own research and discover this is a very serious project with huge potential


Kekd. You show him boss.


No she's mine


nice just bought 100k

The dick makes her better

More FUD going on, should we expect even more dipping?

>This guy puts two cars in the background to build credibility