How can I sue Veeky Forums?

How can I sue Veeky Forums?

Some troll here gave me some terrible financial advice and made me lose my house

What can I do? I don't want to tell my wife or her son about this.


>Some troll here gave me some terrible financial advice and made me lose my house

It's your fault you listened him


Send me 0.5 btc and I will tell you.

you'll get over it

>my wife or her son

>newfags can't spot the six different memes in this paragraph
>reddit fags will pretend they get it.


did you buy bazinga coin op

> lol that phag actually bought in after i pumped.

Thanks, just bought 100k


I can only recognize one meme. tell me about the rest, pl0x.

I've never seen single bad advice here.

Not only in finance, in any area.

is this the freshest VEN meme

Tronix at 26 cents

Some of you Veeky Forums troll hackers told me it was a huge investment opportunity

I took a second mortgage to pay for my tronos shares

I want to cry....

there's only one, he's lying

wife's son

more fucking bankster FUD. look at the goddamned spacing. you guys are so desperate to FUD newbies out of the market. what's wrong, nobody buying your shitty products, nobody letting their cash sit in your fucking banks collecting no interest... Fuck off

What did you buy?

it's a larp. Today is FUD crypto day. it's part of some FUD campaign that's been going on since last week. warren buffet, fake news, even the BCash idiots let their greedy desire to take all the market share get them tricked into fudding the entire crypto market some weeks back. it's a bit poke at newby crypto holders who are scared to see the volatility. and this is part of the campaign to scare those people out of crypto. you didnt' think that the banksters were just gonna sit back and let crypto fuck their monopoly on money and power witout a fight did you?

Well technically there’s a meme about people losing their homes from gambling too much on crypto by taking out a second loan and shits. And there’s also the one about suing Veeky Forums.

It's a joke post, retard. How new are you?

sue Veeky Forums is one from way back

okay - yeah pretty green

please be true. but nice larp

Did you ask your wife’s bf before you maxed out the credit cards?

haha take my upvotes

normie cucks getting btfo