Fuck this board is so chad, i can literally smell winning, fuck pol

Fuck this board is so chad, i can literally smell winning, fuck pol.

So tell me lads in what should i invest.

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espers on yobit. good coin, no maintenance

XRP, good luck :)

>fuck pol

hi newfriend. now get out

DOGE. Even McAfee endorsed it and he is mining it in a lab in the jungle of Belize.

TRX. eazzz x10 EOM.

Oh and Bazingacoin, VERY powerful coin friend!

Confido dear sir
much gains

Did McAfee read Siege?

alex jones is the stupidest man on earth.

If you are fresh from /pol/; BAT would interest you. It's basically a giant middle finger to Google.

short term: ETH
it's very likely to flip BTC in the next weeks


Thank me later.

yes this OP. buy me bags. they're getting heavy

XMR - the privacy coin
BAT - the coin that will restructure the online ad market
XLM - the coin that will actually be used for transactions

>alex jones
Nah he has thousands of rednecks buying his merch


yah making money is the ultimate redpill and only way to get back at (((them)))

fucking low test faggot detected. Enjoy your mtf transition


You thick headed FAGs will never listen anyways. BUY TIOTOUR ON ETHERDELTA> NOW> THIS IS LITERALLY FREE MONEY. 450k supply strong team, strong community, strong project and the price is still less than $0.2 . This sht is goingnto be $10 in max 60days. once it's on CMC

buy trx unless you hate money
>under 10 cents
>so easy for coins to hit 1$
>will make 10x by just waiting a few days MAX 1 week

Invest in UFR, coin that will disrupt the public tracking scene forever.
Imagine wanting to download a video game or a new tv episode on day one, but you get 50kbps because of all the slavjeets leeching without seeding.
In the UFR system, the incentive to seed removes this issue, allowing for based first worlders to pay X amount of UFR to download quickly. It's like paying for something at a 99% discounted rate. Meanwhile, pajeets and slavs and other poor people can just pay with their bandwidth, generating currency in order to use the network.

Ethercraft - ethercraft.io
>released eight hours ago
Buy lootboxes and merchant items before the normies catch on. See any of the shill threads for more

Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

>what should i invest

Inpixon and Kodak stocks for sure since they are both cheap stocks LEGITIMATELY implementing Blockchain the only question is if their price is going to drop tomorrow due to the recent drop in cryptocurrency prices. I’d also keep an eye out for the cryptoshekel to be released and Edge Security going public.

First things first.
Now read next sentence very slowly, word by word.

Buy high, sell low.


Wow these are really cheap, thanks for the tip!!


Agreed i cam here from b to int to pol to fit to sp to here 2 weeks ago ....wasted 2 yrs on other boards an didnt know of this board...fuck em all with a bbc...biz is king.

No depressed or butthurt fags

How do i win like u guys

>Nah he has thousands of rednecks buying his merch

literally this


>fuck /pol/
This is /pol/ now we takin ova, nigga

alex jones makes millions of dollars a year, you are shit posting on Veeky Forums we both know who is smarter bruh


we tried to come to you and you lynched us fuck you. kys.

But you need ETH first. Get a wallet like the Trust wallet app or metamask for chrome. You get your tokens within a day and they start trading on binance in June.

This. Do NOT use an exchange wallet to invest.

Why the fuxk pajeets shill this coin so hard?


- Low Market Cap
- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- Not a fork of any other blockchain

2018 Roadmap:
Q1 2018—Alpha release
Q2 2018—Beta release
Q3 2018—Full Desktop version release
Q4 2018—Open-source community contributions, potential for Android/iOS application feasibility

It will be listed for trading on another exchange within the next 10 days, so this will likely pump up the price aswell

What does this shit do?


It is a scam. If you send eth you don’t get tokens. Google the name ffs

found the jew

if you believe in it so hard why are you so desperate? i know youre the same guy thats shilling this hard on bitcointalk btw.