Femanon here who just FOMO'd into NEO at ATH

femanon here who just FOMO'd into NEO at ATH.


Pic and you'll get into the hall of fame

pads or tampons
spit or swallow
shave or wax

>females are in
>dump it

Why does your sex matter in this discussion?

1 tits for NEO

there is no ATH at NEO, it always keeps progressing upwards

i take number 2, she is chubby

Why do women always announce they are women? fuck off.

I want to throw acid on your face. Fuck off and die whore.

Are you that tradwhore.

wtf took you so long? Also post nips

post bobs or vagene or gtfo

Tits or gtfo

Tits or GTFO

what does your brrrrrraaaappppps smell like?

bra size?

Aren't you concerned about that massive sell wall it's going to bounce off of?

If you're going for chubby, #4 is the one.

Nice. Also tits or gtfo.

Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

no thats me sorry

>10btc sell wall

Whoever gets dubs, you have to take a pic of whatever they ask you to take a pic of.

What's it like to have feelings?

sharpie in pooper

Logic error retard


pretty smile :)


No one cares about your gender.

Fuck off attention whore! Nobody cares that you have boobs and a vagina if you won't show them to us anyway.


Oh you faggot.


what difference does it make that you are female?
its pathetic how women starve for attention

became a 60btc sell wall destroyed in literally 2 seconds. THIS MOON IS FAR FROM OVER

here we go those are even trips

they beats the smile


why do they all like ARK?

should I hide my cock when I do it?

Rawling shoe on head.. op better not be boxy


the dick only make it better

Nah, put a sharpie in that too.

2 is perfection for me, ideal face and body tbqh

Remember, if you respond to bait without saging your portfolio will go red while you sleep tonight

You're too late if you bought into NEO, better gains to be had elsewhere

why are roasties always trying to get in where all the guys are at?

belly button

How does it feel to be a shitcoin that decreases in value over time you are all worthless pass 30 yo


eh, as always

Thanks, i need to buy at

Rolling for feet

No1 is primo qt. Pretty sure no4 is a trap

nice as I expected only hot smart girls come here unlike the trash on /soc/

There's the dump signal

Post your tits already, dumb attention whore.

No I hate it when girls do that