Mandatory Lamden TAU thread, no FUD allowed

CMC: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/lamden/
ED: etherdelta.com/#0xc27a2f05fa577a83ba0fdb4c38443c0718356501-ETH
IDEX: idex.market/eth/tau
Website: Lamden.io (new website soon)

This is what will get us to lambo land, ladies and gentlemen. $150 mil market cap and a huge amount of possible growth. New exchange listings coming up as well.

Look like your mech skipped leg day faggot.
No moons with legs like that.

10x within a month

what the fuck did you just say about my little brother

You cant do sheeeit.

dont question the tau wizard

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Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

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What are your price predicitions for end of Feb?

have these faggots done any programming yet?

ye stu is code god, check youtube. plus they hired 5 python devs starting on monday

$5 if we get on a decent exchange


wow, they are really good at writing on a whiteboard

Go further back you nugget


5$ would be very nice. I could only get 1k during the ICO, so i should get some more.

1k will get you a nice car in a couple months time, no worries buddy

Looking forward to it m8

What exchanges can we expect soon?

All under NDA afaik, but I won't be surprised if it pops up on Bittrex or Kucoin