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TA thread:

let's post some infographics and help newfags

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No, you'll still no able to use it in a real case scenairo.

ha, very good.



>and help newfags
fuck no




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Not a newfag but a general question about exchanges. When someone puts a buy wall like that can't people skip past the lower priced buys and chew straight into his wall instead?

gr8 contrib00t m8

But replace the chart green to red*


That's what happens exactly. People who market sell will sell into the wall.

Problem is, when the wall disappears (he cancels), people doing market sell will start hitting orders below where the wall was, so the ticker price falls. At this point newfags and dumb bots start to market sell, pushing the price even lower.

depend on the exchange, on etherdelta you can

wait i badly read the question, but is right

is that AllisonNYC? she was Veeky Forums meme like 6/7 years ago or more

Yeah my bad, just poor wording from me. I always set my own prices for buy/sell so don't know too much about whale tricks for shit like that. Thanks!

Look at this perfect cup and handle, this is gonna break out.


Also note that a limit sell order executes at a BEST AVAILABLE price. If there was a buy wall at 37 sats, and you put a sell order at 30 sats, your sell order would still execute at 37 sats.

Another thing is that many people set stop-loss order on exchanges that support them (e.g. Bitfinex; Binance only has stop-limit, which is a bit better). A stop-loss order executes as a market sell if the ticket price drops between a set threshold. Say that current price is 100, so people set stop loss to trigger at 90. There are no but orders below 80. A whale puts his buy order at 50, then does a market-sell of the total amount of buy orders in the 80-100 range. That both clears the order book (except for his 50 buy wall) and pushes the ticker down, triggering stop-loss orders, which execute against his buy wall at 50. He now has coins at 50% discount.

A stop-limit order tries to counter that because it allows you to sell minimum sell price (sell if the price falls below 90, but don't sell below 80).


ATTENTION NEWFAGS HERE'S THE BEST HELP YOU WILL RECEIVE ON THIS TOPIC: Meme lines are bullshit. If they predicted anything, it would be super easy to script a trading algorithm. If you had one that worked you wouldn't sell it or rent it out, because even at a 5% increase, with compound interest, you would make way more money keeping it a secret. This is all bullshit maid by spergs and autists who love matching patterns. Here's a pattern you can match
>Based on meme lines, coin X will go up!
>coin X goes down
>adjusts algorithm/patterns

post coin for proof

How hard is it to figure that out yourself? How many coins are at that price point?

You realize that TA is useless without seeing the actual ask/bid ticker, right? You sound like a butthurt brainlet that listened to some fly by night TA voodoo doctor on Twitter or here

get fucked lmao read your whitepapers and don't fucking buy shit coins.



>it would be super easy to script a trading algorithm
most sells and buys in the cryptomarket are made by bots you fucking nucoiner

If it's ETH, the USD chart doesn't look like that. So, what does that mean to you?

>read your whitepapers and don't fucking buy shit coins.
That's the only way I buy coins. This thread is for the opposite of that.

>If they predicted anything, it would be super easy to script a trading algorithm.

Of course. And most of them are slowly losing money, just like everyone else. They're going to gain, on average, as much as the crypto market cap rises.

good luck with your memebot faggot

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Be useful for one time and tell me where I can see buy and sell walls for trading pairs

finally something I can understand

TA does inform you for long term swing trades and minute by minute analysis due to the bots playing the game now. It's awful for hour to hour and news heavy securities.

Say what you will about TA but it has it's place when combined with well thought out purchases and understanding the news cycle. Crypto is fantastic because it completely upsets journalists and TA analysts because it's always moving.

Right, but since people are constantly updating their bots, or if its AI, it's updating itself as well, the TA is constantly changing, and what means one thing now will mean a different thing tomorrow. If people stick to coins that have actual real-world value and they can evalute a team/competition, they should be alright. My first post was just to give a warning to the burnouts that are hoping for their get-rich-quick. I know it'll probably fall on deaf ears...

Huh, so if a coin is going down it will keep going down and if a coin is going up it will keep going up.

this page is made to help you calculate your profits: myprofit.github.io/

holy fuck bro I just saw the descending scallop on Funfair so I sold, then it did the scallop thing and it went lower so I could buy more... hoyl fuck I am a genius...

Look at this idiot thinking the price quoted by the exchange is true price of the underlying assets. These are the idiots making crypto worthwhile. Don't trust the order book or ticker summer. Don't trust me, analyse order book historical data. +90% of what's there isn't executed.