Is it a scam coin, or is it legit?

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Legit as fuck

Too legit

Legit and plenty of room for growth. Even if it was sketchy (it isn't) you can still get an x2 from here. Wait till this get's listed on bigger exchanges. It's already at 37m MC just from ED.

Obviously a scam coin, now fuck off and let me accumulate.

def not a scam coin, read the whitepaper

it will become the craigslist of crypto.. but in a good way.

it's good but don't buy until I can buy more, should be a few more days


its being shilled by discord pajeets.

whitepaper looks like it was written by a child

good coin

Yeah, like discord pajeets would even touch ED

It's legitimate but very low quality overall, enter at own risk.

white paper sucks shit but will almost certainly fly when it hits a bigger exchange

Why not both?

pumped for sure but get in to prepare for next: discord gg/DQzmKAK

i wonder how much each node will fetch per day

How much to become a millionaire by years end guys

A lot of people are saying it could be $10 to $15 sometime this year so around 100k I guess?

Definitely legit.

i have 10k pfr for a node now what?

Damn I only have 5.8k. Wish I had bought more. I got in at .00005800 a while back. I have to accumulate more...

fug there was a sell order for 20k pfr that someone fat fingered and was about a tenth of the current price. seems they removed it before i could buy. at least they didnt lose their money